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  1. I guess you could either assign the CC's first, or use the picker layout method with a script.
  2. Calculate values on the layout

    Here ya go exampleSMmod.fmp12
  3. Well you left out a lot of details about structure and work flow, so it's hard to give a definitive answer. When you are drafting the letter, how do you get any of the GP's/Consultants on the CC list? You may need a popover with a picker list, probably another relationship, that shows all the GP's/Consultants who aren't already on the CC list, to add with a script.
  4. Job's and instances of jobs

    I think you may need an instances table, and it can show as a portal in your jobs table. Then you can have all the details of what is going on in that 'instance'. Think of a job as an invoice, and an 'instance' as a line item. You can even add another table, mimicking products, for parts, or tasks to track those together or individually. Then you may need another table of Vendors. You're heading down the rabbit hole!
  5. Detect Keyboard Language?

    Look in the inspector
  6. Viewing "Grandchildren" from context of "Grandparent"

    Your structure seems on the right track, but you have the fields in the wrong table. If you think of what you are doing like an invoice database you will be better off. Of course I'm not a doctor so I may be guessing incorrectly. Customer---<Invoices-------<LineItems>-------Products equals Patient --< ProcedureEvent --< PrimaryProcedureEvent >-- PrimaryProcedure A primary procedure should just be a list of possible procedures anyone can get (like a product) Primary Procedure Event will be a list of line items (possible procedures) Procedure Event is like an invoice. It only needs a date and fields related to 'invoices' in general-like start and end times and results. Everything else should be in line items. All the fields specific to a patient should be in patient field Edit: To add, then when you want to view a report about a patient and all their procedures you base your report on Invoices, for general info (Events), or LineItems, for all Primary Procedures It would also help if you put in 2 or more patients with different and similar procedures to see if your reports and portals are showing the correct data.
  7. Best approach for productive layout creation

    Option 1. Updating an element should be infrequent and not too difficult once you get rolling. Actually your may be better off creating and modifying the elements and objects in your solution, then copying them to your developers reference database. They're are many template dbs available for rapid, repetitive developement. When I updated and rebuilt my business DB, I spent the first large chunk of time creating one layout and custom theme, duplicating it, and saving it as the template with all the navigation buttons bars, as the basis for all new layouts. I also have one template layout for all printing/reports. Option 2 will kill you in the end. You'll be going back to all (100's?) of layouts tweaking spacing, and nudging objects throughout the solution.
  8. Scrollable section for single record within layout?

    If I think I understand you correctly, its basically a Master-Detail setup. You can search for that on the FileMaker forums and find some nice examples. If the information you want to scroll is from a different table, a portal of related records may fit the bill. If all the information is from the same table, then a self join relationship to the selected record could be used to add a portal, showing the detail, and the portal would be scrollable. You could also use a slide control, or tab panels to separate and group the data. I think you always want to avoid scrolling the entire layout. Here's a picture of one.
  9. It works when I use this: GetSummary ( invoice_line::total_of_discount ; invoice_line::category ) <1 I had this problem before, and thought I was 'doing it wrong', so I used the < 1.
  10. Display Records with a certain value

    You could script a simple find to do this on your layout. Are the dates fixed, random, or based on a certain number of days from the current date?
  11. summarizing data

    In browse mode, are you in List View, not Form View? Are you sorting on the proper field? If that doesn't help, can you attach a sample file?
  12. summarizing data

    This is a basic subsummary report. You'll want the plant (AAAA, BBBB, etc.) in the sub summary part (Sub-Summary when sorted by) as well as your total field. Then you want to sort by that part (plant).
  13. FileMaker freezeup

    If you create another new solution from scratch, does it still do it. If not, you may have to revert to a backup that doesn't do it, or scrap the file and start over. When I was using 12, any file I made would freeze up when I tried to modify the toolbar. Any file I got off the internet would not. I tried uninstall, reinstall, even reported as a bug. It never got resolved.
  14. Sub Summary Record Count

    Yeah anyone who confuses myself and Barbara, is really insulting Barbara BTW, the OP did quote you, and they are listed as an 'Expert'.
  15. Sort & Summarise based on Month Year

    1. Create a date field, auto-enter calc (uncheck "Do not replace..."), using your field names, call it zzDateMonthYear: Due Date - Day (Due Date ) + 1 //Make sure it's a date field. 2. Make this your field (zzDateMonthYear) for the sub-summary report (Sub-summary when sorted by), and just put your Year ( Due Date ) & " " & Month ( Due Date ) calculation field in that section. Make sure your calculation is of type 'Number'. 3. Sort by the zzDateMonthYear month field.

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