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  1. How is the data initially inputted, import? Seems like forcing the user to put the type of measurement in when entering thru a dropdown (if possible) is the easier way to go.
  2. Could you explain your tables, fields and relationships.
  3. Easiest would be a script trigger when you exit the 'issued date' field, to just set the other two fields to "" . But it could have unintended consequences. For example, what happens if you accidentally populate the issue date or populate in the wrong record? I guess your script could first ask if you want to clear the other 2 fields.
  4. No. Not with your file or my modified one. I just put a script trigger on the dropdown.
  5. How about now? white backgroundMOD sm.fmp12
  6. Why not just post the graph here? Might be easier to post a sample file. Do you have 'Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship' enabled?
  7. There's no data in your file. The only thing I see initially is that you didn't check the box for the portal relationship to all record creation.
  8. Print from the child layout (Table Occurance), add your fields from the main table.
  9. If you want the user to take your basic meal plan and forever modify it, that's fine. But not the best way if you want to keep the original meal plans. If you want to keep the original meal plans, you would need a join table between the client and meal plan. The user can still go into meal plans and modify if they feel they're new and improved meal plan is the standard they now want to always use, but I'm not a fan of destroying original and historic data. It's a typical model you can find on the internet for invoicing, with : Customer---<Invoice----<LineItems>---
  10. Sure it's possible, but you can also connect them. Hopefully you aren't talking about 2 Starter Solutions.
  11. Probably not the way you are doing it. I would think you would need a table for Admissions, which is a specific span of time for a specific admission, with Start Date and Discharge Date. When creating a new Admission, it could be scripted to put the patients name in from existing patients or create a new patient record. A portal can show all the related previous records. Keep in mind, all the patients history is important and may not come just from your hospital admissions. Procedures and care can come from other hospitals, clinics, urgent cares and doctors offices-all which
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