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  1. Thanks for fast responses. Is there a way to copy the db to another one and that way somehow get admin access to the copied db ?
  2. Hi, To start with I'm a FM beginner so excuse my question. I'm using FMPro 11 on a Mac. I created a db and started playing around with while trying to learn FM. I created a new user and gave that account admin rights (full access). Afterwords I removed that user from the user list as it was just for testing. My Mac managed to crash and after restarting it I noticed that I was not able to access my db anymore. I tried to create a new db and then add the testuser I had before and that way managed to open my previous db. The problem now is that I can not edit my database because the user I added does not have full access to the db and the "manage" button is greyed out so I can change the settings. Is there a way to add a user that is a default user with full permission for all databases? It seams to me that you set accounts and rights to each database separately? I don't know if you understand my question but I don't really know how to explain this. Thanks in advance, BR Mille
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