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  1. Steve Martino

    Need a simple find script where field contains x

    That was Ms. Cooney that took you to the finish line.
  2. Steve Martino

    show list for users associated with a task

    Not good. The relationships are wrong. The portals are backwards, IOW, based on your relationships, the portal is the "1" and the layout is the 'many'. I'm attaching a sample file I did a few years ago in FM 12, not finished, planned on a complete re-do with 16. You can change 'menu' to tasks. But the main thing is to see how the relationships are set up, how to add people to events, etc. I'm not saying it's the best way, there are many things I would change now that I learned a lot in the past 5+ years, but take a look, just to see if we're on the right track EventPlanner.fmp12
  3. Steve Martino

    Need a simple find script where field contains x

    Slightly different. Set Error Capture [On] Enter Find Mode [ ] //no pause Set Field [YourTable::Products; "film"] Perform Find [ ] I wouldn't label a button "Find all records with film", instead I would make it a global search field, dropdown, attached to a value list. Then the user can select from a number of different values to do searches. That would be the first upgrade. But more info would be needed. The more advanced upgrade would be a small full search card window that would give the user multiple ways to search the database, by words, dates, etc. But more to your original post, a user should have enough FileMaker basics to be able to: Ctrl+F (to enter find mode), type 'film' into the proper field and hit Return to perform a find.
  4. Steve Martino

    Change Percentage From numbers

    It's not as easy as you may think. For example, what happens when you get .55. Do you know they meant 55% or is it .55%? Also, how do you know 1 means 100% and not 1%? If it's always going to be whole numbers, it makes it easier. What's the 'outside sources' ? Can the formatting get fixed there first? Can the formatting be fixed before import?
  5. Steve Martino

    show list for users associated with a task

    I think you need to provide more details Huh? Are these different layouts, tables? How are they related On which layout? How is a task created Maybe a picture of your relationship graph would help or a sample file. Your request seems to vague to me. So please provide more info Thanks
  6. You could probably use patterncount.
  7. Are all these calculations unstored? Do they need to be? I wonder if everything needs to be recalculated just because you switch tabs/layout.
  8. Steve Martino

    Simple Find

    Set the variable first, then: Enter Find Mode [ ] Set Field [set the field you want to search with the variable] Perform Find [ ]
  9. Steve Martino

    Find empty records with missing data

    A script like this should work (test on copy of DB). Go to Next Field //To select any field Set Variable [$field; Value:Get(ActiveFieldName)] Freeze Window Enter Find Mode [ ] Loop Set Field ["="] //Don't specify a field Go to Next Field Exit Loop If [$field=Get(ActiveFieldName)]//Exit loop after you looped thru all fields and return to the first field. New Record/Request //Create an 'or' Find End Loop Perform Find [ ] It would help to make a layout from the same TO and only put in the fields you want to search. Then the first script step would be to go to that layout, and the last script step would be to return to the original layout. I still believe preventing the user from creating a record and not being allowed to leave any field blank that should contain data.
  10. Steve Martino

    Find empty records with missing data

    If the field need data, moving forward you should probably trap for that as the records are being created by the user. For what you have now you could write a looping script to do what you want.
  11. Steve Martino

    Entering info once for several value lists

    If you made a calculation field in the worker table for their initials, then based the value list on that field, then you would never have to change the value list. However, initials may not be the way to do this as they will not always be unique. Maybe concatenate the initials with a worker's ID, or some other unique identifier.
  12. Hello Forum. I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to make some volume calculations in FileMaker. I seemed to have figured out the first 5, but I'm stuck on a Horizontal Capsule, and a Vertical Capsule. My goal was to make one long calculation for volume branching for each type of cylinder. But as you'll see it's getting rather confusing, so maybe in the end I'll just break them out and match calculation to volume-type measured. I attached a file with some helper text-formula and images. I figured someone who is super sharp in math/geometry can help. Hopefully this is challenging enough to get @commentout of retirement :). I suspect Jeremy Bante or Oliver (EOS) can do this in their sleep. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks for taking a look! Steve Tank_Measurements.fmp12
  13. Assuming your database is set up properly, and your serial number field has the proper validations, specifically On create, you can do this.. First, make a back up of your file. Then, find out your current highest serial number. Perform a find for all records without a serial number. Click on your serial field, you may have to uncheck in Manage Database the "prohibit modification" of the serial field (for now). Making sure you clicked the serial field with a found set of records that have no serial number in them, Select into the top menu item "Records", then Replace Field Contents... The second radio button "Replace with serial numbers and choose a starting number and an increment.
  14. Steve Martino

    Genealogy: Relational database(s)

    This isn't basic at all. This has come up a few times on the forums, and is pretty complicated. You could try searching the forums to see if anyone created a starter or sample file. I'd recommend updating to at least 12 Advanced, 16 Advanced would be better.
  15. Steve Martino

    Portal Aesthetics

    I usually set up the peer to peer network when developing for iPad and iPhone so I can watch the changes in real time, rather than constantly putting the file on the device to check. Also, most themes have a 'touch' version better suited to IOS devices. But it is alot of trial and terror for sizing.

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