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  1. The caller's name and address show in the window. The owner has checked the dead beat and he will show in red. If there is doubt, the sec has to check with the owner or prod mgr.
  2. A checkbox filled by the owner. A check in the box turns the font in the name field red.
  3. This is a Lead Tracking solution. We are a roofing company and get repeat calls from clients. Some of them have proved to be dead beats and earn a flag not to do any further business with. This solution is used to evaluate advertising as well as the status of a lead. Each call is entered by the secretary as she receives the call. When she enters a flawed name, I want a way to let her know this was a flagged person. I tried a find script to star upon exit of the caller field. I can not figure out how to put that name into the find field.
  4. The caller name is being entered at the time of the call. The previous (now flagged) call may have been from two years ago. I do not understand what you have told me to do. For lead tracking purposes the call is being tracked rather than the caller.
  5. I have a file called Call Log that tracks all incoming calls. There are certain clients that have earned a flag. I want to be able to notify the data inputer that the call they are entering is from a flagged previous caller. I tried by searching for dups upon exit of the call name entry using call name&flag. I am sure I am missing something. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Sorry I could not explain it better but you were able to figure out what I needed. I did as you suggested and it works like a charm. Thank you so much.
  7. I am importing historical time data into a new program. The charges need to be calculated based on the rates effective at the time of the time sheet's end date. I am still in the process of establishing the tables to handle this. Currently the employee table contains only the current info for Employee, Effective Date, Reg Rate, OT Rate, Labor Burden Rate, Adjusted Reg Rate(Reg Rate +(Reg Rate*Labor Burden), Adjusted OT Rate(OT Rate+(OT Rate* Labor Burden). The Time Sheet records contain Employee, Payroll End Date, Hours, Hours Type(REG or OT), Job Number,Job Charge(Calculated Type of H
  8. I have three tables - Employees which contains a history of their pay rates and labor burden rates and their effective dates the second table is a time sheet line entry that includes the employee, hours worked, job worked and charge for those hours using their pay rate plus labor burden times hours. This info is used by a third table to report on Job costs by employee on a specific job. The time sheets for 2013 and 2014 are going to be entered. I need to use the correct rates for the time being entered. I want to avoid repeating fields if I can. I just can't seem to figure out how to d
  9. I will be inputting time sheets for a two year period. How do I check on he effective pay rate for the date of the time sheet. I have two Tables - employees and time sheets
  10. I purchased the Filemaker Training Series Advanced from iBooks. Where do I find the exercise files referred to in the book?
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