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  1. Thank you Comment, Sorry, I lost you at "store a selection in your preference table". As per now, each color dot on the Preference table is a button. Do I need to change that and create a number field named "CodeColorNumber" with a repetition of 8 or maybe create 8 number fields, each one with a different value? How could I assign a visual cue to a number field? For the second part I understand the relationships between Products and Preferences with the matching Status - Color Code. Thank you
  2. Hello everyone, I have a Preference table with status options. The user can create a new status and through a script can assign a color (see attachment). The calculation is the following: Allow user abort [off] Set error capture [on] Set variable [$start ; value: Get ( ActiveSelectionStart )] Set variable [$end ; value: Get ( ActiveSelectionStart ) + Get ( ActiveSelectionSize ) -1 ] Insert Calculated Result [ TextColor ( Middle ( Get ( ActiveFieldContents ) ; Get ( ActiveSelectionStart ) ; Get ( ActiveSelectionSize) ) ; Get ( ScriptParameter ) ) ] Set Sel
  3. Thank you Comment, truly appreciated. At the end, I chose the second solution. The reason is, the new calculated field and summary are needed in a list view as well. My client loves visual references and feel safer having all the columns in plain sight. The file is very fast and adding the 2 new fields will not affect speed. Patrick D.
  4. Ooh, very good idea. Thank you. I will try the second option, much simpler. PS: This is how easily I used to resolve it in Excel: A column with a looping calculation to pull the ≥ 500. Very static but working.
  5. Hi Keywords, Thank you for answering. I understand your idea but... A script runs a selection between two dates and the result must report all the payments made. So far so good, I have a sum of the foundset. Now I need, on the same page, with the same dates, to sum all records with a value of ≥ $500. The reason is, these payments come from a separate bank account. My guess is to use two portals with two calculations. One for the total sum and the other with the calculated result. How do I write this calculation?
  6. Hi everyone, it has been some time since I have touched my database. I am facing a new problem: I have a list of prices with a foundset total. I would like to get a new total of that foundset omitting amounts equal and less than $500. Each amount of the list is the result of a calculation. Do I need to create a new relationship for that or a portal for both foundsets. Thank you for your time and guidance. Patrick D.
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