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  1. Hi, I even installed the latest version but it made no difference. The error was just saying "could not connect to host : xxx.xxxxxxxx.xxx, port : xxx. Running on OSX 10.12.6 and FM16. It has to be that the hosting changed to TLS1.2 as it has all been working fine for many months now. For a quick solution, I swapped the emails over to another plugin, was only a couple of hours changing scripts but it got me fixed quickly.
  2. All of a sudden my emails are not working this morning and after trying to figure out a fix I went to my hosting site. I've found a support message stating that as of yesterday... All shared servers will support TLS 1.2 only by 1st of July Older versions of e-mail clients and web browsers might not support the latest TLS. In case your e-mail client stopped working, please update it to the latest version. So I'm guessing the email plugin doesn't support this? Is there ANY way I can fix this?
  3. Hi, Before using 360Deploy on my proper works database I tried it out on a couple of test files. Now I have come to use it on my proper database I can't because it says I can only change files once per month. I honestly don't remembering changing this already. Is this something that can be reset on this one occasion or do I have to wait a whole month before being able to use 360Deploy?
  4. Fixed until the server goes down again. I'm not happy relying on a license server being available each time I start Filemaker.
  5. I did wonder if the license was checked online.....sorry, but that's simply not acceptable that it just won't start unless it can contact the server. Check periodically by all means but I didn't realise my system was reliant on having an internet connection to check a license. Glad I could fall back to v2.11.
  6. Got an urgent issue that has left me a bit baffled this morning. My 360Deploy plugin has lost it's registration settings on my Mac and also the Email plugin (v3.05) says it is not registered and will not let me use the "Configure..." button to put in any details. Now for the strange part...the Email plugin is doing the same thing on another 5 windows machines in the office. Everything has been working perfectly and then all of a sudden, overnight, none of my 360Works plugins are registered yet another plugin I use on the Mac is working fine.
  7. Can you believe I've been working on this for the last couple of days without a solution. Just after posting on here.....I fixed it
  8. Hi all. I'm a new user to 360Works email plugin but picking it up fairly quickly. I've managed to create an email, add body text, attachments, etc and send it all perfectly OK. I've then also managed to move this newly created email to the "sent items" folder on the server so that anybody looking on a normal email programme has access to it. What I can't manage to do is them mark that email as "read". It currently sits as "Unread" in the "Sent Items" folder which isn't what I want. How can I take the email I have just moved and mark it as "read"?
  9. I may have missed a setting somewhere, but is it possible for emails to be sent in the background and to then carry on using filemaker whilst it is sending? We often have to email large files to clients and suppliers and it is no good if we have to wait and stop using filemaker whilst these are being sent. I am using Filemaker Server so could this task be offloaded to the server rather than the local client?
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