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  1. I'm trying to implement a current file maker solution, into the cloud with amazon web services. I seem to have been able to set it up, but I have a couple of questions that I'm unsure of. 1.) How do I handle external file storage? For example I have documents that may be edited on a laptop, but I want the office computer to have the latest copy. 2.) I have a number of scripts to manage the data, php, applescript, etc. I'm not sure what the best way to handle this is. Any tips, or FM cloud for dummies ?
  2. Good Day, I'm evaluating the use of FileMaker server in our office. I primarily do all the coding on an office laptop, and I would like to be able to keep things in sync with the other computers in the office. FileMaker seems to keep the database in sync well, but I'm not sure how to handle all the peripheral scripts that we use to control other pieces of software and hardware. Is there a place in the file system that I can put these scripts that FileMaker will sync along with the database? Or do I need to go to a 3rd party syncing software? Regards, Ryan
  3. Thank you for the response. Let me try and make this more clear with a simple test case. I have a button, that I want to hide. I will hide this button when: OrderDetails::ArtCreated = "Yes" Each line of the portal contains this field, but once I've set one of these to "Yes", the button disappears. Your hint is what I am unsure of. I assume that once I've clicked on the portal row I need to refresh the page somehow, but this is what I do not know how to do. Thanks again.
  4. Was this a stupid question? I'm really struggling to understand what piece of functionality I am missing on this. When I select a portal row, it is not changing the value stored in the container. The container is not in the portal itself, it is a calculated path using variables within the portal. Do I need to trigger the refresh, or is there an easier way to link the portal to the container?
  5. Good Morning, I have a portal setup with a number of rows. I would like to adjust the value contained in a container based on what row is selected. The container is pointing to external data with variables that should be set by the selected row. When I change rows the container does not update. Should it, or do I need to create a script/trigger? I don't know how I would proceed with the trigger, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Ryan
  6. Thank you for the response. I've figured out the problem I'm suffering from. I am importing from a .csv file but that only has the name of the file, not actually the file. What would be a good procedure to import the image into the container after the import, or during the import. I know how to import it by going to the record, and passing the data in, but I'm not sure how to tell file maker which records need this to happen.
  7. Good Afternoon, I have a script written to import images into a container field. The container field is setup to store the data externally in the MacOSx file system. When I do an import it is importing the name of the file, not actually inserting the image into the container. I'm assuming I'm missing some very obvious detail of how this is to work, but I'm confused. Thank you for any advice you could give me on the proper way to do this. Regards, Ryan
  8. I've been reading this to try and diagnose my issue with specifying the file to attach. http://www.filemaker.com/help/html/create_db.8.32.html#1030283 I have in my specify file this variable, and file path, and its not working. So I'm confused as to where I am to set the variable. If I remove the variable and hardcode the ordernumber it works fine. $OrderNumber = 000000 filemac:/Machintosh HD/User/ryankivi/$OrderNumber/file.pdf Can the order number be set within the "Specify File" dialog? Regards,
  9. Wow thanks eos! Finally I see some progress. If I want to use the values from a selected portal row, how would I designate that instead of the table entries?
  10. Well I'm clearly confused. I have a button that I want to trigger the script above. This script needs a few items of information from the FileMaker tables to function. I have created a button and when setting it up I have chosen the perform applescript script option. Then I am presented with 2 options. 1.) Calcuated Applescript 2.) Native applescript I've tried to use both, but maybe I'm totally down the wrong path. Sorry for my ignorance.
  11. The only relationship I have setup is an order number field between two tables.
  12. Thank you for the help. When I try and save this it gives me the same message: The specified table cannot be found, and it highlights "Set Variable"
  13. I've tried to use Set Variable [$variable ; ] but I get an error "The specified table cannot be found"
  14. I have a script I would like to execute with a button click. The script works fine, but I would like to pass two variables into the script. I'm not sure how to do this, but I've been trying to use the Specify Calculation to do this. The following is the script: I would like to replace the fun and the 000000 with information from the database. Could anyone point me in the correct direction, or provide a hint for me. do shell script "osascript NewFromTemplatePlaceImage.scpt fun 000000" Regards,
  15. I need a method to import orders from Bigcommerce into FileMaker. This would ideally occur with one script execution to reduce the time required. Bigcommerce has a robust API which I can help with, but I am not sure how all the details work.
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