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  1. Are the quotation marks the problem? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. One other note I'll add... When you set the background of the a webviewer's body to be a gradient, the gradient will stretch to the length of the content and will scroll with the content. If you want the gradient to be fixed to the height of the webviewer and have the content scroll over it, you need to add this after all of the various gradients in the body style tag: background-attachment: fixed; With this, the gradient will fit the visible height of the body and the content will scroll while leaving the background in place.
  3. The workaround that I've used for the iOS "tap then scroll" issue is to have a script trigger that goes to the webviewer object. If it's in a popover, you could trigger the script when the popover opens. It's not perfect, but will work most of the time. If the webviewer loses focus, the user will need to tap it again before scrolling. Hope this helps. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. From Dropbox on your iPad, you can COPY the file to FMgo. Note that it will not sync back to dropbox (which is good as Dropbox is a good way to get a corrupted FM file--as Comment suggested). Here's what you can do: When you see the no preview available screen, tap the three dots at the top of the screen and choose export. Then, choose open in from the bottom row of the share sheet (it has a grey App Store logo). From there, you can choose FMgo. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. One other note...you should never open and work in a FileMaker file that is in a OneDrive/Dropbox/Google Drive folder as this is a set up for corruption. Since FileMaker is always writing changes to the file as you work and OneDrive is always syncing these changes, you can really make a mess of the file. It is ok to save backup copies in a OneDrive folder, but working copies should be in a local folder or hosted on FMS.
  6. Another update...the Tapatalk plugin has come out of beta. https://tapatalk.com/download_IPBoard.php Is there any chance of this getting set up again as it was in the past? Thanks
  7. A quick update...I just noticed that tapatalk has released a plug in for ip board 4: https://tapatalk.com/download_IPBoard.php I'm not sure if this is in the plans, but it would be great to see tapatalk support restored. Thanks for all that you do to keep this forum going!
  8. Are there any plans to restore tapatalk support? It hasn't been working since the upgrade. I enjoy reading this forum and have learned a lot from the experts here. My preferred method of browsing is tapatalk on my phone. Thanks
  9. You shouldn't need a separate layout for each user. In fm12 or higher you can place get() functions directly into layouts in text boxes. All you need is a text box that says: Welcome, {{AccountName}} This should dynamically give you the username of the currently logged in account. Also, I believe that get(username) actually gives you whatever the user has specified in fm preferences.
  10. That may be true. I was just worried about adding a new relationship that is based on a data field instead of a key field. The other worry is what happens if another member has the same name as the coach--the data picked up by this relationship could be for the wrong person. Anyway, my read on the problem is that the 2nd TO for members is what is needed. Since the OP needs to know the value of Members::ActiveInactive for the coach when the context of the report layout is an entry on the candidates table. Taking Comment's comment to heart...If we don't fix the key vs name issue right
  11. I think there are a few things that need to happen here: 1-in the candidates table, you should store the memID of the coach rather than the name. Instead of CoachName, let's call this FKCoachID 2-the value list for the coach pop up should be 1st field memID, 2nd field name, show only 2nd field. This will look the same on the layout as what you currently have, but will store the ID instead of the name. 3-this is the key to Doing what you want: you need a 2nd occurrence of Members that links the Candidates::FKCoachID to Members 2::PKMemID In your subsummary part, you can put Mem
  12. Also, I should add that pasting the same link into Safari on the mac results in only one form submission
  13. Hi all. Been lurking for a few months and have learned a lot--thanks! I am trying to use a script to set a webviewer in FM 11 on both a mac and a PC to send some info to a google form using the info from this page: http://justingale.com/2013/09/url-tricks-for-google-forms-pre-populate-and-automatically-submitting-responses/ The url being sent to the webviewer looks just like example 4 on this link. This needs to be scripted because the user will likely submit multiple google form URLs in one go (this is working with a Loop in the script). I have the script set up to gather the
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