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  1. Your script doesn’t perform a find. First find the correct records, then use Replace Field Contents, instead of looping thru the records
  2. You could open the dialog in a small card window. Your script would open the card window, and pause for 10 seconds, then close. On the window you could have 2 buttons, 'OK' and 'Cancel'. 'Cancel' would halt the first script. 'Ok' could either do nothing (as the first script will continue and close the file), or Halt the running script and fire the close file (close card window, then close file). You could also make it one script and attach script parameters to the buttons to do everything in one script.
  3. You'll probably have to create a new field for Member Name. You have both value lists tied to the same field.
  4. Can't you just use 'Hide' and hide the summary field when there is nothing in the other field?
  5. You may want to post your question in the FM Starting Point thread, or ask a Mod to move it there. They are very helpful. And because they created it, would probably be able to help you the fastest/easiest.
  6. What is the expected result as your script and TO's seem to be far too complicated to figure it out intuitively. If you leave the sub-summary part out, and just sort the invoice by INVOICE_LINEITEMS::QDate Worked, doesn't that give you want you want? You can take it out of Preview mode, sort properly, then back to preview mode.
  7. I think we still need a little more info on the workflow/process of what you are trying to accomplish. Why is a user opening a popover? For which task(s). What triggers the popover to open? What do you expect to happen if they open the popover change their mind? Or a popover can have a field at the type that does a 'search as you type'. There are many options. I recommended a card window because you could make it look and function almost exactly like a card window. 'Empty field' dialogs can be surpressed.
  8. Couldn't you just make it a card window instead of a popover? Or put a 'find' or 'search' button on the popover to run the script?
  9. I think if you just sort the relationship in descending order by date of the phone log entries, simply putting those fields on the Customer layout (or a 1 row portal) should do the trick. Then you wouldn't need what's probably an unstored calc at all.
  10. Most likely someone from FM Starting Point will respond in the morning.
  11. I forgot about the Base Elements Plug-in, which is free to download: https://baseelementsplugin.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017562794-Downloads
  12. It's hard for me to follow your script but basically when pulling records like this, you probably need a loop in a loop. Also, when doing a virtual list, you usually have to append the results in a variable (over and over when looping), local is faster, then move that entire value to a global variable if need be. Virtual list requires that you pre-populate the table with more records than you could ever need, then performing a find on a field guaranteed to have a record, unless you're building your VL with repeating fields. Probably the only way to solve this is with a sample file.
  13. Hey Caroline, Happy New Year's!! Here's a file posted long ago by Stacy Chamblee, you can use it to make a shortcut with an icon on the screen. The only seemingly unavoidable thing is that it opens both FileMaker Go and the app, so you have to kill 2 things when done. I use Metro Studio for simple icons. Took playing with it for about an hour to get it to work for me. App_Maker_-_Copy.fmp12
  14. You have to import (or copy/paste) and set up custom functions manually. FM doesn't come with custom functions installed.
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