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  1. In this week's episode of The Context Podcast, Todd and I talk what I see are the concepts of FileMaker. We discuss ideas such as Transactions, security, inputting data, APIs, and web viewer widgets (of course). It's our belief that one can focus their attention on the concepts of FileMaker and can gain a strong understanding of the platform. Yes, experience matters, but quality time in the concepts give us an overall mental model of what FileMaker can do and how to solve problems in FileMaker. As a former teacher (and as a person who's learning React) , I see the value in getting to the heart of the matter by learning the concepts. Specific techniques and functions and best practices are there to support a concept, so teaching, for example, the virtual list technique or fast summaries, is a good specific skill within the idea of "Reporting on Data". Check it out. Leave us a rating and a review and subscribe, if you would. It's found on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks
  2. We at Geist Interactive have released a new podcast (well new in the last eight weeks): The Context Podcast. Our podcast is focused on higher-level discussions of the FileMaker platform. We discuss (and embrace) innovation and technology inside and outside of FileMaker. We talk with guests from all around the community about their thoughts on whatever topic is on deck. We also try to ask the guest their thoughts on the context of certain techniques we use in our projects. So far we've released the following episodes: All About the Context: @Todd Geist and @Jeremy B All About join::table: with the folks from join::table (the titles get a bit better from this point forward) FileMaker Milestones and Person Connections: @Todd Geist @Wim Decorte The Security Talk: @Josh Ormond The Context of JavaScript and its Future: Carson Lind A Talk with Women Innovating Together FMPerception and FMComparsion with @Dave Ramsey What do Users Care About with @bigtom Check these out. Subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. And we'd appreciate a review. Let us know how it sounds and what you think of the discssions and guests and host. FINALLY: If you are interested in joining us for an episode and talk about something you're doing in FileMaker, let @Jeremy B know here or at support@geistinteractive.com
  3. Yeah. I had to do this to get the dates in the right order. There's no guarantee the keys will be sorted how I want them to be. If I had done 2017 11 Nov it'd be okay, and the items would stay in the right order. The other option is to do an array, since arrays can be any order. I was working on adjusting it. That said, the re-loop add milliseconds, so I didn't see the actual harm in looping again.
  4. Howdy. Your idea of setting each possible x-axis to 0 and then later updating it is a great idea. I took that and turned it into a JSON object where the key is "2017 Nov" and the value, to start is 0. My version of the script uses your basic look. I updated each value from 0 to the correct summary value, using your great method of the fast summaries (which I have just recently learned). I then had to create the $x and the $y by looping again through the possible dates and extracting the value from the key. Take a look. It's the "GatherData" script. Since charts need all possible axis points, I would usually recommend a summary table to run and add a record for 2018 Mar even if the amount is 0. But the JSON object is a good substitute, especially using the (amazing) fast summaries method. Inspections_JSON.fmp12
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