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  1. Map-not showing markers

    Thanks Jonathan for your help. I'm out of town for another week so I'll give it a go when I get back. Just wanted to respond and say thanks (while I have some wifi!).
  2. File won't open

    Can you just open FileMaker, no database from the application folder? Then open the script debugger, then open your file. You can probably halt the script before the error, finish opening the file, then fix the problem.
  3. Conditional Formatting in List View

    I really can't tell from your screen shot, but It should work for each line. Are you sure the field does not extend into the other row? You could also use tool tips. If you were in a higher version than 12, you could use 'Hide Object when' or a clear button with the label/calculation as the button label. When I used to do something similar to this, I would use conditional formatting to set the font to 500pts to hide it when you wanted it hidden.
  4. Was checking out the map function-from the Contacts layout. It doesn't show the marker on the map. The address is correct, the lat and lng are populated, and the customer is marked as active. It showed markers the first time I opened it, but not now. I even went back to my zip file, unzipped, and opened a fresh version-no luck. Any thoughts/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Steve
  5. Multiple tables viewed in a portal

    Merge fields. You can see it in the menu bar in layout mode Insert>Merge Field... Also as a tip, you can highlight everthing between the first and last chevron and change the font to 1 point, to shrink them up in layout mode for easier viewing. If you ever need to see which field it is, click on the field, select 12 point. When your done, click outside the field and Ctrl +Z to undo and return it as it was. <<LONGTABLENAME::ExtraLongFieldName>> would basically look like <<LONGName>> (1 pt. font not available on this forum)
  6. Tweaking tab control height

    I would think hacking the CSS is the worse idea. I don't quite understand this part: If you dig a little deeper into FMSP you'll see changing the tabs is easy. Go into layout mode, click on a tab control, open up the inspector palette on the styles tab. You'll see the very large tab controls on the Contacts layout listed with the style of Default. Try changing it to Alternate Tab Control. This styling for the tab control is attached to a custom theme. You can go through and change themes (on a copy first). Go through all themes until you see the elements you like-Tab controls, scroll bars, etc. Then save them as a new style to attach to your custom theme. But more importantly if you're coming from FM7 to 16, research Themes and Styles on the forums and blogs. You really should create a new custom theme, and style all objects and save to the custom theme. You can also create tab panels with no labels, and use the button bar to mimic labels, where selecting a button changes the tab panels.
  7. Calculating format premiums

    Please...Thank you.....give them a try OP.
  8. Using tooltip (or ObjectName) as a script value?

    I missed that...
  9. Using tooltip (or ObjectName) as a script value?

    @LaRetta, do you think it's possible/practical to make the picture in a web viewer? Then use JS, with a mouse over event to show a tooltip and call a script. I remember seeing this somewhere in a blog, probably related to mapping, but couldn't find it. At the very least you could style a better tooltip.
  10. Print last rows of the portal

    If you based your layout on the portal table, then your layout would be in list view, and can look exactly like that. O don't see any summaries, so if you want to show the last 25 lines, do a find, or omit the records you don't want to show, then print.
  11. Why not in the script grab the value, or with Custom Dialog and Input fields, obtain the contents into a variable, and use replace field contents with the variable. Another option would be a loop script, but that may be a bit slow. For part 2, maybe make your own record counter.
  12. Using tooltip (or ObjectName) as a script value?

    Odd. Last nite my post had links, this morning they are missing. Anyway, maybe these will help http://www.troi.com/products/activatorplugin/ https://www.teamdf.com/blogs/a-sliding-drawer-that-opens-and-closes-on-mouse-over/ https://baseelementsplugin.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002990887-BaseElements-Plugin Pretty cool @LaRetta. Although I don't have a use for it currently, I'll keep it for future use.
  13. Using tooltip (or ObjectName) as a script value?

    I don't see a shortcut. I don't understand why you don't just use Get(ScriptParameter). If you have to name every object, and create every tooltip, what's wrong with using Get(ScriptParameter)? You're duplicating the object. Double click on button setup and change the parameter.
  14. Can you change parts of text colour in a portal in a report

    Can you post the answer too?
  15. Quick portal filter question

    Well you didn't say what you tried but usually you can just add it with an 'and', and maybe some parenthesis: (First filtering parameters) and second filtering parameters.

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