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  1. For our MBS FileMaker Plugin we have the first linux only function: SystemInfo.LinuxSystemInfo. This function provides some system information for Linux and returns it as a JSON block. You may query such a block regularly and do your own decisions based on the numbers, e.g. only do something on the server if load counts are small. Or you may check how much memory is available on the computer. Let's look in the values. First the UpTime value shows how long the server is running already, in our example 708 seconds, which is about 11 minutes. The loads array gives you the load aver
  2. When using MBS FileMaker Plugin, you may need to combine a lot of functions together to get some work done. That makes our toolbox of functions so flexible to use for your needs. Let us show you four examples: Regularly import files from hot folder First you start with Schedule functions to run a script regularly every few minutes in FileMaker Pro. Independent of SetTimer script step, so you can have multiple of them. You look into a file path with Files.List to get a list of file names in the folder. By using our List functions you compare the current file list to the
  3. You can use DynaPDF or PDFKit functions in MBS FileMaker Plugin to generate a preview. See DynaPDF.GeneratePreview or PDFKit.GeneratePreview functions. Just pass your PDF to the function, check whether it succeeded and then put the new value in field. The plugin adds the missing preview picture.
  4. Nice video. I hope to meet you again on one of the next conference!
  5. Let us show you a few things to use in MBS FileMaker Plugin and add to your solutions quickly today. Give your users a few new possibilities. From easy to complex, you may be able to copy a few scripts and adjust them to your field and layout names and get instantly new functionality for your solution. Let us show you a few things related to container fields in your solution: Continuity Camera If you have containers fields on a layout for images or PDF containers, how about adding a little button next to the field to let the user take a picture with their iOS device and insert it to the
  6. The recording of the MBS Plugin presentation from FMDiSC meeting from 12th March 2021: FileMaker Developers in Southern California (English) 55:08 minutes Watch on Youtube Content 00:00 Introduction to developer goodies and syntax coloring. 30:30 fmSyntaxColorizer database 35:50 FileMaker Snippet Storage database 36:40 Script WorkSpace Context Menu Commands database 39:20 JSON functions like JSON.Colorize 41:00 XML functions like XML.Colorize 42:40 WIA functions, DynaPDF functions and GraphicsMagick fu
  7. When you use our MBS FileMaker Plugin, you will make a lot of calls to the plugin. Most will succeed, but some will fail. Do you notice when something fails? IsError function We see a lot of clients coding without checking for error state. But not all function calls succeed and our MBS FileMaker Plugin keeps a last error state for you. Even on server with multiple scripts running in parallel, we keep an error state per script. You can query it with MBS("IsError") to see if the last function call returned an error. You may do an error check each time you call a function with an I
  8. In this article I want to introduce you the new functions from the MBS FileMaker Plugin in version 11.1. Archive With the new Archive.CompressContainer function you can compress the content of a container into an archive. In the parameters you can specify in which format your archive should be. The following formats are available for this purpose: 7zip, ar, arbsd, argnu, arsvr4, bsdtar, cd9660, cpio, gnutar, iso, iso9660, mtree, mtree-classic, newc, odc, oldtar, pax, paxr, posix, raw, rpax, shar, shardump, ustar, v7tar, v7, warc, xar and zip. Then you can additionally specify a filter at e
  9. Let us show you a few of the new features in the version 11.1 of our MBS FileMaker Plugin: MBS FileMaker Plugins 11.1 (English) 17:23 minutes Watch on Youtube Some links for the video: 00:15 Installation 00:50 Preferences dialog 01:30 RegEx.DataDetector 02:30 QuickLook functions with new Markup 06:00 EPC Barcode project and Barcode functions 07:20 Enhancements for Calculation Dialog 09:00 Enhancements for Custom Functions Editor 12:15 Enhancements for Debugger Please do not hesitate to contact u
  10. Nickenich, Germany - (March 9th, 2021) -- MonkeyBread Software today is pleased to announce MBS FileMaker Plugin 11.1 for macOS, iOS, Linux and Windows, the latest update to their product that is easily the most powerful plugin currently available for FileMaker Pro. As the leading database management solution for Windows, macOS, iOS and the web, the FileMaker Pro Integrated Development Environment supports a plugin architecture that can easily extend the feature set of the application. MBS FileMaker Plugin 11.1 has been updated and now includes over 6500 different functions, and the versatile
  11. For a few years we have worked on integrating the LibXL library and making functionality available for FileMaker. Beside all the standard built-in features from LibXL to read/write Excel files, we have some extra functionality developed ourselves: Copy Cells LibXL comes with a copy cell command, see XL.Sheet.CopyCell. Beside that we added XL.CopyRow to copy content of a row. Similarly XL.CopyColumn copies a column. As you can pass different book reference numbers, you may even copy from one document to another one or copy from one sheet to another sheet within the same document. The
  12. Parameters have a size limit. Maybe you like to check JSON functions in MBS FileMaker Plugin to process them. They are made for high performance. Especially you can check JSON.Parse to parse once and query often. And of course JSON.Import for automatic import into records, where the plugin would create table and fields and then import data.
  13. FileMaker Go or your own iOS SDK based app? For the second, we could offer plugin help.
  14. You may have seen the earlier blog post about Custom Function Tools for FileMaker Pro. Once we showed this to people, we got a few ideas and one request was to include those buttons for the calculation dialogs in FileMaker in various places: As you see we added a white box for the result and put a place holder text inside. And we had to do code to dynamically look for what controls FileMaker places there and measure their size to place our box between controls on the left and controls on the right. Let us know if we got it wrong in your FileMaker version or language. Check 11.1pr4 to
  15. Did you know that iOS 11 introduced a feature to markup images and PDF documents right into the iOS system software? A client asked for adding annotations to a PDF right on the iPhone or iPad with their custom FileMaker iOS SDK based application. We through first to use our PDFKit or DynaPDF functions. Those can do things like merge or render PDF documents. And DynaPDF has quite a few functions to create annotations via script. Great if you automatically want to do things, like adding clickable links via script. (see older blog posts). But this is all via script and the user wants to annota
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