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  1. I have several products made up of several chemicals which are made up of several elements combined together. I need to made a grid (please see at the end) Main Chemical 1 consist of Element 1, Element 2, Element 3 Main Chemical 2 consist of Element 2, Element 4 Main Chemical 3 consist of Element 3, Element 5, Element 6  Product 1 has Chemical 1, Chemical 2 Product 2 has Chemical 1, Chemical 3 Product 3 has Chemical 2  The layout for Chemical Table contains a portal for the related table Elements to input all the elements that made up the Chemical. The layout Command has the Products Table The layout Products has a portal for the related table Chemicals to input the chemicals that need to be used The layout Command has a portal for the related table Products to input the Products SO HERE IS MY APPROACH but if you have any other approach such as the use of a portal and “x” relationship please do tell me I have created a field1 in the table Chemical that list all the process in each chemical, then another field2 in the table product that list all the process in field 1 and a simple custom function to remove the duplicates Ex: for product 1 the list would display “Element 1, Element 2, Element 3, Element 2, Element 4” With the custom function it displays “Element 1, Element 2, Element 3, Element 4” I want to make a grid (as below) on the Layout Product when i print the specification of Product 1, my only problem is how do i insert the yes in the correct place          ALREADY MAKE THE LABELS USING PORTALS and filtering the duplicate value. The only problem is how to put the "yes"  ??
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