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  1. Upgrading a client from FM11 to FM13. When we setup the new server, we copied over the original high res images, but not the thumbnails. As expected, SuperContainer is generating the needed thumbnails, however they are low quality and have vertical lines through the images (see attached). Â Here are the New server specs: FileMaker Server 13 SuperContainer 2.896 Java update 51 Windows Server 2012 R2 Â The troubleshooting steps we have completed: - uninstalling/reinstalling Java - downgrading Java to 7 update 25 - replaced SuperContainer 2.896 with 2.89 (with update 25) Â The suggested solution from 360Works was to downgrade to Java 6 (unfortunately FM13 requires 7) or update the resolution of the web viewers and unstored calcs. We tried to set the resolution to 150 & 300, however it works only if the image is being dimensions are increased but not if the image dimensions are reduced. It seems to be more of a resizing issue instead of a resolution issue. The updating of 100 different places the images appear would only work on some images and not for all because we don't have a single image orientation or size. Â I've seen other questions similar to this and they remained unresolved. Anyone have any ideas? Â Thanks for your help.
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