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  1. Add a script trigger (on object enter) that runs the script above. I use it if the container is empty that way a default low res back photo is taken. Once the container is full, tapping again allows the user to add different file types.
  2. Thanks Cable, it seems to happen when the host machine is in use or the file is local. If the host is asleep, no crashes. Haven't tried server yet, Will report bsck
  3. I'm having this problem too, hosted on FMP advanced on my home LAN, just prototyping as a single user. When I close the window and reopen the database it says the other user (me) is still using it. It is only when I send myself a message that it realizes both users are the same person! Very frustrating. The update behavior is also unreliable, sometimes new records are pushed, sometimes they disappear and often it crashes. I've tried the commits, flushes etc but all very difficult. Sometimes I close the FMGo window and none of the 10 records just added are there. Combined with the erratic non iOS auto correct - blue writing comes up to capitalize the name but it enters lower case anyway! I've now turned it off and use Proper(). We shouldn't be using funky works rounds for things that just should work. It makes our software look buggy. I 'm just hoping it runs better when local and not hosted.
  4. Could you sort them and step through with a counter? Your sort could introduce the "randomness"
  5. Movie in go play using iOS controls , other option to achieve auto play is to export the movie to the temp folder and open it using a web viewer, this will auto play in go. You need 2 layouts though, one to access the container and one with the web viewer. A script trigger attached to the container can export the movie. Cheers Rupert
  6. Upgrading to Filemaker Server from FMPro12

    Hi Jenni, welcome, I run FM Server 12 on a headless ( no monitor or keyboard) Mac mini with a couple of clients. The hardware cost is minimal. Copying files across is free.
  7. Relationship Query

    Thanks Manjit, I already have a join table for that purpose to manage contacts. I think I'd need a multi purpose join table that creates records each time a prescription or form is written, recording author (doctor) and patient. This would be related to each of the prescription/ form tables and allow a doctor address lookup/ merge field for form printing. Alternatively I could just have multiple Doctor TOs as I mentioned. Thanks for the help Rupert
  8. Relationship Query

    Thanks Jeremy, I started by minimizing the number if entities but complexity grew as a result. I grouped all my contacts together eg doctors , insurance companies, solicitors, return to work coordinators, the benefits were diminished the further I went as the differences between groups became more pronounced. Each of those entities, X-ray forms, prescriptions etc are only similar in their relationships otherwise they are pretty different with no shared layouts. I enjoyed your work on value lists on GitHub, thanks, Cheers Rupert
  9. Relationship Query

    Hi,  First Post here, look forward to meeting you all.  I'm doing an electronic Medical Record for my own use. I'm a bit stuck on my relationship graph. Patient_UUID is my foreign key in tables used to create x-ray forms, prescriptions etc. I wan't to expand to make my database multi doctor and have preferences for each Doctor. e.g. address, templates, macros, letterhead etc  Pref_Doctors is my doctors table with a Primary Key of Doctor_ID. I obviously need to link this to Prescriptions to allow the doctors address etc to load on the script as a merge field.  My question is do I need to do a new TO of Pref_Doctors for each item I wish to link? e.g. operations, medical certificates and Xray forms? Could get messy really quick.  Thanks Rupert

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