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  1. I had thought of a value list, but then would the value list not need to be updated when a new record (unrelated) is added? to keep the data consistant. Say an entirely new item is added to the database, then would the value list not prevent this as the item is not contained in the list ?
  2. Hi, Hopefully I've posted this question in the right place! I'm developing a maintenance database (spares) and have came across an issue regarding data input of items. When a user creates a new record (adding new product) there could be different wording of products entered. For example 'lamp or bulb','box or crate' etc. What I want is to prevent duplicate naming of items. I'm thinking possibly some kind of buffer table that would compare say a unique manufacturers id and/or supplier and validate the item name on entry?, meaning if the manufacturer and ID was the same then there
  3. Eos, My mistake, had missed part of a script. Thanks for you're help.
  4. I think I may have made a mistake implementing the script, as I am unable to make any further transaction when the stock reaches the reorder level. I'll start a fresh and try again
  5. Hi, While implementing the solution from the attached file below, I have realised that when stock reaches the reorder threshold, no futher transactions may take place (incoming/outgoing). While it is logical that if there is no stock available then there can't be any outgoing, what is stopping more stock being added when stock is low? (below the threshold). Basically what I'm trying to work out is a condition where when stock is below the threshold I am still able to add more stock (to top-up) and take stock out(to take out the last item if need be). Hope I've explained this clear enoug
  6. Yes the scenario you outlined beforehand is what I wanted from the start in the first post : "So here is the task; I would like to implement an automated email function where when an items quantity reaches the re-order level an email is automatically sent detailing the product needing re-ordered and it's details"(from my first post) Maybe I never just never explained it clear enough. I know this is what I want to do, what I'm asking is how I do this, bare in mind I am new to filemaker and don't have as much experience as yourself. Thanks
  7. I should have explained that better, I'd like for each time the stock item falls below the threshold, then an email to be sent . When I mentioned the report layout I was thinking when details are sent of the item needing reordered, what is actually sent ? full product details or some kind of re-order report with only the required details (product number, cat number, supplier etc). Maybe a screenshot of the full record ? Hope I've made more sense this time, quite tricky explaining problems sometimes. ~ Thanks Neil
  8. Eos, The quantity would change through a Stock Transaction Type (Incoming/Outgoing), that is also displayed in a Stock Transaction Report layout. So would a script then be able to send details on that layout automatically when re-order items are displayed ? I'm a bit confused by this to be honest, I know what I want to do, I just can't figure out how
  9. Hi All, I'm fairly new to filemaker and have been developing a database for maintenance parts. I have a re-order amount for items and when the re-order amount is reached, the in stock field is highlighted red. So here is the task; I would like to implement an automated email function where when an items quantity reaches the re-order level an email is automatically sent detailing the product needing re-ordered and it's details (from a product layout). I've been looking for examples but can't find details of a conditional email kind of set up. Can this be done ? And Co
  10. Hi Eos, Thanks for reply . The data structure along with the advice has helped a lot with opening my eyes and implementing a solutution to my problem. A fresh pair of eyes always helps ! Thanks Neil
  11. Eos-  First of all apoligies for not giving enough information on the attached file, although you seemed to have a grasp on the problem. Just incase there is any confusion, I have attached some images of the 'Stock Transactions' portal in the 'LayProduct' layout for your viewing.  What I'm trying to accomplish here is, when there is 2 items in stock then only 2 items can go out. If more than 3 items were to go out this would create a negative stock value, and also when stock was then to be added.  Re your comments about the file you attached and redundant tables, I am new to filem
  12. Hi Lee, First of all thanks for replying I have been working on this project for a while and have started to 'hit brick walls' due to my lack of experience. To give you an insight to my situation, re not allowing negative stock, I 've attached a copy of the file. I'm developing a maintanence inventory database. Thanks in advance for any advice you may have. Neil Hi Eos, Thanks for replying and attaching the file, had a look but not sure if it's what's wrong with my stock problem MID Invent 200814.zip
  13. Hi all, Hopefully I 've posted this in the right place I'm new to filemaker and have been developing a maintenance inventory database. I have a 'stock transactions' portal where I can add and remove stock. I am having trouble figuring out how to put a condition on the amount in stock where there can't be a negative amount. So if there is a quantity of 2 items in stock, only 2 can be removed. (if someone trys to take 3 out of stock at the moment, the stock amount would go to -1 for example). Thanks in advance for any help/advice on this issue, I'm still learning so any feedback
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