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  1. FMEasyWeb Is Now Available

    Right now, I am just concerned about setting easyweb just for it to show the records (just as the demo video) I don't really need to be able to edit records etc.. going through the comments on the thread, I can see some people have been able to at least get past the setup stage. Their help will be much appreciated at this point. I am still confused in some steps: 1. Where exactly are we to copy Easyweb folder and files? Hosting site or FileMaker server 2. I use Windows for my FileMaker server, going through C:program files - FileMaker - Httpserver - Conf. (There is no directory called Httdocs) and from people's comments, this is the folder that holds the fmeasyweb files
  2. FMEasyWeb Is Now Available

    Looks like this project is dead.. That would be a terrible loss.. I so much loved the solution though havnt been able to successfully get it working.. Especially setting it up
  3. We recently bought an Evolysis Card Printer, which prints Front and Back of the card automatically. (Current Situation: We are using a Corel Draw template, the front is on page 1, while the back side is on page 2.. when we want to print, we simply select page 1 and 2 and the printer prints the ID Card front and Back automatically) However, with filemaker, we print the front and then inserts the card back to the printer so as to print the back side. Thus, the layout design of our database has the Front Side on one layout, and then the Back side on another layout. With this new Printer, how can we leverage on its dual page printing capability in designing our layout? Is there a way to design the layout such that the printer knows which is page 1 and which is page 2?
  4. Calculated Field from Several Field Logic

    thanks Schamblee
  5. Hi All, I don't really know if the Title really explains my situation, but here it is.. I have Four Fields: Name, Gender, Class and Policy Policy Field is an Unstored Calculation with the calculation below with result set to Text If ( Gender = "Male" & Class = "Primary"; "RUNNING" ;"EXPIRED") Meaning, my intention is to Set the Policy field as Running, if the Student is Male and in Primary Class, otherwise, it should be set to Expired.. The calculation does not work, some fields are displayed correctly with the correct value while others are not. However, if I remove the Logic "&" from the calculation making it only a single criterion, If ( Gender = "Male" ; "RUNNING" ;"EXPIRED"), then it works well.. Why can't I compare several fields using "&" or "OR" with that function? Is there a better way of actualizing this?
  6. Its been Great having to be in the midst of the Greats

  7. Export and Import Same Records in a single operation

    Thanks a million for your replies..
  8. Export and Import Same Records in a single operation

    From your suggestion, this is what I have been able to do Allow user Abort (off) Set Error Capture (On) Freeze window Enter find mode Go to Layout (Table A list) Set Field (Table A list status::"INACTIVE") PERFORM FIND iF (Get(FoundCount) = 0) Beep End If iF (Get(FoundCount) not equal to 0) Go to Layout (Table B list view) Show all Records Import Records no dialogue (Source:Table A ; Target:Table B ) Go to Layout (Table A list) Go to Record/Request/Page (First) Loop Delete Record/Request (NO dialogue) Go to Record/Request/Page (Next;Exit after Last) End Loop End If Go to Layout (Original Layout) Show All Records Everything seems to work well EXCEPT the record deletion part on Table A. All the marked inactive records are imported into Table B, but not all of them are been deleted in the last part of the script step (the loop side). I don't what I am not doing right. Is there a simple way of deleting a foundset using a script step? Just as we can do from the main window.
  9. Remote Access Using Webdirect

    I have removed the second Router completely.. So my network connection is like this: Internet Modem (Router) = Switch = Server I did the port forwarding all over again, leaving out Remote Host as suggested.. (TCP/UDP Port 5003) Still havent been able to connect via FM Client nor web direct.. I have equally disabled both router firewall and that of windows on the server machine.. still no luck Using the Portforward Utility tool from portforward.com, I was able to run a port check scan, and it came out that Port 5003 on UDP is Open, while on TCP, it says its already in use by a program.. (I am guessing that should be my FM Server) Below are the observations so far from my trials: 1. With my initial network config of two routers, I used the DUC Client software from ww.noip.com , and while connected to our internet wifi network, I can access our database using web direct by imputing the address from noip.com client. example, I used http://simpledata.noip.me/fmi/web 2. If I try to access the same url when connected to any other internet wifi network, I get redirected to our Router's login page 3. With the new network config or One Router = switch = Server, I get redirected to our Router's login page while trying to access that url, even while connected to our wifi network.. I don't really know what else to do..
  10. Export and Import Same Records in a single operation

    I totally agree with you. Funny enough, i never thought about this .. this would definitely reduce the number of records on Table B, which is very good as my database size is reduced. Thanks for pointing me in this direction. Still battling with the scripting. Especially since I would be uploading my file on the server. On the Import records script step > selecting my file, how would i tell filemaker that my file is on the server and no more on the desktop? because my file is currently on my desktop, but will be uploaded to the server after i am done..
  11. Export and Import Same Records in a single operation

    I will be ticking the box for "perform script without dialogue" on the import record script step because I will love to run the process with any visual dialogue. However, since my file will be hosted on the server, guess I wouldnt need to manually locating my file to select it? The purpose of the technique is to have a decoy Recycle bin for our records. Clients get deleted from Table A when they have unscribed from the service, but sometimes, they do come back. So we wouldn't want the stress of having to re-enter their records over again. We can easily navigate to Table B, and copy the records back. I have already scripted that process. We do a lot of analysis based on table A, so we have a lot of calculation fields in that table. Initially we were using status field to indicate Active and inactive Clients, but as a result of the overhead caused when performing finds, omitting of records etc, we opted for outright deletion of inactive records. Thats just it.. Thanks for your replies..
  12. Remote Access Using Webdirect

    I will try to do that.. Thanks for your response
  13. Export and Import Same Records in a single operation

    My apologies.. I don't really know the approach to take, so I was making that assumption.. My main objective is to have a clone of Table A on Table B. I have already duplicated the Table A as Table B, with All major fields except Calculations.. Record creation is only done on Table A, so I would want to script an Import process to that will import the records from Table A to Table B, usually I will be updating the records in Table B with a match field (the ID_Field) That is my main objective...
  14. I have come across this technique severally on this forum, but I can't figure out how this really works. Right now I am faced with a situation that requires similar technique and I can't seem to get it work. I have Table A and Table B. 1. I want to script an import Process that will first export all records in Table A into Table B (kinda A Clone Copy of Table A) Thats just my basic objective 2. Then from there, I would want to be able to do similar Process but this time, I will only update the records in Table B with that of Table A using a match field. 3. I will also love to perform the process based on a found count. ie after performing a find of specific records I think If I can be guided on achieving NO. 1, then I can similarly script the others..
  15. Remote Access Using Webdirect

    Yea I know that.. I have recommended that several times, but since I am a student, under internship, my recommendation may not carry that much weight.. I think the reason for the second Router is the fact that it has WIFI Enabled, so all PCs connect via that WIFI.. The First Router is just our Internet modem.. Just that it has inbuilt Router as factory default.. But right now, since I met the setup the way it is, how do we go from here?

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