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  1. Thanks guys I will look into that. Also, am I handling that date field properly? I just created a new field named Search Start Date and when I fill in that date by hand in the layout hoping the data will update when I put different dates in....
  2. I am trying to use a start date and and end date in an executesql calculation and the result keeps coming back with 0. I can get it to work by a direct executesql using the dates, but would like the option to use an already defined field in the layout (dropdown calendar) like this: Let ( [ begin= GetField("Search Start Date" ) ; end = GetField("Search Stop Date" ) ; $query = " select count(*) from "Office" where qualified='Yes' and "Client Flow Sales Agent"='Sales Guy' and "Client Flow Date In" BETWEEN ? AND ? "; $result = ExecuteSQL ( $query ; "" ; "" ; begin ; end) ]; $result ) Doe
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