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  1. Richard: Thank you. It was kind of you to reply personally. I'm whittling away at customizing FMSP for our HOA - enjoying the process and learning a lot. I'm having trouble emailing from within FMSP using my gmail account. I didn't see anything on the forum or videos (I purchased your excellent FMP 14 video program.) Is there a trick to setting up FMSP to send email using a gmail account? Thanks again for your help and for FMSP. Scott C.
  2. Jonathan: Thank you very much. This is going to save me a lot of time. Scott
  3. Wim: I understand. My question was specifically about FMSP. One of the layouts shows a field for "Remaining Balance" but I couldn't find where Payments were entered. I assume it's there but I sure couldn't find it. Thanks for the link to Todd Geist's Transactions demo. Scott
  4. Don: Thank you very much for this. It was very generous and helpful. I will be studying your file - especially the relationship graph. How the heck did you do that so quickly? Thanks again. I'm sure it will help. Scott
  5. Don: Thanks very much. I appreciate the sample file. I'm going to study it. Scott C.
  6. Where are payments applied to an invoice? I've searched and have not found the screen / tab to apply full or partial payments to invoices.
  7. Lee Smith: I'm new to the forum. What is the significance of moving a question to "their Sponsor Topic?" Who's moving it and why?
  8. Our association has 31 members so no budget for software. Offering FMStartingPoint for free seems like they've done enough! I don't have the heart to ask for free support to customize it! I thought it was worth a try to ask on this forum. I also assumed RCC monitors this site and would chime in if appropriate. Scott Thanks for reply. I'll study the relationship graph to get a better feel for customizing it for our association. SCC
  9. Wondering if anyone on this forum has adapted FM StartingPoint to manage membership, invoicing, accounts receivable and correspondence for Homeowners Associations. Specifically wondering how to modify relationships between TO's in FM StartingPoint to associate Members (Contacts) with Lots Owned. (One to many relationship.) Lots can be owned by only one member (or legal entity) but one member can own more than one lot. Members are invoiced annual dues and roadway maintenance assessments based on the number of lots they own in the neighborhood. Some members make partial payments which need to
  10. Matthew: Thanks very much for including the sample file. The technique you describe and the sub summary report generated in your sample file accurately shows the count for each month but doesn't show the cumulative results for the current and previous months. I finally found a way to generate the report that I wanted after posting this topic last night. Funny how the process of describing the problem so often helps solve the problem! The process I used is so convoluted that I am CERTAIN there must be a more elegant approach. If I don't fully document the steps in generating this M
  11. COMMENT: Yes. There were 178 surveys in May, 98 in June, 2 in July, etc. These numbers are accurate but they don't show a trend. I would like each month to be the total of the current month plus all prior months. So, the Surveys Received column should be relabeled to something like, Cumulative Surveys Received and the value for June 2013 should be 276 (178 + 98). The value for July should be 278, etc. Same for the next three columns, Promoters, Passive and Detractors. The Net Promoter Score and NPS Average columns should be based on the cumulative data.
  12. I'm trying to create a sub summary report to track trends in Customer Satisfaction Surveys.  As Surveys are received, each is given a classification as Promoter, Passive or Detractor. A calculation field based on a Summary field calculates a "Net Promoter Score" by subtracting the % of Detractors from % of Promoters.  A report summarizes the results by month but it restarts the calculation with each change in the break field c_Survey_YYYY_Mo.  I would like each new month to show the result for the current month and all previous months.   A screenshot showing part of this r
  13. Dear Comment / Consultant I love the approach you took on locking individual fields but I'm having trouble adapting your approach to my database. I'm using FMP Pro 13 Advanced. Using your sample file, "LockIndividualFields", I added one field. I added this field to both layouts. I copied the lock icon for Field 5 and changed the parameter to 6. I also increased the max repetition on field LockedR to 6 and checked (several times) the scripts and button setup for the new field. When I click on the lock icon for the new field, nothing happens. However, when I click on the lock for fi
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