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  1. So I am very close to getting my modal custom dialog windows to work with the new window card feature that was introduced in FileMaker 16. I have a script in my database that allows users to type in a list and the script parses out the information and finds the appropriate records in my database. When a record isn't present, a custom dialog pops up and notifies the user that the record is not present in the database. The script works flawlessly with the old show custom dialog and will cycle through every record that is not present...popping up a custom dialog for each one. However, using t
  2. I am really struggling with coming up with a solution for this one...so hopefully someone can help me out. This is for a visual effects database on a film that is tracking statuses of multiple VFX shots. I was asked to come up with a way to compare anticipated dates from each vendor based on when the vendor plans to final a shot, the previous date that the shot was anticipated to be final and the actual date that the shot was final or PTF (Potential To Final)...all based on the week ending date. I have successfully created a separate layout for each scenario where I have a summary field fo
  3. I have a database that tracks all of the VFX shots we have in the current film I am working on. I am looking to get some help on creating a snapshot layout to report how many shots per vendor are estimated to be finaled for the week and how many shots actually are final. I have a table labeled "Status Report" that has a list of all of the shots we have in the movie based on vendor, with the field for vendor being "Facility". The table also has fields for the shot "FX SHOT #" and the date the shot is supposed to be final "POST: Final Delivery". In another related table, "Filmout Takes" we b
  4. Amazing! Thanks so much. Worked perfectly. Really confused about the positions but glad this worked.
  5. Okay...so I ran into another problem. This works for one field but I need to extract the date from the filename...basically the 150731 or 150721 from the different file formats as well. Is this possible using a similar token calculation? If so that would be awesome.
  6. Actually the token calculation worked perfectly! Thanks so much for your help! Worked like a charm!
  7. I am trying to figure out how to extract a portion of a filename from a field, when the filenames differ. It is for a file database. This would be easy if all the files are named the same, but we have multiple different filenames based on the type of file it is. So the idea is I have a "shot_name" field that pulls in the name from the file I am importing into FileMaker. For instance, here are two of the filenames...one is for a traditional shot and one is for a development shot. Traditional Shot: BOG8515_150731_Line-Up Development Shot: BDC_dev9150_150721_Line-Up Essentially the only p
  8. Okay...so I added the $searchTerms custom dialogue and have to admit, it is extremely helpful. I have a simple okay button to move onto the next submission so entering multiple submissions is a breeze by hitting the enter key. I wanted to search this way to make it a cleaner experience for the user. I realize I could do all this within a layout, using list view and doing multiple finds. But I like the finder like interaction the custom dialogues give. I'm happy with how this came out...way better than I was expecting. Thanks for all the support everyone! Greatly appreciate it.
  9. So I was able to get this to work with the loop that was provided. It may not seem graceful to the outside world, but I think it will work just fine for my needs. Far better than what I had before. Thanks for all the input and advice. Greatly appreciate it!
  10. Not ideal...as you have suggested but let's say I go about this and add a third button. Say we turn 1 into Find, 2 into Cancel and 3 into Add Vendor...so I would add a loop to the If equation for 3, but how would I maintain the data entered in order to search it once 1 or Find is pressed? Is there a way to generate a list of all of the vendor submissions that the user could highlight and then perform the find? Basically a way to generate a custom dialogue where one could select the appropriate submissions and execute said selects from the custom dialogue? Just curious if there was a way to
  11. I have a database that tracks submissions we get from our VFX Vendors. I have a field in this database that I import all of the vendor submissions into. I would like to know if there is a way to search for multiple submissions through a custom dialogue. I have successfully created a script for searching for one submission. Is there a way to expand upon what I already have? Here is what I have so far: Go to Layout [ "VFX Notes Original" (VFX Notes) ] Enter Find Mode [ ] Show Custom Dialog [ "Vendor Submission Notes" ; "Enter the vendors submission name down below." ; VFX Notes::VFX Note
  12. Jayivan, Thanks for replying. - Which version of FileMaker are using, and are you using it with a server (and which version)? I am using Filemaker 13 Advanced to design my database and I am hosting it on Filemaker Server 13. - How are you looking to speed up your database? Is something performing slowly now, or are you looking to add information more rapidly? I have previously just used a seperate photo database to link to container fields in my main database. I try to use small images but with thousands of records and intermitent internet speeds depending on where I am working, th
  13. So I am somewhat new to SuperContainer and to designing layouts in FileMaker. I have a database for a film I am working on and in the database is a record for every clip we have in the movie. We also have an image that matches the data for every clip that is in the movie. What I would like to do is be able to batch import all of the photos (using the batch import option in the Super Container Sample) and link all of the files from that batch import to the web viewers I have setup in my film database. I have toyed around with the address in web viewer, however since every record is a differ
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