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  1. Not sure if this would be charting or relationship thread, so if I made the mistake I apologize. I have a basic questions about which relationship would be faster, or if there is a difference at all in my two ideas. I tried to explain this as best as possible so bear with me. I have a table that is full of temperature readings. there is a temperature record for every second of the day. I need to create a line chart that will display the temperatures over a large period of time. Using a Summary takes a long time when analyzing every second for a period of 2 months etc. So
  2. I am not the best at this ExecuteSQL syntax either, but it Works for one field but not for another... also that expression does not work for either field, so something is wrong with that method. It seems to do with the FieldName being "Level" when I change the field name from Level to Lvl it works. maybe I am breaking a rule in the syntax using a field name Level... seems a bit silly though. I would assume many developers have a field called Level.
  3. I am getting a strange result, I am attempting to use the ExecuteSQL command to avoid using multiple Table Occurrences. However I am stumped when the field I need does not work on ExecuteSQL for an odd reason. ItemNo and Level are both Indexed Number Fields with the EXACT SAME SETTINGS, however when performing these commands, ItemNo gives me a result, when Level does not. They both have data inside, etc. Any thoughts or ideas why I am receiving a "?" on the second ExecuteSQL("SELECT c.ItemNo FROM Test_C_any c WHERE c.TestID = 'AA'";"";"";"") ExecuteSQL("SELECT c.Level FROM
  4. Just found out an interesting feature I thought I would share. While in FM11 I discovered that the alternating row color for a layouts 'Body' part is also controlled by it's Line Color, when changing the color of the Body parts line it will change the alternating background of color of said Body. Edit: ONLY FM11. Tested on FM13 as well, but FM13 uses CSS feature to control everything.
  5. Hello I am a Junior Developer, and a friend wanted to get something for his small business. I designed the FileMaker document already all he needs to do is simply display the Solution on a monitor, and use a few fields and buttons every now and then (no editing). I am starting him off with the free trial but after that is over, Which license would I need to buy for him? He would be very happy to sneak away with saving money and not getting Pro.
  6. Hello all, just have a small question I would love answered. Is there any real difference when you are hiding something and use... Hide Object When... vs Conditional Format (Text Size 500) Obviously in a summary or report field it should make a big difference to use hide when, but for just normal fields or values what is the better practice?
  7. Problem Solved : FMS only has access to certain directories when being used as a schedule. I was using FileMaker Server/Document when I needed to use FileMaker Server/Data/Documents.
  8. the text file is taken into a container field using Dacon's Mailit plug in. and I am trying to export the text file from the container field, and then import the data in the text file in. and yes its being ran as a schedule. edit if I run the same exact thing on FileMaker Pro it runs fine.
  9. its not being ran on FileMaker Pro, that happens when its run from FileMaker Server Console.
  10. I am trying to use Import Records[] from FMS. using the same string it outputs as file path.  for some reason my FileMaker 13 Server keeps saying File is Missing, but when I go to the machine that the server is on and to the location of the file it is there.  any ideas anyone?  ATTATCHED : image to clear confusion/support my confusion  thank you for taking the time to read my problem.
  11. Hello guys, newbie intern here. I am placing a .text document inside a container. I am trying to grab the text out of that container without doing so manually, can anyone help me out?
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