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  1. Hello Kris, Thank you very, very much. The scripts works well now. Regards Lawrence Hi Wim, Thanks. That information was helpful. Thanks. Lawrence
  2. Dear FileMaker Pros, Perform Script on Server (PSoS) Doesn't Run I run FMP 13 (on Windows.) I import records to my Hosting FM Server from my Client. Running the script steps from the Client works well, but its a time consuming task of more than 4 hours, the records are big, almost one million. To save time, I switched the script to Perform Script on Server, (wait for completion, unchecked.) The script does not perform Import records, as it did without PSoS. My script steps on the hosting Server Db: ScriptName:"Import A" > Go to Layout ["Part_A"] > Go to Field [Select/perform; Stock_A::Field_A] > Go to Record /Request/Page[First] > Import Records [No dialog;"Receive_Gen"Add;Windows ANSI] My Perform Script on Server on Client: > Go to Layout ["Part_A"] >Perform script on Server ["Import_A"] > Go to Record/Request/Page [Last] Note: Unchecked - wait for completion Would appreciate your comments. Thanks in advance Lawrence
  3. Hello FM Pros Would appreciate some tips for the following script problem: I have a situation here where my scripts in FM 13 Pro Adv takes more than 5 hrs to complete a calculation. OS: This is Win 7 Pro. with 16 GB RAM (i5 Processor.) I have Field "A" which is a 7 digit code numbers FIELD, which most often are repeating numbers, from 200 different types. (And I have upto 80 million records, in this field.) Code examples: 1234567, 2345678, 5678012,... Fields "B" to "Y" (are global Fields) provides a reference number for each type of the 7 digit codes from Field "A". For example the code 1234567, as above, the reference is, eg. HH/2015/Jul/132, Code 2345678 the reference is, HH/2015/Sep/314,...etc Field "C" list the reference numbers from Field "B" in the order of the records from Field "A" I use the following scripts in Field "C" If [Field A="1234567"] Perform Script [Replace Field Contents Field C;Field B] Else If [Field A="2345678"] Perform Script [Replace Field Contents Field C:Field B] Else If (...until 200 lines of the references from Field) End If The script runs well. However, it takes more than 5 hrs to complete the entire 80 million records.) Would appreciate your suggestion to speed run the scripts. Many thanks in advance. Lawrencex
  4. Hello FileMaker Pro experts, Would appreciate your help for the following: How do I sort data in a row of Fields? For example: Fields A=300, B=100, C=600, D=200, E=400, F=500 I have to obtain the following results for the above data in Fields: P,Q,R,S,T,U sorted in ascending order as: P=100, Q=200, R=300, S=400, T=500, U=600. How do I formulate the calculations in Fields: P,Q,R,S,T,U to obtain the results in ascending order? Many thanks in advance. Lawrencex
  5. Hello I have datas in Columns (Fields) A, B, C, D, E. How do I transfer these datas to a single (Fields) "Column F," without using the import option. I need the datas in the same order as they appear originally in Fields A,B,C,D,E. Many thanks. Lawrencex
  6. Greetings All FileMaker Friends; I would appreciate help for the following: How do I combine datas from 2 or more Tables, in different files into a my current Table, without using "Import" option. Thanks in advance. Lawrencex
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