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  1. Thanks for the reply. The issue was with filemaker's default cert
  2. Wow!! and that does it.. Thanks buddy Thanks Thanks for your support.. I am so grateful
  3. I am happy to have you poke around if thats okay by you.
  4. I did uninstall 18v3 and renamed the letover folder as filemaker_old Downloaded and installed 18v4 I used default settings all through (No changes made to the settings) The only change made was to turn Restoration OFF using the command line.. I cant get the default Sample file to open. Same issue Event.log
  5. There is nothing else on the server, newly installed on vmware. Only filemaker server has been installed. Have gone through the event log file, couldn't find anything new. Event.log
  6. I do get errors each time I try to open the files from the command line. At first I was able to get event log from the console. But after turning Off data restoration, I am not able to get event logs
  7. Here is the output of the event log file Here is the output of the command line
  8. At the moment, the VM has 2 processors, 4 Cores, 8GB RAM The icon goes from Red to Grey. I will check through with the instructions you posted and see what happens. Thanks for your reply
  9. Following your reply, I spun up Windows server 2016 Datacenter on VM. The whole installation went smooth without any issues. However, I am still getting the same issue. I don't know what I am missing. I had restarted the server twice, but to no avail.
  10. On a clean install of Filemaker server 18 on a windows box running W10 Enterprise edition. The hosted files shows "Opening" from the Admin console, and that is how far it can go. The files never get opened. Have done couple of restarts but same problem. Have tried both encrypted and non encrypted files, same problem. Any advice on what might be the cause?
  11. was so much intrigued by this Lean Design.. Kudos to Nick Hunter and the RCC TEAM.. It was really amazing
  12. Hi.. Please can you direct me to the Fm Easy sync thread... I am finding it difficult to locate.. I was having setup problems with the Initial versions of Tim v1. 3... With the release of fmp 17, I am hoping some users must have tweaked it for better performance and easy setup
  13. Problem Upgrading to Filemaker Server 16.. We want to Upgrade from FMS 15 to 16, and each time I get this error during deployment. However, when I revert back to fms15, everything goes fine.. I have tried Clean Installation, yet same result.. Can someone put me through.. We are using Windows 7 professional as our system unit
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