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  1. Yeah, it's mainly a translation issue... My main language is Spanish and I'm developing in Spanish... What I meant is that the skillset will be different for most training sessions. For instance in a rope course training the skills will refer to applied knowledge and techniques whilst on a more general introductory course we will evaluate social skills, etc... With regards to evaluations what I mean is that in a particular evaluation the person in charge will rate the staff member from a scale of 1 to 5 but also record observations, recommendations, etc... All according to the criteria of the evaluator whiles the competences are basically yes or no records. For instance, let's say that in a rope course training the skills to be evaluated are: tying an eight knot, recognizing tripos of rope, etc. the participant either posses that skill or he doesn't (I might set that up on a scale instead such as Not Acquired, In Process, Acquired...) but I'm also interested in recording a general rating from the evaluator and his observations regarding the staff member's participation during the session (for instance: he's inexperienced but shows great interest and promise with training. + a general appreciation mark of 4. That would allow me to compare staff member in a more open way without restricting everything to foreseeable measurements... I know that doesn't seem ideal, but that's kind of the way we like to work at my camp.)
  2. The skills are determined arbitrarily during the time a training session gets programmed (usually prior to the selection of participants) only the skills relevant to the training session need to be tested... Evaluations that aren't related to a training session don't test skills and are of a more qualitative nature.
  3. Sorry my bad, evaluations can get triggered by any number of things... Whenever a staff member participates in a training session, his participation will be evaluated in general but also in the specific skills that are related to that particular training session. But also a staff members performance in a project will also be evaluated as well as every once in a while they will get evaluations for extraordinary reasons (not related to a training session, a project or any other foreseeable instance in the database. Hence a separate table for evaluations and participations. Additionally the performance of a staff member in a training session or a project can be evaluated separately by more than one evaluator, thus creating two separate evaluation and competence record for the same staff member participation and training session...
  4. All of the skills corresponding to a particular training session have to be tested on every participant. What I want is for the default records to be created so then the trainers can input their measurement through a portal on a layout based on the evaluation table... I think...
  5. I think we are getting there! I'm gonna work a bit on the file before uploading it... I'm not very organized so I'm sure it will look very messy to any one who isn't familiarized with it... I think you raise an important point there... My question still is: how do I pre-populate the competence and evaluation tables with records for every participant of the training session x every skill being measured... Edit: let me rephrase that. Every time I add a skill to a training session a new record should be created in the competences table for every participant and that skill, likewise, every time a new participant is added to the training session new competence records should be added for every skill...
  6. We evaluate staff member on any number of occasions, one of which is when they attend a training session. But also after they work on a given project or when we see a decrease in performance we call them in to have an interview, etc... So there can be evaluations that are not linked to any training session...
  7. That looks good it's more or less what I had envisioned... The thing is evaluations can happen regardless of the staff members participation on a training session... But I can just create a new TO for that right? Also why would the relationship between participation and evaluations be one to many and I was thinking there should be a join table between evaluations and skills (since you evaluate many skills each time and skills are each evaluated many times aswell.
  8. Your join table should have Many To One relationships to either side. Inventory -< Pack List >- Trip. The logic behind this is that you can pack each item on the inventory many times and you pack many items for every trip. The way you have it set up now you can pack every item on the inventory many times and each time you pack it it is for many trips. The way to fix this is that your Join Table (Pack List) should be related to your other tables through their primary keys (which would be foreign to the join...) Inventory -< Pack List >- Trip _pk_InventoryID -< _fk_InventoryID // _fk_TripID >- _pk_TripID
  9. Ok so I'm developing a database to handle staff management for a Camp that works all year long. So I'm trying to make the following system. We create events training sessions in which staff member either participate or don't (I want to record each time a staff member participates) so this is a many to many relationship between Staff and training sessions mediated by a Participation Table (in which I can create a status field for confirmation, assisted, didn't show up, etc...) but I also want to record each time a staff member gets an evaluation (which is not necessarily during training sessions, but each training session does have a related evaluation). Every training session has some associated competences (or skills) associated to it, and each staff member should get evaluated in this competence list...most this is where it gets super tricky... I'm kind of stuck on how to handle all of this relationships and even more stuck on how to script things to create the proper participation records and competences records and... Ahhh... I think I'm in over my head... This is the third database I've built and the first time I've attempted anything so complex (the idea is then to automate many calculations based in these evaluations...). I'm self taught with regards to FileMaker or DB management. I'll attach a clone later on since right now I'm commuting to my work place... But any insights so far would be greatly appreciated.
  10. You will probably want to change that back since embedding the file makes the data base heavier and slower to handle on remote connections... Another way to go is to have them embedded in a secondary database and point the primary database to that one...
  11. Is the container field Secure? If so I think you are in deep trouble...
  12. Sorry I hadn't notice that part. It is a default script step on FM 13.
  13. Have you tried with: Set Script Animation [off] ? That script step does't work on Windows though (but it won't show an error message). I've never done anything like that but I'd start with that one.
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