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  1. To be clear, I think tmr_slh is standing by this suggestion: http://fmforums.com/forums/topic/95366-on-occasion-not-all-records-pulled-down-how-to-remedy/?do=findComment&comment=439046 This is what worked for me. I hope this post simplifies and does not complicate this very useful thread. -Michael
  2. timdietrich, tmr_slh, GisMo, thank you, I had this problem as well. I verified the problem as detailed with the Device A, Hour 1 scenario. Same thing was happening consistently with me on a simple one table solution with full bidirectional sync. The adjustments suggested by tmr_slh worked perfectly thanks. -Michael
  3. On clarification, where I say, remove "all Auto-Enter fields on the Host File except for those explicitly required by EasySync," I mean to say remove the Auto-Enter attributes for those fields, leaving the field themselves... Thanks in advance for any insight : ) -MIchael
  4. I am new to EasySync and am developing my first solution with it and so far it is working great. Thank you Tim Dietrich! So far I have a simple form with records ADDed on the Mobile side with a simple PUSH on rows from three tables. Like I imagine most developers, I began my EasySync project by duplicating my solution and renaming the files for Host/Mobile versions. Also like I imagine most developers I have a set of Auto-Enter fields that I include in every table for things like Creation Timestamp, Modification Timestamp, Account Name, Username, etc. I can see how this MIGHT be an
  5. Thank you both for this discussion, every bit of it applies to me but I have an additional issue: When I apply the suggested Javascript it somehow defeats the CSS in my WebDirect projects and ALL of the pages are different. It doesn't seem to matter how delicately I preserve the other elements of that page or how completely I obliterate them, this javascript just shuts down all CSS in any WebDirect pages on that site. What's up with that? What core concept am I missing here? I just want to send some users to a WebDirect Session, and yet send them somewhere else I specify when done. A
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