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  1. To be clear, I think tmr_slh is standing by this suggestion: http://fmforums.com/forums/topic/95366-on-occasion-not-all-records-pulled-down-how-to-remedy/?do=findComment&comment=439046 This is what worked for me. I hope this post simplifies and does not complicate this very useful thread. -Michael
  2. timdietrich, tmr_slh, GisMo, thank you, I had this problem as well. I verified the problem as detailed with the Device A, Hour 1 scenario. Same thing was happening consistently with me on a simple one table solution with full bidirectional sync. The adjustments suggested by tmr_slh worked perfectly thanks. -Michael
  3. On clarification, where I say, remove "all Auto-Enter fields on the Host File except for those explicitly required by EasySync," I mean to say remove the Auto-Enter attributes for those fields, leaving the field themselves... Thanks in advance for any insight : ) -MIchael
  4. I am new to EasySync and am developing my first solution with it and so far it is working great. Thank you Tim Dietrich! So far I have a simple form with records ADDed on the Mobile side with a simple PUSH on rows from three tables. Like I imagine most developers, I began my EasySync project by duplicating my solution and renaming the files for Host/Mobile versions. Also like I imagine most developers I have a set of Auto-Enter fields that I include in every table for things like Creation Timestamp, Modification Timestamp, Account Name, Username, etc. I can see how this MIGHT be an issue on the Host side with a conflict between EasySync trying to write to those fields with the values from the Mobile side and Auto-Enter doing what it does. So I was thinking of removing all Auto-Enter fields on the Host File except for those explicitly required by EasySync. Sound right by anyone here? I see no reason to change any of this stuff on the Mobile side but I am open to suggestions. What about adding fields to the Host file that are not on the Mobile side? For instance: HostCreationTimeStamp (with respective Auto-Enter on all) HostCreationAccountName HostCreationUsername HostModificationTimeStamp HostModificationAccountName HostModificationUsername That would leave a corresponding set of fields without "Host" in the fieldname that would implicitly mean "Mobile." These might be useful for debugging purposes and other best practices. Any thoughts? In general how does EasySync deal with a mismatch in fields on Mobile vs. Host? My hope is that it would just ignore any field not present in the other whether Push or Pull / Mobile or Host. I would love to hear that is the case but being a Newbie and all. Thanks all! -Michael
  5. Thank you both for this discussion, every bit of it applies to me but I have an additional issue: When I apply the suggested Javascript it somehow defeats the CSS in my WebDirect projects and ALL of the pages are different. It doesn't seem to matter how delicately I preserve the other elements of that page or how completely I obliterate them, this javascript just shuts down all CSS in any WebDirect pages on that site. What's up with that? What core concept am I missing here? I just want to send some users to a WebDirect Session, and yet send them somewhere else I specify when done. Any ideas appreciated! -Michael
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