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  1. ​Then let me explain (and thanks for questioning, this made me question the usefullness of the idea). I've been given some of the responsibility of accounting on a music-festival in dk. All of the voluntary workers have been given acces to a credit card when they need money for materials etc. So they will log on to a fmhost filemaker db, where they via a simple formular type in the details of their purchase, and maybe even upload an image. After this, i have to verify the data they have entered, and do the accounting (debit/credit). They idea is that I create a popover button with different
  2. ​Thanks! That worked perfectly! I havent been using the set variable function in a script yet, so today i've learnt something new ​The reason is that I want that, is because the "Kontokladde" table us purely for exporting 5 fields in a CSV-file for an online accounting-api that I use.. So I wanted all the raw data in "Posteringer" and all of the transactions in "Kontokladde" ready for export.. Hope that makes sense..
  3. Hi, I'm trying to create a FM-script that would create a record in table A (Kassekladde), each time a person presses a button, from another layout which is based on table B (Posteringer). Here's the relationships: And here's the script: However, it only creates the two pre-defined values "999999" and "11111111", and the rest of the fields are empty.. I've tried a lot of different things, like using a global field as the primary key, but this didnt work as well. The idea behind this setup is to make some pre-defined (scripts) bookkeeping steps, where I only have to push a button, e
  4. Well, I can post the results in here if you're interested?
  5. Well, thank you very much! I really appreciate your help. These LIX counts, and the ability to spot keywords in topics is some important aspects of answering my RQ: Which factors influence the amount of answers the users get to their questions in the danish online-forum for sound technicians. Today i've learned a lot about filemakers text mining / data manipulation capabilities(as well as the ability of scripts). And filemaker actually does a way better job than SPSS at this particular job. So I guess I will continue to do my data manipulation/preparation in FM before doing the in-dep
  6. Sorry for not making that clear enough. Communication is not always that easy in a foreign language...
  7. Thank you so much! the first part of your script didnt make that much sense to me, cause i couldnt figure out how it would 'print' the information to each record. Copied your code, and it works!! Is it correctly observed that you do the LIX calculation in the last Set Field line: (A/B) + (C*100/A) = LIX I tried running the script manually (cmd + 1) on 35 records, and 4 of them return a '?'.. This is one of them: Do you know why it does that? Yes, i do. However, as stated before.. I'm not that good, so I am learning new things every day. Next step for me i
  8. Thanks, I have a friend who has the developer/advanced version of filemaker 12. And I will try to ask him, if he can build that function for me.. I found this link: http://kallesamuelsson.blogspot.dk/2012/11/writing-recursive-custom-functions.html - Which gave me an idea of what is needed. And just to confirm.. which one is correct: A ) You create the script with the code above, and then run a custom function, that links to the $n variable which was processed in the script? B ) You create the custom function with the code above, and then just add the custom function to the ne
  9. Hi guys, Just want to update you on the limits of Monkeylearn, free version: There is a limit of 1000 API-calls per month, which became a problem for me(using it for a bachelor thesis). But then i found out there is another service called Metamind, which have a limit of 1000 API-calls per day.. https://www.metamind.io/ This service can actually provide an algorithm for recognizing patterns in images as well.
  10. @ comment This is very cool, I hope you know that I am very thankfull for your help! This is quite important to my bachelor thesis, and after having googled a bit around, I really can't find any alternatives because the LIX count is for scandinavian languages(danish in this case). The posts from the forum are located at: posts::post I tried to replicate your code as a script: How can I implement it as a calculation in a field, so that the field will return the number? I guessed there was a "run script" function in the calculation field, but it looks like this is not the case..
  11. Ah okay.. The highest amount of words is: 5241 Maybe I need to resort to another program for this one.. EDIT: Found this on how to do it in Ms Access. Do you think it is possible to copy the logic of it to filemaker as well?
  12. I have a little question in addition to the other: Is it possible to make a calculation in filemaker that counts the LIX-score? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LIX (A/B) + (C*100/A) = LIX Score (readability measure) I Currently have a count of the Amount of words( A ), amount of periods( B ).. Now i only need the amount of long words( C ) which are defined as words with over 6 characters.. Is that possible?
  13. Thank you! That was very helpfull. Fortunately the text is in danish, and i am going to create dummies for certain topics that are primarily english/not danish names(logic, ableton, reason, cubase, windows, mac etc.). But I will be aware of the problem you pointed out, even though it might not be as bad as if it was pure english text.
  14. Hi, I am doing some analysis of posts in a danish forum, and have arranged my data in a filemaker database. Filemaker is way easier for creating dummy-variables and manipulating data, than SPSS(in which i am doing the statistical analysis). My question is, whether it is possible to make an if-statement that returns 1 or 0, if a field contain a keyword in a text message. Keyword: Apple Fx: "I have long been looking at this apple product. But it seems to expensive to me" and the if-statement should then return "1" I have been trying this: if(post = "apple" ; 1 ; 0) But i con
  15. So, maybe by using this methodology: http://www.soliantconsulting.com/blog/2014/04/getting-started-javascript-and-filemaker And inserting: fmp:// & Get ( FileName ) & Table::FieldwithTextToBeAnalyzed Into the "This is the text to test the API." line in a web viewer: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>MonkeyLearn Javascript Integration</title> <script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.1/jquery.min.js" ></script> <script type="text/javascript"> $.ajax({ url : "https://a
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