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  1. Hi all, I have a hosted database with department, order and order_items tables which are synced to mobile devices. We have three departments, each department has a mobile device for order picking. Orders are always owned by exactly one of those departments, order_items are related to orders, orders are related to departments, nothing fancy. Due to time and my limited knowledge I started last year by syncing all records to all three devices and restrict the records the users can actually see. This makes the process slow, it's getting slower over time and conf
  2. One more thing; I noticed some of my records didn't have ES_Record_UUID and ES_UTC_Time fields filled in. Dunno what caused that but I guess it was a faulty import. It could explain the 504 as empty fields aren't exactly 'unique'. I filled in all missing ES_Record_UUID values using : if ( IsEmpty ( ES_Record_UUID ) ; Get ( UUID ) ; ES_Record_UUID ) in the calculation of 'replace field contents' Happy Holidays! Bert
  3. I might have resolved my 504 error by removing some left-over 'delete portal row' script steps and replacing them by calling the 'easysync delete record' script as I should have done in the first place. Hope this helps someone, Bert
  4. Hi Peter, Did you ever solve this? And if yes, what was the issue? tia, Bert
  5. Hi Jodin, I'm somewhat puzzled by what you write. I don't see any difference in the payloads screens between the server and the client although I looked directly at the examples provided by Mr Dietrich. Would you mind explaining what the differences are between the 'client version' and the 'server version' of the payloads screen? Thanks in advance, as you might have guessed I'm in the middle of a re-occurring 504. wiping and resettings helps for some time but it keeps getting back on me. regards, Bert
  6. Hi Dan, At first I didn't think this could be the problem as my users can only use the scriptstep "insert from device" type camera, not the video camera option. And I only had like 7 or 8 pictures in total. But I saw the app was (in webdirect) very slow compared to another I have for testing without photo's. So I used a test in which I removed all photo's and tried to sync again. This was the finger on the weak spot, all records were synced in a few seconds! So, my solution is: "don't make pictures" but that will be a problem since the users need those pictures to document their work. No p
  7. Hello all, Bit of a problem here. We have a app working and syncing for some time now. My coworkers don't have data connecton during the day but sample data and when they get in the office use wifi to connect and synchronise. Everybody happy until a few days ago when it stopped syncing. I can see we have still connection to the server on filemaker server. I can log on to the solution from my filemaker pro desktop and that seems all right. On the filemaker server one cpu gets locked up at 100% and the logfile shows activity in the 'send payload segment to client' script: see illustration. Th
  8. Hi all, second post here. I heard about EasySync for the first time on Monday, decided to give it a go as I am struggling with sync for months now. My endusers carry devices but are often not able to call into the office, not to mention they can't reach the central server. I had to search for a bit as pull worked right away but push didn't do a lot. Using the debugger and the data viewer revealed much of how the scripts work but I couldn't find the problem, I decided to call for help here and composed a document describing in detail what worked, what didn't work, using pictures and
  9. Hi there, first post from a n00b in filemaker, hope the question isn't too dumb... I'm a dba in mssql and oracle but as said new in filemaker. I'm wondering if it's possible to generate filemaker tables using a script à la http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms174979.aspx ? I would feel much more comfortable porting my solutions from development to test and later production by recreating the database/solution using a script. But, perhaps my old ways made me blind; if this is a stupid idea can someone explain to me what would be the filemaker way of doing this? Th
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