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  1. Thanks for the quick reply! That shouldn't be an issue as we already give them a .fmp file as a shortcut to connect the users to our solution. Thank you both for your input~!
  2. Thanks Wim, but we are running the FileMaker server on windows machines. Isn't Bonjour a dependency for windows installs?
  3. Hello FM community, Just what I hope is a simple question; Is it possible to hide a FileMaker Server from the available Servers list (Please see attached image.) I know we have the option to "List only the database each use is authorized to access" but this does not hide the FileMaker Servers we have in our network. We would like to hide this as well. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Thank you Mr. Blackwell, this makes it much clearer.
  5. Hello All, Just a little background info; We have a great application which is used by banking institutions, and we are being asked some due diligence questions based on IT concerns of our client. These are a few of the questions they are asking, and if anyone could provide some insight I would greatly appreciate it. How is communication encrypted between clients and host? It is my understanding that this is using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection in between our FileMaker Server and FileMaker Pro/ADV users. We do have SSL enabled on our FileMaker server database settings. Is this sufficient information to answer this question, should more details be provided (SHA type, Hash Values etc..)or is it not necessary? How and where is our client data encrypted? This is the question that really threw me for a loop. I did take a look at the security documents for FileMaker, but the only mention of encryption is "Data encryption - The data stored within a FileMaker file can be encrypted..." It is my understanding that .FMP files already have some security features in place, such as privilege sets file access levels and so on. However, I know this does not mean encryption. This simply means we have security features on our filemaker data files. How does this relate to encryption or does this at all? Do we need a 3rd party encryption application to handle this? That is just the encryption part of my question, the Where throws me for an even further loop. The Where should be on the database server where our live files are held, as live client data is hosted files, but this part is just my assumption. Again any insight here would be greatly appreciated, hopefully one of the many FileMaker Developer have encountered these types of questions before and can shed some light on the topic. Thanks!
  6. You sir saved me a ton of headaches! Your guide was perfect! Thanks!
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