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  1. Eos, I have just seen your last file example, and I totally (well maybe not 'totally - yet) understand now the use of tables vs fields. Your comments are also much appreciated, and your sensitivity to the 'newbies' like me that are confused by some of the terminology of a new world. I am very aware of this misunderstanding, knowing that we in the medical world are guilty of thinking that everyone knows what we are talking about, as our language is every-day for us but certainly not for the people we interface with. This assumption causes most of the issues between Drs and their patie
  2. Eos, Thank you for your file, I can see how efficiently it works. I truly appreciate you help thanks again Twist6
  3. Hello everyone, I have uploaded my travel clinic form to make things a little clearer. Allow me to prefix my question by reiterating that this is my first foray into using FileMaker pro 13 and indeed my first effort at programming, so I am sure that the coding is pretty “dirty”, as my only knowledge this coming from books and a few online tutorials. That having been said here is the issue that I’m trying to solve. I have calculated fields for both adult and paediatric prescriptions, as well as the total number of doses required for their trip, calculated from the number of days of their vis
  4. eos, Many thanks for the file you sent. It's a little difficult for me to explain how this form works without showing an example. Would you be willing to have a look if I zipped it and attached here. If that is against protocol, I apologise ahead of time, and certainly understand if you are unable to do this. You have been most helpful already. Twist6
  5. It seems that I have a lot of cleaning up to do with this solution, so I will do some of that. Your points LaRetta are helpful. Eos, your 'Let' statement above worked flawlessly, and I so appreciate you guidance and the time you devoted to writing this for me, thank you. Wim, your observations and feedback were also pivotal to getting this to work. Thanks also to Brooks. As I have mentioned before this is my first venture into any forum and I am most impressed to find so many 'helping hands' I'm going to clean the language up a bit. I believe you have all contributed to my b
  6. Thank you Eos for fowarding your file. I will have a look at it when I get home tonight after work. Thank you too Wim for pointing out the 'space'. I will make the amendments. That was stupid of me, but I will learn from the error, and also your counsel. I do appreciate all of your patience with beginners such as myself, and your willingness to share your accumulated knowledge. Twist6
  7. Hello Wim, Eos and all, The called fieds should be blank unless they fit the weight parameters, so I do not understand why they print. Thanks for you continued support Twist6 Paed Malarone2 If(((ChildWtKg) ≥ 11) and ((ChildWtKg) ≤ 20);"1 paed. tablet/day";" ") Paed Malarone3 If(((ChildWtKg) ≥ 21) and ((ChildWtKg) ≤ 30);"2 paed. tablet/day";" ") Paed Malarone 4 If(((ChildWtKg) ≥ 31) and ((ChildWtKg)<40);"3 paed. tablet/day";" ") Paed Malarone5 If(((ChildWtKg) ≥ 41);"1 adult tablet/day";" ") Paed Malarone2Total2 If((Paed Malarone2) = " ";" "; Round ( ( ( Days )+8 ) + .4999
  8. Sorry, Forgot to mention that the above reflects the coding that Eos provided viz: Twist6 Let ( [ rxpaed = Malarone Rx paed ; theString = " MITTE: " ] ; Case ( PaedMalUptake = "accept" ; List ( Case ( not IsEmpty ( Paed Malarone2 ) ; List ( rxpaed ; Paed Malarone2 & theString & Paed Malarone2Total2 ) ) ; Case ( not IsEmpty ( Paed Malarone3 ) ; List ( rxpaed ; Paed Malarone3 & theString & Paed Malarone3Total3 ) ) ; Case ( not IsEmpty ( Paed Malarone4 ) ; List ( rxpaed ; Paed Malarone4 & theString & Paed Malarone4Total4 ) ) ; Case (not IsEmpty ( Paed
  9. Hello all, Eos, I have inserted your recommendations, and below are the results. You can see that the correct prescriptions and dosages are displaying (in blue) for two different weights of children, but the other prescriptions are also not being suppressed so are appearing as well. Because there are four dosages possible, they are also appearing in the same order as the script (i.e.down the page 1-4). I could probably live with the displacement, but do you have any ideas why the other prescriptions are being called? Thanks again for your input. Twist MALARONE Paed. tabs (62.5
  10. You are all most kind and helpful. Thank you Eos for taking out your valuable time to assist Wim and Brooks, and also LaRetta for your sage advice. This is my first venture into producing a database, and as I have proceeded I recognize that I need to address my nomenclature to avoid such complexities in the future. I will try Eos' solution, and zip the file if I am still unsuccessful. I have other medications that I need to use a similar structure, and I believe that if I can solve this one, I should be able to adapt the others. I'll return shortly. Thanks again everyone. Twist
  11. I did wonder whether that might be the case. I so appreciate your advice on this and I will try and rewrite. The intended output is a pre written prescription, with the added instructions, and the calculated number of doses. Thanks again for such quick replies, I have no resources in my area that program in Filemaker Pro so I was stumped.
  12. Hello all, I am new to both FMP 13 and developing. I operate a not-for-profit travel clinic and wish to automate writing prescriptions with data called from a form that I have developed. The paediatric dosing depend upon weight of the child, and the total doses dispensed, for the duration of the trip. I have a Case statement, which in its individual parts works well, but when put together only returns the first part. I have spent unknown hours looking at this but cannot determine what the issue(s) are. I would be very thankful for any advice. Radio buttons were used for “accept” or “d
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