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  1. Search within a portal?

    You could use a search button to perform a script. That script could open a small card window, or use Input fields in Show custom dialog. But what do you want to do after the search? All of this can be scripted. Keep in mind if you search in a portal, you get all the parent records that have a portal record that contain that value. As an example, if you're searching for yesterday's date in a portal, you don't get just portal records with yesterday's date. You get all the parent records that have a portal record with yesterday's date. So as you flip through the parent records, you'll see portal records with all records related to each parent record. You could use a portal filter to just show the portal records of the searched 'date'. But you would also have to clear that filter to avoid user confusion. Now if you just want to show only the portal records that match the search criteria, you may be better off going to a layout based on the portal, maybe even in a new window, where you can flip through the records, then close the window. This way you wouldn't disturb your first window's found set.
  2. I've noticed this in a number is threads, replies but no views?
  3. Portal for DataEntry/Ingredients of recipes

    My German is limited to 2 years in high school. So besides basic conversation, I'm useless. Haven't seen @eos here in a while, who is fluently bilingual in English/German. Looking at your database, unfortunately it's wrong...and really wrong. But all is not lost as you didn't get too far into the process. First you should research FileMaker Recipes. There may already be a solution you can either use, or look at to understand data modeling, scripts, relationships, etc. This type of database may read more like an Invoice database: INVOICES----<LINEITEMS>-----PRODUCTS RECIPES----<LINEITEMS>------INGREDIENTS You will probably need more tables than this, but this will get you started So your first table is all your INGREDIENTS. Just list them all, I would ignore quantities, unless you want to enter the quantities you purchase them in when you buy in bulk. Doing so may help with a shopping list. LINEITEMS will be your join table. For starters, it can be a portal on your Recipe Layout. You will have a primary key from RECIPES linked to a foreign key in LINEITEMS (one to many) relationship, and a primary key in INGREDIENTS linked to a foreign key in LINEITEMS, also a one to many relationship. Your LINEITEMS table (portal) will have fields for quantites, as well as instructions (Instructions may need to be a separate table, but for simplicity sake just make it a field in LINEITEMS). It will also have fields that will look up your ingredients, either by LookUp or Calculation. Here's one of my first DB's I made. I used it for planning simple parties at home, assembling a guest list and a menu. It has some of the elements you can use, just to get a starting idea. I deleted all the People records Party Planner.fmp12 I also found this old thread: Party Planner.fmp12
  4. Printing line items with multiple tables.

    Did you search on YouTube? I see at least 4
  5. Printing line items with multiple tables.

    You should investigate virtual list. This is one way to gather all the line items from different tables. This should get you started. http://mightydata.com/?s=Virtual+list http://www.seedcode.com/virtual-list/ https://filemakerhacks.com/tag/virtual-list/ http://www.modularfilemaker.org/module/hyperlist/
  6. Search Record Based On Field Selection

    It would help if you used real names for your fields and real data in your example.
  7. Newbies Highlighted...

    Lee, if you're fixing stuff, fix this too. "...new-so you can greet them appropriately, encourage them, inspire them, make them feel welcome and a part of the community!" edit: LOL, Had to fix my own typos.
  8. Simple Way to Create Location Map from FM data

    https://community.filemaker.com/thread/178219 This is a pretty straightforward method. You can download the sample file, and copy over the custom functions. I have used this one with much success: https://community.filemaker.com/docs/DOC-3321
  9. Searching for specific check box option/s only

    You could make a smaller card window, with just the checkboxes as global fields, with a 'Cancel' and 'Search' button. Cancel would clear the globals, close the window. Search would gather the globals, close the window and perform an 'or' find by looping thru each value. Something like this: script.docx
  10. Monthly Lot Numbers

    I see Phil took care of you in the other forum.
  11. Display active portal row

    When you scroll to the row to select it you could grab the row number in a global variable. Then when you come back you could go to that variable [row]. However, if changes the found set upon re-entering the layout, you would not go back to the same portal row.
  12. Monthly Lot Numbers

    Some questions: 1. Do you want this lot number to auto-generate as you create a record? 2. Is it possible you would create a record that would not be in the current month, i.e, you're entering records today (9/2) from last month? 3. Is there a received date also entered when you create a new record (would make it easier if it were)?
  13. Why not just put the country field on the layout. Clicking on the field can copy the calculation field results on the clipboard. You can also put the same calculation into a tooltip so the user can see the results before clicking.
  14. Deleting rows leaves button behind

    Try giving the portal a name and include a script step to refresh portal. I don't quite know where in your file I'm suppose to see this happen.
  15. Problem when I use OnLayoutKeyStroke.

    I don't think you would need to duplicate the layout. The problem most likely is with the OnLayoutKeystroke. That script will fire anytime you try to type. What is the purpose of the script and can you show the script, or post the file with some sample data?

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