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  1. If you're trying to prevent a user from opening the database after a certain date, this won't work if the user opens up FileMaker, then Script Debugger and Data Viewer, opens your file and changes your $$Demo, then runs/exits the script.
  2. It's a whole new world now... https://store.claris.com/product/PMO
  3. How do you want to present the data from the portals? If it's one, then the other, then repeat, seems like a looping script where you gather want you want thru GTRR from the first portal, then switch layouts, do the same, then repeat, which would create what many use and call a Virtual List. Edit: Just saw @Ocean West answered right before me.
  4. You stumbled upon a well known technique discussed many times on the forums regarding entering find mode. I don't quite understand your need for an empty set. Are you looking for a record, then if you don't find it, you are creating a new record? As far as duplicating code, this blog may help. http://www.philosophyoffilemaker.com/robust-filemaker-design-87
  5. One thing to rule out. I had similar problems with a database. I was recovering, using backups, rebuilding, still getting lock ups. One thing I did, and then it never happened again was to clear my Data Viewer, Watch tab of all calculation after I'm done experimenting with them (and moved them to a reference database). I was the DV to keep complicated calculation for this database and other db's I was working on. Many SQL calcs, as I just couldn't get the hang of the syntax and was experimenting with them. Now I can't say if it was a coincidence. But it hasn't happened again wi
  6. I add a Show Custom Dialog message before the exit script step to remind you, or a user that there's a script that needs to be enabled. Otherwise someone may be clicking a button and think something is happening when it isn't. For example a button that shows customers with past due balances, etc.
  7. Your script doesn't print. How do you determine which report is first or second. Basically... -Get the right record. -Print Setup //with correct parameters -Print -Go to other record -Print Setup //change parameters -Print. Something that may help as your solution grows, is you may want to make dedicated separate print scripts, one for each orientation, and one for current records, current found set, for each printer. Because at some point, you're going to get a new printer, and then you'll have to hunt thru the entire solution looking for all your
  8. I’m confused by your question. Do you have an existing database and want to import this data, or do you want to create a database to mimic the spreadsheet?
  9. In what context are you using that calculation, and is it unstored?
  10. I don’t have an answer but I feel your pain. I think it’s a speed/processing issue (my own terms) I have a script that opens a window, prints the first record on a list view, goes to the next record, standard stuff. Every 4th/5th time I run the script, the record indicator doesn’t move, even though it does switch records and prints the records in order. I tried pauses, refreshing object/window. Even randomly does it in the debugger, one line at a time. And with rapid new releases, I don’t think it will get fixed. Maybe repeating Line 41, put a refresh in between
  11. Have the drop down be a global field based on a value list of Venues. Use an OnObjectModify script trigger for a script to grab that value, put it into a variable, Enter Find Mode, put the variable in the Venue field, and perform a find. You can also sort in the script. You may want to add a 'See All' button with a script to show all records, sort...if needed.
  12. Is this a list view (all records from same Table/TO), or is it a form view with a portal?
  13. In your script, after entering find mode, you shouldn't use both 'Set Field' and Perform Find [Restore]. I'm also confused as to what you want, and what it is doing/not doing.
  14. What do you mean by 'scroll to the active record in list view'? Are you moving from a form view to a list view? Did you get to list view via a script?
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