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  1. Steve Martino

    Thank you Lee Smith. A Memoriam...

    Deep sadness. I also never met him, but enjoyed our back and forth emails.
  2. Steve Martino

    Only see related records in drop down box

    You'd want to search for 'Conditional Value List' or 'Dwindling Value List' on the forums. There are many examples you can emulate.
  3. Steve Martino

    Values List question

    You will need to search for 'Conditional Value List' or 'Dwindling Value List' on the forums. There are many easy examples to emulate samples.
  4. Steve Martino

    Using Layout not available

    Shouldn't you select Balance Sheet table occurrence on your 'Get related record from:' drop down dialog?
  5. Steve Martino

    Using Layout not available

    Are the two TO's related on the relationship graph? Can you show a screenshot of your graph and the GTRR dialog?
  6. Steve Martino

    script to use different printers??

    Does changing the Print Setup script step to ... Print Setup [Restore ; With Dialog: Off] solve your problem? I see 'Off' in the first script and 'On' in the second. If the Print Setup in the Dymo script references the Dymo printer, and the Print Setup in the Brother references the Brother printer, you shouldn't have this problem. However, you should have a sub script for each type of printing, portrait, landscape, paper sizes, etc. Then you could branch from a main print script with show custom dialog, or a card window. With centralized sub-scripts called from a print script getting a new printer means a lot less scripts to find and change. I usually leave Print Setup, dialog 'Off' in my scripts, because they usually don't change after initial set up, then leave dialog 'On' in Print step.
  7. Steve Martino

    Vertical Borders

    I think he would want to go into the inspector, create a header with a blue border top, left, right. Create a body part with borders on left and right only, create a footer with borders on left, bottom, right.
  8. Steve Martino

    PDF not viewing

    How is your container field set up in the Inspector (Layout Mode). Can you show us a screen shot?
  9. Could you explain in a little more detail what you are doing. I'm curious about a need to delete all records. Is this in Import, do something, delete? You could try this test. Name your container in the inspector "Container". IsEmpty(GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "Container" ; "content")) Will return 1 if the container is empty. Although I'd really make back ups and test it. If the script is called from the wrong context, or hits an error, you may delete the wrong records.
  10. Steve Martino

    Drop Down Question

    One approach I use is to create a table of zip codes (Zips). I don't allow entry/modification to City, State or Zip on the customers layout. On the City field, I use an OnObjectEnter script trigger. The script trigger pops open a card window list view of Zips with City, State & Zip. There is also a global search field tied to a type ahead script which basically pares down the list as you type. When the user finds the City|State|Zip they want, clicking a "+" button captures the data, closes the card window and enters the appropriate info into the fields. If, when typing the list goes 'blank' (no matches) a dialog pops up to ask if they want to create a new CSZ. If they do, it creates a single blank record where the user can enter the data. Then with buttons, cancel or create insert that new data. That script can check for dups. Edit: oops... U/N: admin P/W: 1234 ZipsDemoSM.fmp12
  11. Steve Martino

    Autopopulate Fields based on a key

    That's not an ideal set up. Best to use standard primary key (Team Table, related to a foreign key (Performance Table) set up (check 'allow creation...' in Performance. The primary key should be an auto-enter serial number, that's never seen on the user interface, or could be edited by any user. For performance records, why not just a portal of Performance on the Team Table? Then entering any data in the portal (i.e.performance date) automatically creates the related record. If you don't like a portal for entry, then maybe a card window. A simple script would put the primary key into a variable, open the card window layout based on a performance TO, new record request, set foreign key to the variable (foreign key field doesn't have to be on the layout). When the user is done enter a new record, a Save button can perform a 'Save Records' and close window, or Cancel button can revert record (or delete) and close window.
  12. Steve Martino

    Sorting by Summary field data?

    Without seeing your layout, or a sample file, it's a little hard to give you an exact answer. I'm assuming a sub-summary layout, and not a regular layout in list view. But you could make all parts sub summary, even the 'body' part. Just make sure you sort on it. You could add a sub-summary part sorted by points. Then sort as needed. You could have a dozen sub summary parts to create all different kinds of reports. Only the sub summary parts that are sorted get shown.
  13. Steve Martino

    Month by Month Report

    Are you doing this in a sub-summary report? I have used a set of globals, start & end, and a valuelist of dropdowns, along with a script. additional pic.
  14. Steve Martino

    Displaying current records on a layout

    This looks familiar. I do have a few points. And I think we discussed this before, either here or on another site. And BTW, I'm no expert, just an enthusiasts. I do like your U/I look. It's not perfect, but it's on the right track and shows creativity. --A little about me, because I do want you to understand I've been where you are (not as bad )-- I also know you're in the same 'boat' as me. Need a DB for your business, can't afford to spend the kind of money needed. For my business, db software is in the 20-30k range. I'm sure it's worth it, but I don't have the money to do it. I enjoy building it myself, and customizing all the functionality I need, as I learn. Mine is an ongoing 6 year project, including a complete re-write when I went from 12 to 16. I started out with solid bases, and built from there, adding functionality along the way-with tremendous help from the forums. --Back to you-- I will also tell you that you are doing many many things in an unconditional fashion. Sometimes that could be good, but in reality, you could risk a total catastrophe. Because of this, your database is extremely complicated, more than it needs to be, and has too many TO's that are unnecessary. This is always a point of frustration. You go down one road to make something work, then you have to jump a few more complicated 'hoops' to get the next thing to work, and it grows expotentially until you get to where you are. It's hard to get into the specifics. I was looking at it for about 20 minutes, and can't wrap my head around why many of the TO's are needed. My recommendation is to follow the many free examples online about data modeling, and get as much as you can on paper. Then spend a few bucks for a couple hours to talk to a developer, and hash out on paper what you need into a relationship graph. I think if you had a roadmap like that, you could easily start building it properly, and the whole process would be more enjoyable. Your method, of figuring out how to fix this one issue, could probably make the next issue even harder. Like I said, requiring even more hoops to jump thru. I would post in this forum, and the other two, in the appropriate thread to ask about hiring a free-lance consultant to get you going. Some do it thru Skype, & PayPal, and it wouldn't be that expensive. One of the people I'd recommend and has helped me, but hasn't been on in quite some time. I emailed him a few months ago and haven't heard back. Here's another guy who is awesome, has many videos, you may want to reach out to him: Website: https://www.databasepros.com/index.php Consulting Link: https://www.databasepros.com/consulting.php There are many really smart developers on the forums, many super qualified.

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