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  1. Now, I opened the xml service in the server and now I get nothing for getContainerData() $image=$record->getField('Attachment'); $attach=$fm->getContainerData(($image)); if (FileMaker::isError($attach)) { echo "Error: " . $attach->getMessage() . "n"; echo $fm->getContainerDataURL($image); exit; } echo 'Attach = '. $attach; While I run the above code for filemaker server installed at my localhost i get image in binary format BUT for server at live i get nothing for output. Does it have something to do with blocked ports??
  2. Hi there,  I am having the problems in accessing the data stored in container fields using  php. The containers are not remotely stored. A screenshot is attached showing the database settings for container field. I am able to access data stored in other fields from a remote computer using php api. But when I try to access the container fields... For: $image=$record->getField('container field');     $attach=$fm->getContainerData(urlencode($image));     if (FileMaker::isError($attach)) {       echo "Error: " . $attach->getMessage() . "n";     }  I get:: Error: getContainerData() does not support remote containers  For: echo $fm->getContainerDataURL(urlencode($record->getField('containerfield')));  I get a url in response simlilar to :: http://HOSTIP/fmi/xml/cnt/Untitled.jpg?-db=DATABASENAME&-lay=LAYOUTNAME&-recid=253&-field=containerfield  When try to open the url in a browser I get a  xml in return that has ::   <error code="959"/>   My server has php and xml access enabled for the privilege set I am using.  Thanks in advance   Â
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