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  1. works great when you see it running ok makes me wonder why couldn't i see it youve made look so easy thankyou very much Webko really appreciate it thankyou Kind regards jason
  2. Thanks lee i did have a read and theres some good points to keep in mind thank you. Webko has been very helpful and im a gnat's whisker in completing my problem. I just think that in form mode there should be like a table tool like portal tool, only that you could table from its own layout/table, im sure it would make things much easier especially for us novices .
  3. Thanks for the help it shouldn't be this hard why its easy to have a portal to related records well you cant get much more related than your self oh replied also
  4. Thanks for the help i have screenshots privately as its a working database and customers might not be to impressed if i accidentally post some data hope thats ok
  5. thank you think im getting somewhere but still not right i set the portal to customerid and voila it works but it just shows the one record thats currently displaying on left side of buy form twice on 2 rows when there should be 20 or so records
  6. Hi been stuck on this for days so im thinking it may not be achievable i have 2 forms 1 customers the other a buy form the customers also has a portal showing history of records from the buy form my problem is we get tired of switching to the customers layout to see peoples history what im looking for is a way to see history on the same layout same table i know i can see other tables through a portal but cant figure it out that i can see history from the same layout / table very much appreciate on a pointer in the right direction please
  7. thanks for your help but im missing a step i think 1. On the Scripts menu, go to Manage Scripts. All OK 2. Bottom left hand corner, click new. All OK 3. Use the script Eos provided, Changing field names and layout names to match your DB. Stuck 4. Save Script. im stuck at step 3 when i click new i get a pop up that wont let me paste on what Eos provided i have to choose from the menu on the left Control Perform script is what i select then im asked to specify script which i do then when i paste Eos script i get errors like the specified table cannot be found which is Set
  8. thanks for trying to help but im stuck i need more baby steps please i create a button then?
  9. Hi I have 1 layout (customers) with customer details in it, but i want to place a button on (customers) layout that would take me to layout 2 (invoices) and insert the same customer id as well as create a new invoice id record i already have Customers table field name __pkCutomersID Invoices table field name __pkInvoiceID & _fkCutomersID related to __pkCutomersID i have tried many ways but with no luck Thank you all in advance
  10. Dammmm eos youre good that worked 1st time thank-you very much that has save me hours i reckon
  11. Hi I am trying to figure out a complicated maths field for my dads storage yard the prices are based on a percentage sliding scale on an excel worksheet, as he has many size's of containers He has a base price of £10 never changes then its 1% per day based on the storage price there's about 50 different prices that change from month to month field 1, Storage_Price field 2, Days field 3, Storage_Fees so it should be Storage_Price "£10" x Days "28" = Storage_Fees "£2.80" field 4, Base_Fee field 5, Total_Due + Base_Fee "£10" = Total_Due "£22.80" i hop
  12. great thanx all its working tried all your suggestions sure it helped but was still not working it seems i had the record created field set to timestamp instead of date really appreciated all your help
  13. thanx for helping i have tried it set to date and calculation am currently set to date i have ticked calculated value in the auto-enter and specified RecordCreated + Days i guess im missing somthing
  14. Hi sorry ive read lots of date calculations but just cant seem to find the answer im looking for i almost think this should be fairly easy but im just not grasping it Please help OK i have created 3 fields Field 1, Record created (auto entered) Field 2, Days (entered manually) Field 3, New_Date (record created + how many days entered to give a new calendar date) Many thanks in advance
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