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  1. Hi I have been trying to use the calendar on the FM starting point. And I have been playing around with the fields in the add task button to see what field will display what. I want to adjust it so it can add in one other things. but when I do to say the calendar layout for the month and go to edit it just shows c_diplay boxes but I am struggling to find out where the set is to tell it what to display and where. I know in this free solutions package everything seems to be slightly interlinked. The task option is linked to the calendar one, but I am stuggling to see where it is setup to display what fields in each date box? What I wanted to do is add say another activity list to it... basically what I want it to do is less an activity for the day and more display things we are shooting for the day. so once I had learnt where it was telling the c_display what to display from the add task window and where int eh box I cold then add my own fields such as sc number, set, location etc etc.FM_Starting_Point_509uk.fmp12FM_Starting_Point_509uk.fmp12FM_Starting_Point_509uk.fmp12 also how to change it from Sunday start I am using filmmaker pro advanced 15 and using it on a mac I have attached the file I am using.... thank you for any help anyone can give pointing me in the right direction Sarah FM_Starting_Point_509uk.fmp12
  2. Hi Yes it has thank you! and thanks for the advice on the variables names.
  3. Hi I would like it to show a 0 ideally but happy to condition format it to be set to white text when it is less then a 0 if it is not possible to do both within the calculation.
  4. Hi I have a timesheet database and sometimes the post call field might result in a negative result. This however means that the Total overtime field will take it off the calculation as it includes the result of 4 fields. Is there a way to make it so the total calculation field doesn't include the post field if it is a negative. In the file attached you can see that the overtime should calculate 6 and half hours (pre, camera and broken added together are 6.5 hrs but it is taking 30 mins off cos the post is a negative . The post is a negative because it is taking the time from the wrap out time to the leave time less 45 mins we give free. But when you add in the camera overtime in this instance it thinks it is a negative 30 mins cos it is less then the free 45 mins we give. Is what I am asking possible? I tried adding something like this to the post field at the end of the calculation Let( [ MyCalcResult = Post Call ]; Max(MyCalcResult;0) ) but then it stopped calculating and also then in turn stopped the total overtime from working username is admin and password is pirates. thanks Sarah
  5. littlered136

    How to add next row

    Hi Bruce Thanks Yes a mess I know, but this is me learning and teaching myself so always try to have a go first to see if I can figure it out and learn as I go... so your advice is apprecitated. going to see if I can tidy it up myself first. thanks Sarah
  6. littlered136

    How to add next row

    Thanks Bruce.... Lee I did as Bruce found so it is down to 57.. I did the recovery . It came up with the recovery log but was still at the larger size so gonna investigate further!
  7. littlered136

    How to add next row

    Hi Lee ou that's great news I am close as I was guessing a lot of it. Let men try changing that. Yes I saw the size when It was uploading and did think wow should it be that large esp as it doesn't have photos in it... will see if I can see what is attached that is making it so large. Thanks for your help! Sarah
  8. littlered136

    How to add next row

    Hi Can anyone help please. I am new to portal's. I have a timesheet database I have made and in the timesheet layout I want to be able to add new crew into the portal. I can input data but only in one row... I tried a script to add a new row as a single script on a button but that didn't work. I am stuck on how to add a new row. Am I also right that using a portal is the best way to add new crew so I can list what crew I have in each day and track their hours and overtime. username is admin... there is no password.... I used filmmaker pro 15 on a Mac. Thanks Sarah Timesheets_Tester.fmp12
  9. littlered136

    Can you change parts of text colour in a portal in a report

    absolutely! Where to I tick that it is answered and complete??
  10. Hi I have a database and in each record there are portals which contain lists of characters, which you can add to or take away. You can then generate a report via a script that will list the characters under each date. I wanted it where it lists some of the characters in a different colour if they contain a certain word. I have managed to get it via conditional formatting but it then changes every character in the portal under that date rather then just the character that contains that word. Is this something that is possible or am I chasing a unicorn?? I have attached a screen grab of the report. EG. under the first section I wanted out of the 3 different characters listed (they are in one portal in one record) I wanted just the RAF to be green and the parajmpers and TRF operators to be black still is that possible. I can get all of them to turn green if RAF is present in that portal but not just that character within the portal. Hope this makes sense. I am on a MacBook using FileMaker Pro Advanced 15 Thanks Sarah
  11. littlered136

    One field Calculation not working

    Not massively when putting it into the calculation, but then I am just learning so will have an attempt at that and see what results I get hahaha.... I am finding thats how I am learning is by attempting things first then coming here if stuck... thanks again.
  12. littlered136

    One field Calculation not working

    Hi Ou yes this does it, thank you just had a look at the calculation you put in so I can learn where I went wrong. Thank you so much. Now I'm going to have a go at trying to stop it display when it goes into a negative. I'm thinking I can do it using the object hide when command! Thank you again for taking time to look and help me , it's very much appreciated.
  13. littlered136

    One field Calculation not working

    Hi siroos12 Yes lee just messaged me saying it didn't make much sense. i have edited the message above and labelled the field better to be post call rather then post 2. hopefully this makes more sense now. If not let me know and I can try again thanks sarah
  14. Hi I have attached a filmmaker pro file I am trying to build. I am using Filemaker Pro 15 and I will use the app in Filemaker Go The username is admin and there is no password. The field calculation that I am having problem with is the field labelled Post Call. When you type in you have done 1 hour in the camera field, it will take an hour off in the overtime field, but will not take it off the Post call field. I need the Post call field to calculate how much overtime is done from when we wrap to leave (less an hour cos we give one hour free) If we do Camera overtime this is taken off the post call time overtime as it is a different rate. Eg. I wrap at 18:00 and leave at 20:30 - it should show an hour and 30 mins overtime (as it's two and half hours less the free hour). However if we do an hour of camera overtime between 18:00 - 19:00 then it should show half an hour in the post call field (cos it would wrap at 18:00 - camera overtime 18:00 - 19:00 the free hour from 19:00 - 20:00 so just the 3o mins in post overtime) Does this make more sense now. I have uploaded a newer version and deleted the old one so the field is labelled better I have tried many variations in the valuation but it never removes the camera overtime. If i put in 3600 if we do one hour etc etc then it will remove it but then that messes up the overtime field calulation, plus I would prefer not to have to work out how many seconds to put in if we do many hours of camera overtime. Can any one see what I might be doing wrong in the calculation? Any help gratefully received. Hopefully my explanation above makes sense and I have given all the inf needed. If not please shout. Many thanks in advance sarah Timesheet copy Copy.fmp12
  15. Hi on the scenes layout when you add a new portal row and import the same times as the one above it seems to give a different calculation. It seems to add on the 10 hours of the day length rather then taking it off, but works fine when it's in the first row. username is admin password is pirates thanks sarah Production time tracker 2.fmp12

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