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  1. Hello Friend, Here I want to synchronize a layout ( attendance table Summary) field record ( Current Month Total Absent No) of selected employee name with selected salary month name to another layout (salary details) field records(No of leaves) with the same employee name and salary month. How it can be done by calculation or by Sql method or any other way to do so. Here is small file for reference with some transactions sample. Thanks Samarth Salary & Attendance Register - Copy.fmp12
  2. Portal Table Filter

    Dear Friends, Here i want an calculation for getting filter records by dropdown value list.Dropdown value list contain timeframe text. Here is some pics for the same.
  3. Insert Pdf Bug

    Hello Friends' As I install FM 15 advanced I have an issue of insert PDF is greyed out(Disable Mode). In FM 14 it was working. I think so it is a bug in set up file because in inspector --- Data Formatting------ Graphic icon is in disable mode. Here are two pics of both versions FM 14 FM 15
  4. Hello Friends , How we do get the list of previous dates transaction made by selected portal row item of selected customer in portal table.
  5. I want folder field in script pane to be of choice colour for better highlighting the folder field.
  6. Hello Friend , Is there any way to make folders in work space scripts of different colours likely in table relationship there is an colour option. Thanking
  7. Empty Portal Row

    Hello friend, How we can Restrict for not showing last empty portal row in portal table.
  8. Empty Portal Row

    Hello friend, How we can Restrict for not showing last empty portal row in portal table.
  9. Hello Friend Manjit,

    I have go through your valuable solution which have been posted here. If you don't mind can you give me support on my little issue which I can not able to sort out. I have almost completed this project but only could not getting the sum result of total all four status of attendance. For your perusal I am attaching the file here. I hope I will get help from you

    Samarth New Attendance Register.rar

  10. Count total Value no.of each list items in particular field

    Hello friend , I want help how to count total no of each value list item in the particular field. Here in field I have four different value list items (Present , Absent , Half Day , Extra Days.) I have to calculate total no present no , total no of absent no ,total no. of half day no and total no of extra days no in particular record no (January) and so on for further record of related month name. For calculation result Present and absent object will count as 1.0 and for extra days and half day calculation result will be 0.5
  11. Count total Value no.of each list items in particular field

    Hello Friends, Thanks for your valuable tips on above ask solution help. I have put the above reference tips in filter expression in LayEmployees ------- January Tab control Portal Table --- Filter portal records. After applying no any records are showing in January tab control portal table. I think so may be some missing structure in table occurrence relationship my me. I have made permutation but not get any results to get only all records of January month in January tab control portal table. As for February month records should be display in February tab control portal table and so on up to December month. Another how can I count the sum of Present status, Absent Status, Half Day Status and extra days status of the particular month. (Present and Absent will be of 1.0 count value as well as Half Day and Extra Days will be of 0.5 counts. Hope I will get my solutions from your experienced expertisations.
  12. Hello Friends, Here I am in project for Employees Attendance. Everything is ok only I could not figure out to filter the portal table month wise. At present it is in All transactions records. I have distribute the portal by tab control for all months. Here I want report of records month wise. And also it can calculate the values of each status (Present by 1 no., Absent by 1 no., Half Day by 0.5 and extra day by 0.5). I have tried as per my best but could not reach to point. I am attaching small demo file . Samarth Attendance.rar
  13. Hello friends, I want such an script which can increment the dates From the existing date in a portal row by button switch.

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