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  1. Are you printing your report from the Levels Table Occurence? Basically do a find that shows the 'Levels' records you want to print, print that. You can have fields for Assignments and Rubrics on that layout/report.
  2. Before your Loop script step, try adding in Go to Record [First] as @comment indicated.
  3. Not quite sure what you are trying to accomplish but your test after perform find (you should use Set Field instead of Restore) finds a record, so therefore, no error and the reason why you are getting that result. There are other issues too, like setting up a loop counter, but not looping records. And I don't understand why you are creating a new record. Also, you are setting a field based on a variable, but you never set the variable ($EventNo). Quicker help could come if you just explained in easier language what you are trying to accomplish, what results you expect. Another tip, use comments in your scripts, so others can follow your logic. Sometimes (especially for beginners or very complicated scripts) it's easier to build a script using comments to map out the logic, then putting in the script steps.
  4. Not with passwords, in FMPA 14. You can do it thru your security and privilege sets. Or... Simpler (but not better) may be to not give users access to the field (make it a merge field) if they aren't allowed to edit/change it. That won't protect the field from other ways it can be modified.
  5. OP, In your post that shows the screenshot with the error message, you were just missing the last ")" to close the Case statement. But as always, comment has the better way.
  6. I stopped hard-coding names in script parameters after I read this article: http://www.philosophyoffilemaker.com/robust-filemaker-design-87 opting instead to use the custom function: getLayoutName to get the internal ID number of the layout
  7. Genius on the 'Replace' (well to me. To you it's just another day ) How would it look with the While ( ) function? Just curious. Thanks!
  8. Here's a few videos that may help: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=FILEMAKER+DUPE+CHECK
  9. First of all, how are you synchronizing between the 2 devices? How are you identifying which line items have cleared the bank? Seems like you have a field for Reconciled with a check box? Is that not remaining checked thru synchronization? If you are doing it thru a script, one of the last script steps should be to sort. If you are not synchronizing thru a script, you can just sort when opening up that layout, or put a button on the layout to sort.
  10. Hey Caroline! Did you try it from the webviewer? I remember doing something like this on my iPad. I'll have a look tonite.
  11. Are the tables are related? Say starting from the left column, the 2nd column shows records related to the first column, the 3rd column show records related to the second. Or Are they just records from 5 different unrelated tables, shown as a dashboard?
  12. Look at GetSummary function https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/18/fmp/en/index.html#page/FMP_Help%2Fgetsummary.html
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