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  1. Hi How can I get FM Pro Go to auto export a container field's image to the base computer running Filemaker 13. Text fields sync automatically. Container fields seem to require some extra steps. In Filemaker Go, the client takes a picture by tapping the container field, the 'insert from device' launches the camera app. How can I get the image automatically save/exported? Currently, I have to re-tap the field to save/export the image so Filemaker 13 gets in sync with Filemaker Go. I tried 'Export Field Contents'. This script step seems to automatically launch the export screen. If the client take a picture in the camera app (insert from device), and he/she want to use the image, seems that filemaker should just export the image with the extra step, no? Everything stays in sync with a minimum of client steps What script step do I need? Many thanks Graham
  2. I finally figured it out. I thought you could write the code in the calculation field. Instead, it seems that Filemaker wants you to add pre-configured commands and construct a full script. With respect, if I've learned anything so far, it's don't fight the way filemaker does things. I'll read a bit more to get a handle on the FM way. Am nearly done with this project, and then, back to Angular, Sass, Bootstrap, Node, and an assortment of open source sql/nosql databases
  3. Hi Guys. Thanks for the responses and your patience. This script (if I can get the syntax right) is supposed to fire onObjectSave on the field QuickFind. Ultimately, after I learn my way around, I am looking to create a Google-like search bar within the layout. The steps to get to the Specify Calc window 1) Right Click the QuickFind field and select 'Set Script Trigger...." 2) Check OnObjectSave 3) Click the Edit Button next to the Option Script Parameter Window 4) Enter the script Even removing comments and the Perform Quick Find command gives the same 'specified table cannot be found error'. Any ideas? If [ not IsEmpty ( Servetrack2014::QuickFind ) ] End If
  4. I'm getting the error "Specified Table cannot be found" In a field script trigger, I seem to be incorrectly targeting a table even though I am double clicking it out of the field list The script is: If[not IsEmpty(Servetrack2014::QuickFind)] / /prevents searching for a null value// Perform Quick Find(Servetrack2014::QuickFind End If I do have two tables being used in the database. Does that cause problems?
  5. While in Table View, I am looking for some left side padding so the field is several pixels away from the cell border rather than right along side it. In the case of the cell with 'Austin', I'm looking for a pixel or two of padding as it is right up against the cell border. Much appreciation.
  6. Ok. Will do. Not to get off track, Is there a way to add cell padding to a cells in table view?
  7. Hi Is it possible to add cell padding in table view? https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ouf38xuv80fz1d/Screenshot%202014-07-15%2014.49.02.png Thanks in advance Graham
  8. In my case, I just have a box with a gradient fill..not an image. Is there a way to hide/show OnObjectEnter programmatically. Or, perhaps there is an easier way to accomplish this? Thanks in advance
  9. Answered my own question. Select 'option' key when opening the file on a mac Oh and thanks. Looks like you got there a little before I did
  10. Hi Where can I login as admin with the newly created password? Seems a rather obvious screen to have easy access to? Somehow when creating a password for admin, I locked myself out of the creating/editing privs for the database and layout. I seem locked into the guest account with no option to login as admin When I opening the menu item, File options..., I get "Your access privileges do not allow you to perform this action." I get the greyed out screen: https://www.dropbox.com/s/idr3p4myu45490l/Screenshot%202014-07-15%2013.14.19.png Much appreciation in advance Graham
  11. Hi Make an object visible upon Mouse enter: Want to show an object (a background panel) when the user enters its area https://www.dropbox.com/s/raky9y585xgng5s/Screenshot%202014-07-15%2009.34.45.png In the above case, whenever the user enters the Product, Project, or Contact area, it's background (a gradient box) becomes visible. How do I do this? If it's a script trigger, is there an similar example I can see? Much appreciation in advance Graham
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