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  1. Changed file to rolling 30 days, from today to 30 days into the future, using Relationship rather than filtered portal. Retest_ExpiryModSM2.fmp12
  2. You don't provide much context about what you expect to happen. Just based on looking at your file, I'm curious as to why you chose this path of 2 relationships to dashboard via a 'Constant' (1). This is more of an outdated approach as now you can use the Cartesian relationship to do the same thing. I guess your goal is to display what is due for retest and what is about to expire on your dashboard? It might be easier just to ditch all the relationship hoops and use 2 self join relationships with filtered portals. As a side note, you may want a rolling expirations/retest dates, so on the last day of the month you know what's happening tomorrow. Modified file Retest_ExpiryModSM.fmp12 Edit: I see doug posted the same time as me :)...2 different approaches.
  3. Search in Popover

    Maybe just a typo. Take a look at steps 8 & 10. You set a variable $ThisTerm, then in step 10 you set field with $thisTerm. I'd rather do this with a filtered portal, or as find, as mentioned above with JMO's method (can't go wrong following JMO's advice ) . Don't see the need to add the complexity of looping. BTW, if the typo is the reason, here's where the Data Viewer & Script Debugger are you friend. As you step thru, you would've seen the variable not being set.
  4. I've asked my fair share of questions and received tons of help on the forums. But in this case, with an inventory tracking database, bar codes, multiple users (server?), syncing data-it's quite complicated. If it were me, I would consider looking for a FileMaker developer to, at the very least, set this up to get the ball rolling. Proper fields/calculations & relationships are a must. You could spend a huge amount of time going down the wrong path, only to have to start over. I'm not saying you couldn't figure it out, with some help here, and everything will be fine. I'm saying I would at least want the initial (proper) structure set up, and know it's correct.
  5. Automatically Add Field Entry to Value List

    Are you talking about something like this: https://community.filemaker.com/thread/180106
  6. Auto enter

    First of all, I think the Invoices Starter solution is not something you should use. There are much better solutions. In the portal, you're lookup for catalog number was based on item, it should be based on catalog number. Also, it only works when you use the button to add a line item. You can't type into the portal to change the catalog number and change the line items.
  7. find current record

    I don't understand what you are trying to accomplish. The record you are looking at is the current record. Are you scrolling a list view and want to return to a highlighted record? Or a master/detail set up where you click on a portal 'master' and want to see the record in the 'detail'? Please provide more details. To answer your specific question, you wouldn't use Set Field By Name, but Set Field. First capture the Id in a variable, then set the proper field to that variable, then Perform Find.
  8. Tables Relationships

    Didn't you ask this question a few days ago? You should keep it all in one thread. Maybe a moderator can move, merge, delete.
  9. Portal, layout or relationship

    Is the Student ID field set up as an auto-enter serial number? Are both key either set as text or numbers.
  10. Portal, layout or relationship

    I don't quite understand what your tables do, but if you line items table is an atypical line items table, it should be a join table between Transactions and a Material table. Also the contacts table seems to be connected to the wrong foreign key. I only say that because it's showing a many to many relationship.
  11. Bingo Board for Cabinet Shop Tasks

    If you want it exactly that way, you could create what's known as a cross-tab report. Searching the forums for cross tab report, or Google FileMaker cross tab report for ideas.
  12. Changing Ownership of a Product

    The end date would only be needed if ownership changed hands. It can coincide with a date of death, but if there is a field for date of death, it would be in the Dogs Table (record). The portal on dogs would only have one record if the dog only had one owner. The join record is a single record showing a timeframe of ownership, between one dog and one owner. i would treat returns like another ownership. In other words a dogs record may look like this (in the portal on dogs) Owner. Start. End. Reason for Ownership Ending 1. John Doe. 10/1/17 10/5/17 Returned 2. Teganthomas 10/5/17 10/14/17 Adopted 3. Betty Rubble. 10/14/17 - Current Owner
  13. Changing Ownership of a Product

    You most likely need a join table Dogs------<Ownership>--------Owner When a dog is assigned to an owner you'll want to create a new Ownership record, with start and end date. If the dog gets returned (reassigned) you'll create another record. A portal in Dogs based on Ownership will show all that Dogs Ownership records, and a portal in Owner based on Ownership will show which dogs they owned and when. Ownership table will have a foreign key from both Dogs and Owner. "...i have tried deleting the DogOwner Unique ID No. from the record (which I thought was the only link between dog and owner) but somehow all layouts still display the original owner..." This primary key has no bearing on the relationship. The records need to be connected: Dogs (pk) to Ownership(Dogs fk) & Owner (pk) to Ownership(Owner fk) I don't know much about the actual operation of the business, but you may need another table of pertinent documents attached to Dogs. This way you won't have to look through the Ownership Records to report, or see multiple registrations, agreements, etc.
  14. Simple count of records depending on field data

    Can you attach a sample with some records and/or show the same layout in layout mode. I think for the record count you want to create a new summary field and make it equal Count of and use your primary key. Put that field in your sub summary part and total part. But I'm just guessing.
  15. Simple count of records depending on field data

    Lee, I wonder if this thread should be moved to Reports, seems to be where the OP is heading.

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