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  1. Hi Thanks for your input. Does this also mean if I host it online with a FM Hosting Service the same would apply?
  2. Hi all, I'm looking into hosting my FM Database online and was wondering if I would have to have FM Pro running on each machine I want to open the Database from. Am I correct? If not, please advise. Thanks, Conor
  3. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any solutions to host a FileMaker Database on my website. I currently have my website hosted on x9Internet. I have looked at filemaker hosting websites but would like to pay an annual fee as opposed to a monthly fee. If anyone has any other options for creating a database without FileMaker and hosting it online please advise. Thanks
  4. Cheers LaRetta! I'll leave it as it is and see how it turns out.
  5. Bruce, I am working on it. What do you mean, Lee? There isn't a tools menu on my screen... hmm...
  6. This is my version of the script LaRetta supplied. I removed the other custom dialog as it isn't something I need.  Not too sure how to run the debugger as it doesn't seem to be visible on my screen...  I have attached a much simpler version of my solution so you don't get confused as to which part i'm having trouble with.  The cost report button doesn't seem to do what the scripts meant to - I'm doing something wrong, again.  Also, If you can - Could you tell/show me how I would only view one horses record on both the cost and history report layouts at a time. I only wish
  7. Ok LaRetta. I have tried your script and it works up until I switch to the HorseCostReport layout and it shows all of the records instead of just the ones within the dates specified. Any other ideas to what I might be doing wrong?
  8. Thanks for that LaRetta! I just thought I had better use my time wisely as I could not go any further with my structure until I got professional help. Just forward thinking on my part but I get what you mean. Thanks! Conor
  9. No need to be rude. I came on here to ask for help not to get stupid pointless answers like that! Some 'consultant' you are...
  10. Ok, I am trying to create a report, finding the records between two dates. I am creating a script which will take me to the desired layout and then show a custom dialog where I can enter the start and end dates. The script is as follows: Go to Layout ["HorseCostReport" (Main Charges Table)] Sort Records [Restore; No dialog] Go to Record/Request/Page [First] Enter Find Mode[] Show Custom Dialog ["Specify Date Range'; Main Charges Table::GlobalStartDate; Main Charges Table::GlobalEndDate] Set Error Capture [On] Set Field [Main Charges Table::SearchDate; Main Charges Table::Glob
  11. Comment, can you please explain to me what you mean by "You should have a structure of: Clients -< Horses -< Charges >- ChargeTypes This is assuming that the different charges are more or less alike in the fields needed to describe them. Otherwise it gets more complex." Can I just ask what you meant by ChargeTypes? And "more or less alike"?
  12. Thanks for the advice guys. Comment, I will check that demo that you suggest. Thanks for that! Lee, do you have those websites to hand? That would be a great help! Conor.
  13. Would I need to store the file in my database or can I save it to FileMaker Go and have the database access it? Thanks, Conor.
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