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  1. @commentYou won't "scare me off". I'll just leave here, and go somewhere where mothers taught manners. Having run forums, I understand that leaving a forum and never going back, and telling other folks why are the two worst things a subscriber can do to a forum. Good luck, and goodbye.
  2. My next problem is a shopping list. This database is for a game, in the game I play at manufacturing, and this database helps me determine what products to manufacture and which to avoid. I’ve attached a copy of the database. What I want to do now is create a list of all the base materials if I decide to build one product or another. All the Materials are listed in the table “Materials”, however, the number I need for various Goods is scattered throughout the database in various join tables. If you take a Material, (for instance, Tritanium) and
  3. Thank you! This database isn't meant to be a record of any kind-- it isn't meant to track sales, work up bids or even generate estimates. It's meant to be a decision tool. In the game there comes points in time when a decision has to be made-- do I build this product or that product? How about these three products? At that point, I update all the prices to prices I know I can buy the raw materials for, update the selling prices, and then see which products have the highest ROI. Then I make the decision, I'm going for that product, or these two products, and I shut the database a
  4. Now for a specific demonstration of the problem. Starting anywhere in the attached DB, click the Goods List tab. It should go to a blue list. In the column “ID Number”, on the left, click “13”, which should say “Flycatcher” next to it. It should go to the blue form view of a record named “Flycatcher”. Click the “Item” tab. It should go to a record named “Cormorant”. This is where our problem lives. The portal shows records of Material assigned to Cormorant, with the number of units needed and the Jita Price of each unit. It totals into a calculation field named “Cost”, the
  5. Hello. My first question here. I’ve been working with FMP since it was Filemaker, but I’m not a professional, and I think FMP has managed to get away from me this time. I have no idea why my summary fields aren’t working. Here are some of the facts: I’m designing a database to keep track of project costs in a game. Everything is fictional. The problem is in the second line of tables. I noticed the problem in this layout: This shows Items, that are used to build Goods, and the Items are made up of Materials. This screen shows the table Items, and the porta
  6. I'm developing a solution for my own use. I intend to use it to update paper nautical charts. The first problem I've run into is error checking about the boundaries of the charts. I'll input longitude-latitude for each edge of the chart, latitude for the northern and southern boundaries, longitude for the eastern and western boundaries. I'll enter standard longitude-latitude coordinates for the corrections. Then the fun begins. I've figured out how to convert degrees-minutes-seconds to decimal degrees, so I can compare one coordinate to another. So far so good. The first proble
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