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  1. I found this video very helpful I just installed a X509 cert yesterday using Claus' tool.
  2. After reading some other SSL related posts on this great site I learned and confirmed the problem only exists in Filemaker Pro Advance - the regular FM client displays the Green Encryption Lock icon. What's up with you Filemaker Advanced? WOW I'm really happy with the updates to Web Direct in the .9 update - looking exactly like the client now!
  3. Hi Wim Thanks for the reply Wondering what makes you think I should have installed the cert after the .9 update? I followed filemaker's own upgrade instructions here http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/14568 Filemaker's instructions clearly state to install the cert first then apply the update(step 2). Very frustrating if you're right and the officially instructions from filemaker are incorrect. To import the cert again do I just re-run the import command from the terminal? thanks again for the reply Wim!
  4. Hello All I spent most of the day following the instructions for upgrading my MacOS 10.10 FMSserver to v 13.0.9 I successfully installed a thawte SSL certificate - Confirmed the client was displaying a Green Encryption Key in the bottom left corner, Browsers connecting to WebDirect also show a validated certificate. I attempted to install the .9 update but the installer told me to uninstall Java (was v8 40) - After figuring out how to downgrade my Java to v 7u 79 I again tried the .9 update which this time successfully installed! Good news right? Nooooo - my client no longer displays a Green Encryption Key in the bottom left corner when connected to the update .9 server When you roll over the icon is now states "The SSL certificate for Filemaker server cannot be verified. You may be connected to server pretending to be your actual destination, which could put your confidential information at risk." Web browsers connecting to WebDirect on the same server still correctly show the certificate as valid. Any thoughts are appreciated - I have a demo for the client who owns this server on Friday and have already promised a demo of the certificate ! (help) thanks Jordan
  5. To resolve this issue I use the repeating field technique - works really well in IWP and my users are super happy with it. Let ([ InitialRow = Extend(zzInitialRecNum) + Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) ]; GetNthRecord ( Extend ( CommentsCrsGroup::comment ) ; InitialRow ) ) Only hang up I had was discovering that my zzInitialRecNum field also need to be wrapped in the Extend Function. The Virtual List technique also worked but was noticeable slower at refreshing the data. Can't help but feel I'm on the outside looking in when it comes to this website....... How do you get replies to posts?
  6. Hello Fellow Filemakers! I have a IWP solution which is working well apart from a couple of issues with Portals. I have discovered that the "Go to Portal Row" does not work for IWP which is a headache for my users as they are often working with over 100 records in the portal I am referencing. So the problem is the portal resets to the top after my users interact with the records. I am thinking of adding two fields "Initial Row" and "number of row" and using the filter option on the portal to display the records the user specified. But I am drawing a blank on how to achieve this. I've done date range filters in portals and am thinking I want to employ a similar strategy. If anyone could shed some light on this request I'd really appreciate it. - I've got Admin staff putting pressure on the big wig to replace my Filemaker solution with a boxed product so if I can get this solution working it would really help me out. thanks Jordan
  7. Hello Everyone Today I installed the "fms_11.0.5.510" updater to my database server and my web server.  I needed to run the "fms11patch" installed  in order to get the admin console working again. Once I logged into the admin console again I was greeted with a big old error message that I have never seen before.  When I am viewing the "Filemaker Server Overview" page there is a red light with a error message stating " Server Status Information - An error was encountered communicating with the server" I have attached a screen shot - the odd thing is all my Filemaker web services appear to be working correctly but i really want this red icon gone... Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Any updates about this issue? I am very happy with my IWP solution but have committed to converting it to Web Direct but this issue is a show stopper! I fooled around with the iFrame hack but really anyone with a little bit of HTML knowledge could easy by pass it. I have the latest version of server installed "" . It's really scary to think a user could just change the record ID - reload the browser and magically become another user...... Perhaps I'm missing something - if so please enlighten me. Ramble On! Jordan
  9. Argh I think I got it - needed single quotes "'" around the Where Value. " SELECT code FROM Courses WHERE PK = '" & Sections::FK_courseFM13 & "'" works as expected!
  10. Hello I'm in the process of redeveloping an FM11 solution in FM13. I have a dream of only having one table occurrence per actual table in my FM13 update. I have been happily doing all my lookups utilizing executeSQL until this evening when I attempted to building a simple select statement with a WHERE clause that included references to fields of type "TEXT" I have tried inclosing the reference fields in " as suggested in many forum postings I have read but I still get the dreaded ? as the result. Example $query = " SELECT code FROM Courses WHERE FM11PK = " & Sections::FK_course the above example works as expected $query = " SELECT code FROM Courses WHERE PK = " & Sections::FK_courseFM13 the above example returns the ? the only difference I can decipher is "PK" and "FK_courseFM13" are type TEXT where in the first example the two comparison fields are of type NUMBER I have tried a couple other example in other tables using only reference fields of type TEXT and have no been able to get it to work - it must be a simple SYNTAX issue. I'm heading to bed because I've been trying to figure this out all day - any help would be very appreciated. Thanks
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