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  1. HUH? Not sure what you want at all. But take a look at this screenshot and tell me what total would you like to see: Are you looking for the number 5? If so, it's just a count of the related records.
  2. It works for me, I can resize the new window. Just to clarify, you're not talking about resizing the actual notes field, but the entire window? The second thing I noticed is that the second script step doesn't appear to be working as your window title stays as 'Notes' and doesn't change to "Storycraft 2018-Notes"
  3. How is the window being created? What kind of window is it (floating, modal, card, etc.)?
  4. Try <<$$YourVariable>> for the button name. Basically anything you can insert with the insert menu, wrapped in << >> will work for the pop up button. The title bar can be any variable or calculation, no << >> needed
  5. Could it be a simple typo or extra characters? You have: "Application.pdf\"" Maybe you just need "Application.pdf"
  6. I would just make the layout smaller. Your margins may be bigger than the default or set margins from the print driver
  7. Can you show a screenshot of your layout, in layout mode, showing margins/pagebreaks? Usually the problem is if a part that prints is outside the margin or page break, it will print another (page). For checking, without wasting paper/envelopes, isolate the record (found count of 1), then select preview mode. See how many pages it says there are for that preview (in the toolbar or CTRL + Down Arrow). It's correct when there is only one. Make sure there are no hidden objects or incorrect sliding objects on (or even off) of the layout. Here's a pic of mine.
  8. Without even dissecting the portal filter I know it's not the way to go, but I just don't really understand what you are trying to do. Is Customer Wants a join table between Customers & Products (Inventory)? What TO is the layout based? What TO is the portal based? How is the customer specifying and selecting an item? When they do, what is suppose to happen? I would think a portal on the customer TO of Customer Wants (a join table between Customers & Inventory, would list items selected by that customer only-assuming the proper primary key/foreign key relationship, or in this case 2 foreign keys on the join table. Then a sub-summary report based on Customer Wants could show a list of products broken down and counted by customer. However, if you search in a Customer Wants portal for a customer, you will get a customer TO based record for every customer that has that one specific item, among other items in their related portal, which is probably where you are getting your 'unexpected results'. The search is not inaccurate, it's doing exactly what it's supposed to do.
  9. There is no such function. Is it a custom function? A copy of the sample file with what you hope to achieve would be helpful
  10. Is there a "*" next to the script name, meaning it hasn't been saved? If so, save the script, then you can delete it.
  11. Uncheck 'Use alternate row state' in the portal set up. And in the inspector, under 'Portal Row' set fill color to none, as well as line
  12. I'm not sure I'm following you. Are you saying you can't see the little blue button on top of your button in layout mode?
  13. You can either sort the portal or the relationship in descending order (with 'allow records to be created via this relationship' checked). Another option I use is to not allow record creation in the portal, and put a one row portal at the top of the portal, to mimic a blank row for data entry. Here's an unfinished, sample database showing the blank row for data entry. Click all the "?" for some tips. SampleFindsSM_(2).fmp12
  14. It's also being used in the GetValue expression to pull the proper value in each loop iteration.
  15. Nice post! Definitely the first time I truly understood how a recursive function works and is constructed. Thanks Steve
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