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  1. yilbber -- EasyWeb is designed to make Web publishing data stored in a FileMaker database easy. While the example database is an example of a Contacts database, it really doesn't matter what the data represents. It could be products, orders, club members, race results, etc. To use EasyWeb with another database, you would just configure EasyWeb to point to the database, and specify the layouts that you want to use to display the "list" and "detail" views. Hope this helps explain what EW is. ~ Tim
  2. ​Shmuel -- Please see this thread: http://fmforums.com/forums/topic/97157-setting-up-fmeasyweb-questions/ ~ Tim
  3. ​Greg -- I believe that if you change the name of this folder - /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/htdocs/PHP Code/ - to - /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/htdocs/easyweb/ - then you would be able to reach the site using: ~ Tim
  4. You could modify the index.php file so that it always includes the "form.php" file, using something like this: if ( isset ( $_GET [ 'recordID' ] ) ) or TRUE {... You would also need to modify the "/form/form-record-get.php" file so that, instead of retrieving a record by its ID, it did a find based on the UUID value instead. That should do it. ~ Tim
  5. Juergen -- That's good news. I'm glad you were able to get it working. ~ Tim
  6. Ok - I think you can easily fix this by making "index.php" a default document. There are some instructions on how to do that here: http://blog.winhost.com/configuring-a-default-document/ Another option is to modify EasyWeb itself. That's a bit trickier, but if you want to go that route, let me know. ~ Tim
  7. This looks like an issue with how your Web server is configured... If you try this - - it works. Are you running IIS or Apache? ~ Tim
  8. Glad you got it working. To customize EasyWeb, poke around in the "customizations-form.php" and "customizations-list.php" files. Try uncommenting out some of the things that I've disabled, and see what the impact is on the pages that are generated. And, of course, you can experiment with the CSS / themes - either create your own or modify the existing themes. You have control over how things appear (fonts, styles, colors, border, etc). Have fun! ~ Tim
  9. Hi everyone. From what I can tell, the reason that some of you are seeing the PHP warnings (for things such as undefined variables) is that your PHP configurations are set to "strict" mode. You can hide the warnings by adding this line to the index.php file (in the EasyWeb root folder): // Disable all error reporting. error_reporting(0); Place that after the header comments, just before the "// Initialize EasyWeb" comment. That should suppress the warnings. Those of you who are getting the "Call to undefined function mcrypt_get_iv_size()" error, the problem seems to be that your PH
  10. You're seeing the warnings because of how your hosting provider has PHP configured. Here's some guidance on how to disable the deprecation warnings: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2803772/turn-off-deprecated-errors-php-5-3 ~ Tim
  11. Brian -- That looks right to me. You might want to try putting EasyWeb in the root - although you shouldn't have to do that. (EasyWeb will run in a subdirectory.) ~ Tim
  12. Brian -- What does the URL look like that you're using to access EasyWeb? -- Tim
  13. Brian -- It sounds like the "encryption-load.php" file is missing. It should be in the web app's "/core" folder. Perhaps it was missed when uploading or copying to your Web server? ~ Tim
  14. Hello. You should be able to use either the IP address of the server or a domain / subdomain name. If that's not working, what error is being reported? ~ Tim
  15. Sky -- Thanks for the quick feedback. Regarding the container issue: If you haven't already, drag the container file on to the layout that you are using for the form view. It's not enough that be included as a visible field when viewing the layout as a table - It has to be physically on the layout. That should do it. Also,, fmFoo is on the way. I'm hoping to release that in the next day or two. I just need to work up the documentation. Stay tuned. ~ Tim
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