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  1. ... though updating the version wiped out all my configurations so I had to redo all the scripts and redistribute.
  2. When I run it internally it picks up the server name (keserver) and I have to specify the external address. Running externally it picks up the external IP and I specified the internal as keserver then I get the error "keserver" is not a valid address for MirrorSync Internal Address I don't get this running internally using the same details.
  3. Just upgraded, due to a previous post, to the latest version.
  4. I can see the application, just when I run through the process it picks up the external address, but says the internal one (when I tell it they are different) is invalid.
  5. I'm getting a sporadic error 504 (not unique value) for the primary key in my main connecting table. The record is therefore corrupted and unusable on sync. I cannot find any trigger for this behaviour to start, it will correctly sync a number of records then without warning fail. I have managed to recover from this on a Pro client, but on an iPad this seemed fatal, and refused to sync correctly ever again. I am using UUIDs and have checked for uniqueness . The rest of the tables and primary keys copy fine.
  6. Thanks Jesse, I've found this in the release notes now.
  7. I'm trying to sync iPads with a server. This works when run over WiFi, but fails with an unexpected response when run over UK O2 mobile broadband network. I've had many discussions with them as to the possible problems, but they've not identified any issues their end. The error is MirrorSync does not seem to be running at http://<our valid server address>/MirrorSync/sync. Unexpected response: <html><head></head><body></body></html>
  8. I've set up a sync from a spoke to a hub and set up an empty distributable spoke file. When I try to sync this to a server version of the file on the hub, some of the UUID keys are getting put in brackets with added notes i.e. (D536EA80-685A-4913-A91B-DC4E0F613121 _kf_SessionUUID->Sync_Session in Client node Sync_Responses on Andrew's new iPad )
  9. I'm still getting this error with MirrorSync 2 on VM machines. One OSX 10.8 and the other 10.9
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