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  1. Did you try running it with the debugger to see if it fails at a certain script step? Did you try running the script from the menu, instead of a button to see if the button is corrupt?
  2. Seems like the fields aren’t big (tall) enough as the data looks clipped. Are you sure all fields are within the sub summary part? It seems like all the fields aren’t the same height or share the same top location. in other words, if the sub summary part top is 400 pts, and the bottom is 420 points, I’d make sure every field, line would start at least at 401, and end no further than 419. Maybe you could post a file and let others see if they can replicate.
  3. How/why are the 'counts' messed up? Using summary fields and finds with dates are pretty straightforward, and using relationships w/GTRR is another way to go. Can you post a small sample file with some data?
  4. For starters you think your report needs to be based on the trip table.
  5. -Enter Find Mode, remove the existing find request (Restore) -Remove Commit step, never needed while in find mode. But you appear to set a variable based on the current record, then do a find for that record. Very confusing what you’re actually trying to do and where the calculation field fits in.
  6. When you delete records from one table are you also deleting any child/grandchild records? Your profile doesn't mention version, operating system, server etc., nor do you mention stand alone computer, multiple users, etc. I do a weekly import/find/sort delete-usually in the 60K range, takes about 25 seconds.
  7. There’s nothing to convert, unless you were using features that were deprecated since 14. Just open the a backup file in 18 and put it thru it’s paces
  8. I must be reading it wrong. Seems to me the OP is looking for a simple find/lookup/GTRR for a job, based on the job number. OP, can you clarify?
  9. Here's an even simpler demo: Edit: fixed demo searchtypeMODsm.fmp12
  10. I can put up a sample when I get back to the office in a few hours, but this is very basic stuff. I'd recommend some training. Only because this is going to lead to a whole bunch of other questions, which isn't a problem. But I'm sure you would think it's best if you actually learn by doing rather than just getting the answers. There is plenty of free training online, and paid as well. For me, the best training I found was this: https://www.databasepros.com/training.php In the meantime, take a look at this. Navigate over to Products, and play around. U/N: admin PW: 1234 InvoiceSM.fmp12
  11. Google 'FileMaker Time Picker' Here's a few: https://www.filemakermagazine.com/videos/time-picker-widget http://www.modularfilemaker.org/module/time-picker/ http://www.modularfilemaker.org/module/time-picker/ https://hbase.net/2018/09/03/time-picker-for-filemaker-go-on-ios/
  12. What do you want to see if it’s 12:15am, and how should it be entered? Are you counting on the user to correctly enter 0015? Maybe double pop ups, tied to value lists-one for hours, one for minutes.
  13. If you are creating a record every time inventory moves, and it shows via a calculation inventory quantity, couldn't you just create a simple find/report?
  14. HUH? Not sure what you want at all. But take a look at this screenshot and tell me what total would you like to see: Are you looking for the number 5? If so, it's just a count of the related records.
  15. It works for me, I can resize the new window. Just to clarify, you're not talking about resizing the actual notes field, but the entire window? The second thing I noticed is that the second script step doesn't appear to be working as your window title stays as 'Notes' and doesn't change to "Storycraft 2018-Notes"
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