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  1. Dear FMF, during the sync with EasySync the FileMaker Go App Crashes. During debugging I recogniced it allways crashes during the Process Payload Step. This Problem doesn't happen in FileMaker Advanced. Does anyone got the same problem or a solution. Best regards and thanks for your help, 51m0n
  2. Dear Browny, I'd like to use .wmf files. I need this file type, because in the application are often images from PowerPoint pasted. Sometimes the image is shown as it should and sometimes not. I found no special rule or pattern for the apperance of the problem. Playing with the "interactive content.." option didn't solve the problem. BR, Simon
  3. Dear FMF, I got a simillar Problem - After Updating, the mobile Database only show the Filename and a Icon for the FileType. On exporting the Field Content the Real File get's exportet, so I think the File is downloaded right. But it gets wrong decoded at client site. How to solve that? BR, 51m0n
  4. Dear Tim, I just set up the Database again and now it works. BR, Simon
  5. Dear Tim, I'm using FMS 13 and FileMaker Go (iPad) BR, Simon
  6. Dear Tim, always only one record is been up/downloaded (exactly: only one appears in the local/mobile database). If I delete a record, nothing happens on sync. It could not be a device/connection problem, because your demo file works properly. Best regards, Simon
  7. Dear Tim Dietrich, first of all: Thank you for this awesome little software. I got following problem: Only one record is proceeded at a time. I check with Debug and found out on download all records are processed and downloaded, but only one is afterwards is the mobile database. Do you have an idea how to solve this? Thank you in advance, 51m0n
  8. Dear FMF, how can I realise following issue: In my application (screenshot in attachement) the user should be able to klick on the red button to filter records for the field left of the button. The same is with the stack buttons in the lower part of the design. This already works and now I want to combine them: If the user first clicks the field button and afterwards the brand button FileMaker should show only records who are the right field AND right brand. Thank you verry much for your help, 51m0n
  9. 51m0n

    Overflow Sign

    Thank you. It's a possibility. But not all characters have the same widht. Compare 'o' an 'l' so there is no perfect lenght for the field. It's better than nothing, but maybe someone got another idea. Greetings
  10. 51m0n

    Overflow Sign

    Dear FMF Community, i have following Problem. Sometimes the content of my TextField/Portal is to much for the TextField/Portal, is it possible to show my customer a sign that there is more Data? This time FileMaker only doesn't show the content anymore, but you don't recognice that there is more. Sincerly, 51m0n
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