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  1. I sorted the data based on Region...but I get blank..
  2. I have following data set Unique ID Product ID submode Region Sales 1 x x1 US 10 2 x x1 EU 20 3 x x2 EU 30 4 x x2 US 40 5 y y1 JPY 50 6
  3. @Kris/David: I cannot use UniqueValues as I have FMP advanced but not Advanced Pro...not sure how i add custom functions in FMP advanced....please let me know if there is other way around @consultant: i tried your logic...but for some reason it is not working....not sure why..do i need to create a filed 'Types' with valuelist from MOdels:type before i used the calculation...... Thank you for all your help !!
  4. I am trying to concatenate unique child record for parent record...i was able to concatenate all child records for a given parent record using Substitute ( List ( child::record ) ; ¶ ; ", " )....but cannot figure out how do i remove the duplicate values for example: Car company has multiple models..but each model can only car, mid-suv, large-suv, truck etc.....now when i am populating information for Ford, i only want to have car, mid-suv and truck once not for all the model...and same for Hyundai can someone please guide about how to remove the extra child record during list
  5. Hello Will, When i use your code in sql compiler it gives me correct results...but when i used in FMP it gives me error...not sure what the issue is ExecuteSQL( "SELECT SUM( sales ) FROM testsalesdata WHERE ( quarterID = '2014-q2' OR quarterID = '2014-q1' OR quarterID = '2013-q4' OR quarterID = '2013-q3' )"; "";"") Also, wanted to clarify that I am using it for "Specify calculation".......not sure what the error is for thank you Also, what to specify that I am using it in the 'Specify calc
  6. hello Will, for Sql query i want the query to reply the sum of last 4 quarters for each product..so result table should be product Sales number 1 180 (30+40+50+60) 2 420 (90+100+110+120)
  7. Hello 'Comment', i used filtered relationship/portal to display only sales from the last 4 quarters in a layout of Products....then i duplicated the portal and used "summary field" to find sum of last 4 quarters for the filetered portal [i did not knew FMP had this functionality...thanks a lot !] but problem lies that i cannot use this 'summary field' for further calculation....when i use this calculated field somewhere else it gives total different value ..how do i resolve this..or do i need scripting for this ?
  8. I cannot figure out how to sum values for last 4 quarters. FMP has function to SUM all values but not selected values..How do i sum the last 4 quarters for the given product... unique id product id quarter id sales 1 1 2013-q1 10 2 1 2013-q2 20 3 1 2013-q3 30 4 1 2013-q4 40 5 1 2014-q1 50 6 1 2014-q2
  9. Hello Wim, thanks for reply. But x and y are in same table...not sure if you meant that...in short data is like this year unitid unit# packageid package# boxesid boxes# 2013 x11 2 x 5 X 17 2013 x12 3 2013 y11 6 2013 y12 6 y 12 2014 x11 2 x 5 15 2014 x12 4 2014 y11 5 y 10 2014 y12 5 the
  10. I need to setup relationship where I can add up multiple number of units to give packages...and multiple packages to boxes all for a given year for eg. Years Units Packages Boxes 2013 x11 =2 x= 5 17 2013 x12 =3 2013 y11=6 2013 y12 =6 y=12 2014 x11 =2 x=5 15 2014 x12 =4 2014 y11=5 y=10 2014 y12 =5
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