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  1. Hi, I've been struggling with the best way to explain this question, but here goes: When defining a calculation in a field, is there a way to "get" the name of that field? For example: If I have a calculation field named "Tango10" and another field named "Tango20" is there a way to have get the name of the field calculation in those fields such that I could do the following: Calculation field = 10*right(getfieldname,2) Where the getfieldname would be the function that I'm looking for and the result for fieldname Tango10 would be 100 and fieldname Tango20 would be 200?
  2. Thanks so much for information about both questions. This is really clarifies things for me. Very much appreciated!
  3. Hopefully this is the right place for this question. I have a calculation field that results in either a number or a number (e.g. "1.2" with a less than sign in front of it (e.g., "<1.1"). I have the calculation round the number to 1 decimal place. The calculation works but the if the result is "0.9", the field only displays ".9". How can I force the field to show the leading zero on the decimal (e.g., "0.9" instead of ".9")? I can't use the inspector to format the result as a decimal, because that removes all of the values with a less than sign entirely (i.e., a field that sho
  4. I am not looking to make this determination through a script, but rather through a field calculation. I'd like a calculation field to show whether or not a file is present. I can't find a function that can discriminate between a container field with a reference where a file is present and a reference to a file that is not present. The odd thing is that the container field itself shows a difference (one shows an icon of the file, the other says "The file cannot be found."). So filemaker can see a difference, but there seems to be no way to capture the difference in a calculation. Thank yo
  5. Oddly enough, I just tried this. Unfortunately, getastext supplies only the file path. I can't seem to find any way to distinguish between a container that shows an icon (the referenced file is present) and a container that displays "The file cannot be found...." Thank you for the thought, all ideas are appreciated.
  6. I calculate a path (through a calculation field) that is displayed in a container. If the referenced file is not present, the container field displays the text "The file cannot be found." Is there anyway to create a calculation field to note if that file is present. In other words, is there anyway to have another calculation field read the container field to note that the file isn't present? I have tried "isempty", but the record with an invalid reference is not considered empty. I have tried "patterncount" for the word "cannot", but it seems that Filemaker doesn't consider the er
  7. Perfect. Worked like a charm. Thank you.
  8. I have page numbers inserted into several layouts in a text box in the form "Page {{PageNumber}}" Since installing FMP13, all of my page numbers have started printing out in the form "Page $1.00" I've never had this problem and I'm sure it is something very simple, but I just don't see how to return it to a simple page number (e.g., "Page 1"). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Perfect. I had been trying to use the list function but hadn't been using it in in the same table as the Active Employee List. Your explanation was very clear and worked just as expected. Thank you!
  10. I've figured this one out myself. This may be obvious to everyone else, but just in case: The dropdown list brings up a keyboard. The popup menu brings up the value list without keyboard. I hope this helps someone else out in the future. I'm not sure how to mark this solved.
  11. So I'm hoping it's not actually so complicated, but here goes: I have a value list called "Active Employees" that uses only related values from a field. This works perfectly. I'd like to create a new value list that includes all of the active employees as well as two other random values. These two separate values are not employee names and therefore I don't want them to show up in other places where I use the Active Employee value list. The goal here is to effectively combine two value lists. I'd be most grateful if someone can provide me with a workaround whereby I might incorp
  12. I have a layout for the Ipad that uses several dropdown lists. Since the user won't have the option to key-in free text, I'd like to prevent the keyboard from appearing and taking up screen space. Is there any way to prevent the keyboard from popping up when a dropdown list becomes active? Thank you
  13. Was wondering if there is a way to convert a Word document in a container field (either stored or referenced) into a PDF directly through Filemaker? I'm guessing this is not possible, but curious to know if anyone has a solution. Thanks in advance.
  14. I'm using Filemaker 13 Advanced to turn a small project into a runtime solution. I have some videos that are referenced. When I create the runtime solution, everything works fine, except there is an error that the solution can't find the videos. How should I reference videos in a file that will become a runtime solution (or where should I put them once I've made the solution). Thanks for your help.
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