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  1. I am struggling to get this plugin to work with Mac OS 10.14. How/where within the 10.14 System Preferences do I ensure that access for assistive devices is enabled? Thank you, Sarah
  2. Thank you for your timely guidance PCIPal! I have those items working. I am a little confused in that PCCP_GetLastError( "Number" ) returns the result of "SUCCESS" and I expected a success would return 0 when using "Number" as the parameter. Is what I am seeing expected behavior? Thank you, Sarah
  3. The Change Printers documentation details how to create a table to save the names of the printers. It seems like that table would require updating every time a user prints based on the documentation and I'm not sure I understand why that is needed. Can you help me understand please? In addition, for testing with a demo license, what do I use for the "License ID" in the PCCP_Register function? I can't seem to get the PCCP_GetPrintAt function to work and wonder if it is because I am using the plugin in Demo mode or if I don't have the correct index parameter. Thank you! Sarah
  4. For anyone that may read this thread in the future, Tsiry from 360 Works provided great support and helped me get it resolved. I tried stopping/starting the 360Works application server using 360Works Admin.jar at /Library/360Works/ but that didn't help, but it did give me access to the MirrorSync page to allow me to submit a bug report including the day's server log. I then reinstalled MirrorSync 3.17 and that resolved it!
  5. I am running MirrorSync 3 on a FMS 14 machine (OS 10.9.5) and recently switched from using the self-signed certificate to a SSL certificate issued by a certificate authority supported by FileMaker. I was able to successfully install the SSL certificate. I didn't think I needed to make any changes in the MirrorSync configuration when I switched the SSL certificate since the configuration was already setup for SSL. Another major server change I made prior to installing the SSL certificate was I uninstalled FMS 14.0.1 & reinstalled 14.0.4 to enable communication with FM 16 clients. Bu
  6. I'm embarrassed to discover I never acknowledged your response - thank you very much for your suggestions & help. I currently use Actual Installer for the PC platform (but I think there are probably others equally as good) and a zip file for Mac platform. I can't seem to get a .dmg file to upload or download properly from my website for the Mac platform.
  7. Since making my original post, I have changed the new ID_OLD field and the devicePrefix fields to have auto-enter calculations from the (same) device prefix global field, but they do not replace existing values. There are only a few scripts in my solution that duplicate records, so I am manually resetting the fields by script when a new record is created by duplication. This seems to be working but doesn't seem like the best solution....
  8. I just updated all the IDs in my solution to use UUIDs due to issues I was having with duplicate IDs. I am confused about how auto-enter calculations (that replace existing values) work with MirrorSync. My question: How is the value in a field with an auto-enter calculation (that replaces an existing value) different when the field is specified as the primary key field in the MirrorSync configuration versus when it is not? Does the value get changed during synchronization depending on if a global field is referenced? Does having the option to evaluate the field even if the referen
  9. Thank you for your response Steven. Would a simple copy & paste of the file affect the file access protection (FAP)? I am using copies of the UI and data files (made with copy & paste), but not of the opener file. I didn't think copy & paste would affect FAP since when I try to add authorization for the opener file again, it says the opener file is already authorized. Below is what I tried with the snapshot link suggestion: - I logged in to the file using my full access account & created a snapshot link. - I closed the program and tried opening the prog
  10. I have a solution that is hosted by FMS14 and remotely accessed by my client. My development files have file access protection enabled, and I have authorized the opener file to open the UI file, but they do not have encryption-at-rest (EAR) enabled. Prior to uploading the files to server, I add EAR protection. I am confused because after the encrypted files are uploaded and I go to open them with the opener file (that I thought was authorized), I get the error message that the opener file is not authorized and I am required to input my full access credentials. I am willing to do this, but
  11. Thank you very much for the helpful & timely response. I'm really thankful the upgrade can be very simple for my users.
  12. My client has not been able to update the files on her devices recently. The MirrorSync script currently on her devices was created with version 2.40510 (last updated 6/1/2015). The MirrorSync version on the server is 2.505 (running FM 14 Server). She is currently running the files in FileMaker 12 & the Go 12 app due to an issue last year with synchronizing from FileMaker 13. I see the current MirrorSync version is 2.6. What sequence would be best to avoid compatibility issues and to get her using at least the Go 14 App (or Go 15), the server to MirrorSync 2.6, and the files on h
  13. TSGal from FileMaker found the solution to my problem, as detailed below. I had an external data source with the same name as the current file and the TOs that had an issue were all pointed to that external data source. I noticed in the Relationships graph that the tables in question are in Italics, which means you are linking to another file's table; not the current file. If you hover over the top left corner of each italic table, you will see you are linked to a file, even if it is the current file. If you hover over the top left corner of a non-italic table, you will see the Data So
  14. Yes, I am very thankful. It is an answer to prayer!
  15. I did some more testing and have created an Issue Report in the FM Community, which can be viewed at: https://community.filemaker.com/message/539877#539877 The initial posting in that issue report is copied to below: Product and version: FileMaker 14.0.4 (but I was able to replicate the issue in 13.0.9 as well) OS and version: Mac 10.10.5 Browser and version (for WebDirect only): N/A Hardware: MacBook Description: I have a file with 107 tables and when you duplicate a TO in the relationship graph, that TO is not listed on the "Tables" tab in Ma
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