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  1. As you may know we have a great Optimize command for DynaPDF. You can use it on PDF documents in both FileMaker and Xojo plugins. Over time the command got more and more powerful and we like to write here about some of the features. In general the function rebuilds the content stream of all pages, templates, patterns, annotations, and form fields. This may remove errors in the content stream and produce a consistent document. When you specify the flags, the default flag value (0) just rebuilds the content stream and fixes errors. You may specify "InMemory" to have changes made in a
  2. for macOS? How good is your AppleScripting? You could trigger send, FileMaker passes email to Apple Mail. Then you can use AppleScript to query current window ID for the message composer. And regularly query again whether this window is still open.
  3. You can run JavaScript directly in a Webviewer via script step. Using MBS FileMaker Plugin you can also run JavaScript, but also in any calculation and not just scripts and with WebView.Evaluate you can get a result directly.
  4. A long term project came to delivery just before Christmas 2020: DynaPDF got a new feature to convert texts to outlines. And it's just a new flag for the Optimize function: ConvTextToOutlines. The benefit of this conversion is that you can send the PDF to a printer shop and be sure that it will look exactly as you need. No font trouble, no missing fonts and no font rendering issues. Please note that the process is not reversible. Once the text is converted, the text is gone. Just the look of the text stays, so you need OCR to convert it back to text. Copy & Paste is not pos
  5. For MBS FileMaker Plugin we recently added a new DynaPDF.SetPageBreakExpression function. Have you seen it? It allows you to define a page break expression. This calculation is evaluated when a text rectangle is filled with text and we need a new page or a new rectangle on the same page. Look on this sample database with three columns filled over many pages with one big text block: Here is a sample call for DynaPDF.SetPageBreakExpression: As you see this calculation gets called when the text rectangle is filled. It uses a Let statement to compound multiple statements and
  6. You may know FileMaker has the possibility to save records as PDF to a file. From time to time clients ask how to script to get the PDF into a record. We like to show you a sample script on what you can do and run this either on server (e.g. triggered from FileMaker Go) or on client. The script takes the record ID as parameter. We switche to the target layout and the correct record based on the record ID to setup the context. That's important as on a server we need to setup context ourselves. On a client you can skip this, if you know you are on the right record already. We build a fi
  7. In this article I want to introduce you the new functions from the MBS FileMaker Plugin in version 10.5. XL - Working with Excel Let's start with the innovations in the XL topic. With our plugin you can create and edit Excel documents via FileMaker scripts. Also in this release we have new features that extend the functionality of this topic. With the new function XL.CopyColumn you can copy the values of a column of a table into another column. This copying process is not limited to the worksheet or book. You can also copy columns between different books and sheets. These must then be
  8. Well, if you would load a dynamic website like Claris Community, you would get an empty HTML page as all the content is loaded later via JavaScript...
  9. With MBS FileMaker Plugin, you can use WebView.SetPreferences function for macOS: MBS("WebView.SetPreferences"; $WebViewerRef; "loadsImagesAutomatically", 0)
  10. For the editor, you may better look in JavaScript, what the function is it uses to perform the function from the keyboard events. WebView.PressKey may send a keydown, but not sure whether this works. Or check RemoteControl.PressKey function, which can press keys and has a list with control key included.
  11. For the MBS FileMaker Plugin in version 10.5pr3 we include the new DynaPDF library in version The WriteFText function can now create links within the text: to a web site to a named destination within the same PDF. to a named destination within another PDF document You include \LK[] command in the text as command in your text and then specify the website. Within the brackets you specify 4 to 5 parameters: IsNamedDest (false or 0, true or 1) IsExternalLink (false or 0, true or 1) OpenInNewWindow (false or 0, true or 1) URL or name o
  12. Everyone developing a FileMaker solution for macOS should get the MBS FileMaker Plugin and configure the toolbar contextual menu with our Window.ConfigureToolbarMenu function: As you see, you can configure the toolbar menu to remove the whole menu (mode 1) or hide only the entries to show/hide/configure. For mode 1 we skipped the screenshot as simply no menu shows up. If the user is allowed to configure the menu bar, he can enable commands you may have disabled via custom menus and work around your security concept. Like if you disable delete, import, export or print buttons and the
  13. With the next MBS FileMaker Plugin release, we will embrace JSON functions for our FileMaker plugin. As more developers now learn JSON, we can now return you more data as JSON. Instead of making dozens of calls to query all information about a field in a PDF document, you may just want to call DynaPDF.GetFieldsAsJSON and get details for all fields in one chunk and then pick what you need. On the way we made similar functions for annotations, bookmarks, color spaces, doc information, embedded files, fields, fonts and system font information: DynaPDF.GetAnnotationAsJSON
  14. We have started to look on the Windows Learning APIs to implement some functions for our plugins. Since 2017 we have CoreML functions for macOS. FileMaker 19 now ships similar functions built-in, but we think the plugin can still do more. As we are now using newer Visual Studio 2019, we can finally also check the Windows Learning functions: You can use ONNX Models with the classes, so check the Microsoft website on how to get models. This mainly points to the ONNX Model Zoo, which has some interesting models available. We started by porting the desktop SqueezeNetObjectDetection examp
  15. With MBS Xojo Plugins 20.4 we include a new MBS Xojo FMAPI Plugin part with a few new classes to connect to a Claris FileMaker Server: class FMAdminMBS class FMDataMBS class FMConnectionMBS class FMDataSourceMBS class FMRequestMBS class FMResponseMBS class FMContainerUploadMBS The FMDataMBS class does a Data API connection while the FMAdminMBS class provides methods for the Admin API. Both have FMConnectionMBS as base class for the core functionality to connect. Connect Lets connect to a server via Data API using user name and pa
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