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  1. My bad, I meant stored calculation The formula seems to be working well.
  2. Hi everyone, I have a field for for hourly rates, price per unit is $100, however, subsequent hours are half of the original unit price ($50) I need a auto calculation that reflects the actual amount, based on the number of hours inputted. (e.g. 5 hours = $300) I'm raking my brains on how to perform such calculations. Anyone can shed some light to me? Appreciate it!
  3. Hi Comment, I have no idea why, it's showing the correct values today. My apologies.
  4. Hi Comment, Sorry about it. Was trying to get the result "Invoice-136-036-15" using "Invoice-" & Category & "-" & SerialIncrement ("000"; SerialNumber) & "-" & Right ( Year (InvoiceDate); 2 ), instead, I'm getting "Invoice-136-36-15" I intend to stick my string of serialnumber to a 3-digit code here.
  5. Hi Comment, Thanks for the reply. It makes more sense to use Year (InvoiceDate) than Year (Get (CurrentDate) ) However, SerialIncrement does not seem to work very well with my string. I will like the field to display the Serialnumber as a fixed 3-digit code Was trying to Case ( Length ( SerialNumber ) = 1 ; "00" & SerialNumber ; Length ( SerialNumber ) = 2 ; "0" & SerialNumber ; ) but was unsuccessful in integrating it.
  6. in addition, the record number will reset at the beginning of a new year. Invoice-136-001-16 when it's 2016
  7. Hi all, I have a manual input field, and I plan to replace it to calculation field instead. The field is show as below: Invoice-136-036-15 136 being the category 036 being the last record 15 being the year invoice was created. Is there a way to obtain the "036" and replace the XXX to display as Invoice-136-037-15 once a new record is created? "Invoice-136-" & "XXX" & "-" & Right(Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) );2) Appreciate your advices.
  8. Hi LaRetta, Sorry for the late reply. Just realised the field is my child table is unstored. Thanks for the info. Merry Christmas to you!
  9. Hi LaRetta, There is something that doesn't quite fit in. I'm trying to get the portal to display records of different months under the same department. E.g. If there are 12 imports, once a month, the portal should display Jan'14 HR Feb'14 HR etc.. Like in my initial attachment.
  10. Hi LaRetta, Thanks for the quick reply. Your file does help me lots. As mentioned in my first post (question 2). I wanted to do away the Reports table but I need an identifier(besides date_imported) to segregate my records as there may be more than 1 import in a single day. Should I change this date field to a timestamp instead? The acknowledgement status/date will be flagged once the head of department has verified the report for the particular month for his department. All records with the same date_imported & user_dept will have the same acknowledge_date. So the same port
  11. Hi LaRetta, Records are all imported data from an excel file. I need my portal to only display the date_imported, and not all records. Therefore, I created a separate report table to do so. Is it possible for me to use records table as a portal to display non-repeated records like date_imported with user_dept? Edit: LoginIDs can be Paul or John (no passwords) the_furious_sample_data.zip
  12. I'm working on a system that allows the head of each department to access and acknowledge monthly reports that are imported into the DB. 2 of the tables are as follows: (I've omitted other fields that are not required for this to work) Records table: pk_recordID, date_imported, user_name, user_dept, acknowledge_date, acknowledge_avg, kf_reportID, g_deptcode (global field that is defined based on user login) Reports table: pk_reportID I'm currently using reports table as a portal to reflect the following fields: Records::g_deptcode, Records::date_imported, and a button that displays
  13. Hi, Didn't realized I posted my query on the wrong place :X Sorry I didn't make myself clearer. I need to compare this "username" field with "userID" field from another table. if there is a match, it will then grab the relevant information (dept code, user name, etc) from the matching "userID" field.
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