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  1. We've fixed this issue in our current codebase and it will be included in our next release. If you'd like to get a developmental build, please contact us at support@360works.com and reference this thread.
  2. I just tested this out myself and sending a text to my phone through AIM did work, using version 2.14 of our email plugin. For typical US 10 digit phone numbers, you need to add '+1' to the beginning of the number. For example, to send a text to (555) 867-5309, you would use "+15558675309" as the recipient value. In my testing, I did find that the IM_SendMessage function doesn't do any checking on the validity of the recipient and returns 1 as long as the login credentials are correct. What value are you using as the recipient?
  3. David, thanks for the information! I'm not aware of any specific outstanding issues with FTPeek that would cause slow uploads, but it's likely that FileZilla client is doing some optimization that FTPeek isn't. I've added a ticket to our issue tracker regarding this sort of upload optimization. If you have any more details that could help, such as the type of FTP server you're uploading to, or any benchmarks you may have done already, those would be a big help for us. Thanks again!
  4. Unless you're specifically seeing CPU, RAM, or hard drive bottlenecks on the FMS machine, I wouldn't expect moving to a multi-machine deployment to have much improvement. If you're running into slow loading times, and not seeing those sort of resource bottlenecks on the server machine, then the network speed is most likely the culprit for slow loading. What exactly are the performance issues you're running into?
  5. The SCGetInfo function returns a value list which has the filename as it's first value. If that's not helpful, could you explain exactly what information you're trying to obtain? Thanks
  6. sfpx, are you still running into this issue? One thing to double check is that you've repasted the script steps and downloaded a new offline copy, since installing an updated version on its own wouldn't affect anything. Thanks.
  7. Kevin, I just tested this out and it worked correctly. Could you attach a testing solution and document that doesn't work, so I can try to reproduce it on our side?
  8. Olivier, this is showing up in ScriptMaster 4.42 because we updated to a newer version of Groovy in newer versions. If you include both the provider jar and the CMS jar (bcprov-jdk15on-152.jar and bcpkix-jdk15on-152.jar), which you can download from https://www.bouncycastle.org/latest_releases.html , this should work correctly. Let me know if you have any trouble!
  9. Brian, I just responded to your ticket in our support system with instruction for submitting a bug report. If you could do that, we should be able to help you figure this out! Thanks.
  10. Sydney, Do you have any other plugins installed, including those from other plugin developers? Also, double check all your plugin folders to make sure you don't have an old version of one of our plugins somewhere. This may also have something to do with your increased heap size. It's possible our plugins could cause FileMaker to crash if they were unable to allocate the full gigabyte of memory. When this crash happens, how much RAM is available? If you lower the custom heap size, say to 256 Mb, does the crash still occur as often? Are you able to reproduce this error with any level of consis
  11. We still require Apple's Java 6 due to a technical incompatibility with Oracle's Java 7 and 8 releases and our plugins. We are currently working on rewriting our plugin framework to resolve this incompatibility, but it is a fundamental rewrite and is not a simple change. If security is your topmost concern, we do fully support the latest versions of Java in a Windows environment.
  12. Our plugins do require Apple's Java 6 for all usages on OS X, which you can download at https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1572?locale=en_US . We're currently working on a fix for this dependency, allowing use with the newest versions of Java, but for now, we do still require Java 6.
  13. Ah, it would typically be in the "Current Status" box which, in your case, says "Logging in to remote site". I suspect that something is preventing us from logging in to this. I'd like to see your logs. Since you're using an old version of SafetyNet, these logs should be in your /FileMaker Server/Logs/360Plugin Logs/ . Could you zip up that folders and either attach it to a post here or email it into support@360works.com ? Thanks
  14. SafetyNet 1.3 is quite old and works a little differently that the newest version, 1.42. Either way, from the Manage Files tab, there should a "Current Status" dialog. What does that say? Do you have the option to "Run Now"? If you do, what happens when you click Run Now?
  15. The newest versions of our plugins do still require Apple's Java 6 on OS X. We are working on resolving that dependency and making our plugins fully compatible with the newest versions of Java, but for now, any use on OS X requires that Java 6. There should be no problem installing it on top of any existing versions of Java.
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