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  1. Are you sure you need the first two sets of quotes?
  2. Calculation works on either, with @comment's caveat about the delete key.
  3. I can't replicate that behavior. If it already has a value, even tabbing into the radio button field so it's highlighted and hitting delete still leaves one button selected. Edit: Actually, it won't delete on my existing database, but I made up a simple new one and it does delete. Turns out I also used an OnObjectModify script trigger that assigns a value if empty, for sorting.
  4. I would use the field validation like @comment stated. If you change your calc to: GetValue ( Self ; ValueCount ( Self ) ) Then the user can't unclick a selection and the user also can't Shift+Click and select both.
  5. Couldn't you simply chart this by customer, then look at each graph, unless there are thousands of customers. Seems like an odd request, to discourage small orders. Anything can be made profitable. Amazon will ship something that costs $1. As a business owner, I had a simple job for a homeowner turn into him giving me all of his business for his company. Had I turned down the small job, I never would've got the big one.
  6. Sample doesn't seem to work. Says <Table Missing> when running the script.
  7. I probably would either do the blank row at the top, second portal trick, or have the button pop open a small window to enter new information/portal row.
  8. How many different product codes are there? Maybe a pop up or drop down would work better?
  9. I would consider a different overall approach. If you are the only one mowing, you may be better off reconciling at the end of the day, then generating a schedule for tomorrow. IDK if pre-programming all your cuts for the summer (season) is a good idea, as a few days of heavy rain (even one day) throws the entire schedule out the window. And if you don't get all of today's cuts done (weather, equipment break down, etc.), you'll have to make another adjustment. I also wouldn't even bother with syncing to Google. That's a lot of alerts, all day, everyday. Every morning, or night before, with a simple search script you could generate a list based on frequency and 'next cut'. You could even group them by location and look at them on a map. And all of this can be on FM go on an iPhone/iPad
  10. Lol. You were given an excellent explanation and excellent advice, by easily one of the best. Comment took his own time, volunteering for free, as we all do to provide you with help. You ignored all of it and took the last sentence out of context. I think it’s you who will need the 'good luck', and maybe take a refresher course on manners-which now I may also need...lol
  11. If I am following you correctly, I think simply the layout you copied from is bigger than the layout you are copying to, or you are pasting lower on the layout and the block of items you are pasting will extend past the bottom of your layout. Sometimes instead of using your keyboard to paste, point you mouse at the upper left corner of the layout, then paste. Everything you pasted remains selected so you can drag or use keyboard arrows to position. But once again when you get to the bottom of your existing layout and try to go farther you will get the same message. It's the same when you just highlight one field, and try to bottom arrow your way off the layout. If I'm wrong, show me a picture/screenshot.
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