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  1. Bonjour is ok. It was the port. I created an inbound rule and everything worked fine. Thanks.
  2. FMServer 13.03 on WIN Server 2008 r2. Applied 13.04.400 update. Immediately after reboot could not open hosted files from client desktop shortcuts. Also tried to open by browsing using remote dialog, can see the host but no file, tried typing server ip and host name gets me error message saying the host could not be found or database is not hosted. Moved database to different server ( WIN Server 1012 r2) with clean FMServer install and only 13.03 update. Same results. Can open files from FMPro installed on server using open remote dialog. Freaky and frustrating. Any suggestion
  3. In addition to those text fields I have a few numeric fields that I need to know if they are empty or contain a zero. I guess getasboolean would work for those fields and I would not need to a separate test to see if the field is empty.
  4. Got it. I misread the description about the function reference. I am trying to determine if the field is empty or contains a zero. I will use is empty and have a separate test for zero. Thanks.
  5. Having problem using GetAsBoolean.  My understanding is a text field will evaluate to "0" if the field is empty or the value is 0, and evaluate to "1" if the field contains any other value.  All fields I am trying to evaluate are text fields on the same layout with the correct table occurrence. The results as shown in the dataviewer do not evaluate as I would expect. The company name, streetaddress2, city and state all evaluate as if the field was empty, only the customerid and streetaddress2 appear to evaluate correctly.  Any thoughts on why these fields would evaluate as empt
  6. Having tried several different routes, I have found the results inconsistent and will abandon this and figure some other way. Thanks for your input
  7. Is it possible to use Get functions within execute sql statements such as... ExecuteSql(" SELECT dept_t FROM employees WHERE employee_id = ?" ; ""; ""; Get(AccountName)) I have tried this statement and I can't get it to evaluate in the data viewer.
  8. Can anyone offer an explanation for this scenario. A script on the client creates a new record in table A. Within that same script, Perform script on server is called with two parameters. Parameter 1 is the serialized id of the record just created ( the id is created upon record commit.), and parameter 2 is a global field from a different table. The Psos script goes to a layout for table B. Parameter 2 is used to find the correct record. A field in the found record is then set to parameter 1. The problem is the field set to parameter 1, has the value of parameter 1 and a carriage
  9. I was getting client global fields to evaluate correctly on a PSOS script, which caused me to question if I understood correctly that they are session dependent. (I then realized I had selected perform script...not perform script on server... let me wipe the egg of my face.) I had not thought of using the return script result. Thanks. As for the second question... Right now the client script changes an existing value and the PSOS logs the change that just occurred with an on modification trigger. I am wanting to now have a PSOS change the value, and was wondering if the logging
  10. A couple of questions... I have two tables Customers, and Customer Employees. Customers is the parent table to Customer Employees. On a layout based on Customers there is a portal of Customer Employees on the right hand side, and fields which contain more details about a given Customer Employee on the left hand side of the layout. By clicking on a Customer Employee in the portal, a global field in the Customers table is set to the primary key of the Customer Employee which creates the relationship that displays the details about that Customer Employee. When creating a new Customer E
  11. eos, Thanks for your reply, your example helped me understand how to use an optional parameter, but I still get the same result..."?". I double checked the field data types, that they have actual dates in the fields, and the spelling of the table and field names. It all seems syntactically correct. I am not sure what else to check or do.
  12. I need some help with executesql statements. I am trying to compare a date in the Contracts table with a date stored in a global field in the BidR table. I want to use executesql to get the date from the contracts table. My statement is: ExecuteSql ( "SELECT estimatedawarddate_dt FROM contracts WHERE contracts.contractid_t = bidr.contractid_t";"";"") The field "contractid_t" has the same value for both tables. The returned value is"?" when the statement is executed. Can anyone help with the syntax? Also, how would I compare the date returned by sql with a filema
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