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  1. Hi attached are two images the first is how the report currently shows.. total characters per a scene as a list. the second image shows what I would like.. you can see in one scene the number of grooms is 2 and one is 3 needed .. so it lists the total grooms for the day is 3. the unit total currently works out the total of each character as the highest number and adds them all together. hope this image helps more
  2. Hi no sorry wasn't sure if I explained it very well. if say you click on the report button then in t popup click on the middle report button.. you will see it shows each scene to shoot for that day. and under each scene lists the characters needed on the right and the to the left of the list shows the scene total. What I would like it to calculate is the total for each different character / featured extra military character etc. So for example I would like it to show 15th May so work out every type of character in on that date (not broken up by scenes) so if another scene that day had grooms but where using three. it would tell me there are three groups total for that day. does this help explain it better? if not I can quickly mock up a photoshop to show how I would like the report different to the al unit report one which breaks it up by scenes per a day. thanks for your help so far . Sarah
  3. Hi I am struggling to work out how to get my database to generate a report that shows the total characters for that day and not broken up by scenes. So it will show this is the total characters from the character field for that day from all the scenes. When you go on to the database. username admin password pirates it opens on the list layout. if you click on scenes then click on the report button for all units (the middle one) it will each scene for that day and the characters for that scene. What I am trying to do is get it to show all the unique character total for each unique one for that day. I thin it is the all unit report I need to duplicate and adjust something on it rather then a new script?? so I can still do the scene per day breakdown with the original button. Hope this makes sense. I thought it was to do with the sub summary in the all unit report layout needs to be changed to something else. But I cannot get it to work.. any help would be so much appricated thanks Sarah
  4. Hi Tom I was wondering if I could call up on your offer of help on the other part I was trying to sort out you mentioned you might be able to? I might just need a little point in the right direction. The person I paid to help with the database recoded it a while ago and forgot to put a feature back into it and I have only just seen it is missing. He seems to have gone AWOL so I am trying to see if I can add it back in myself. I can see how he did it in the original database, but not how I can do it in the new one. If you think you wouldn't mind maybe looking and pointing me in a direction so I can have a go as I would like to understand maybe how he is calculating the totals to I can add back in this feature. Hope this ramble makes a little sense. Thanks Sarah
  5. Thank you.. I was thinking of updating to version 16 so maybe this will be the push so I can try the card window system.... thank you for all the links above, that's really kind. I did think it might be the case of building a calendar and would be a tough one for me, but going to at least give it a go...
  6. Hi I have a. database that stores Artist's details and I wanted to be able to select dates they are booked for, but wondered if it is possible to have a calendar or something where you select several dates and they most likely will not be a range of dates that are next to each other. Am I trying to achieve something that is not possible? thanks Sarah
  7. Thank you.. might just have to give you a shout if I go wrong with the other part!!!!
  8. amazing.. I see now.. thank you.... I was just trying to have a go after your last post and was trying calculations but it was just telling me the total displayed for everything... thank you so much for your help, it is really appreciated. I'm trying to do something far more complicated on another section of this database, but though as I was having no luck I wold try something simpler to give me some more confidence back.. Thank you again for giving me some of your time and help. Sarah
  9. yes... so if I had another character called super heroes I could see how many are selected.... so I can see I have 4 superhero selected then say 3 divas selected I am very new to this and adjusted this list view from a different set up in the list view. I am not quite sure how to set this up... do I need to make the static field a calculation of some sort?? sorry for my ignorance... I am trying to learn and have ago my self at trying to get it to do this, but I am very green! thanks for your help so far!
  10. Hi under the scene list layout which displays in list view. I get it to sort via the characters but then also by their status. I wanted it to display somewhere on each record line it displays a record number. for example so I can see I have 2 that are the diva character and have been selected and 1 diva character that has been rejected so it puts a 1 on the line that is the first selected person, then a 2 on the next selected person or a total so when it has many people listed as each character I can see how many I have quickly without having to add it. Hope this makes sense? Username is admin password is pirates any help is appreciated..... thanks Character_database.fmp12
  11. Hi I have been trying to use the calendar on the FM starting point. And I have been playing around with the fields in the add task button to see what field will display what. I want to adjust it so it can add in one other things. but when I do to say the calendar layout for the month and go to edit it just shows c_diplay boxes but I am struggling to find out where the set is to tell it what to display and where. I know in this free solutions package everything seems to be slightly interlinked. The task option is linked to the calendar one, but I am stuggling to see where it is setup to display what fields in each date box? What I wanted to do is add say another activity list to it... basically what I want it to do is less an activity for the day and more display things we are shooting for the day. so once I had learnt where it was telling the c_display what to display from the add task window and where int eh box I cold then add my own fields such as sc number, set, location etc etc.FM_Starting_Point_509uk.fmp12FM_Starting_Point_509uk.fmp12FM_Starting_Point_509uk.fmp12 also how to change it from Sunday start I am using filmmaker pro advanced 15 and using it on a mac I have attached the file I am using.... thank you for any help anyone can give pointing me in the right direction Sarah FM_Starting_Point_509uk.fmp12
  12. Hi I would like it to show a 0 ideally but happy to condition format it to be set to white text when it is less then a 0 if it is not possible to do both within the calculation.
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