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  1. Thank you steve, I think I have what you describe, Dog (pk) to Dogs_and_Owners (Dogs fk) & Owner (pk) to Dogs_and_Owners (Owner fk) except that my Ownership table is (rather verbosely called Dogs_and_Owners. I have reentered the DogOwner Unique ID No. to the record, I see from what you have written why removing it made no difference. I have a portal that shows owners and their dogs, this is the usual relationship, but only one person can own a dog (both practically and legally) at one time. This is obviously not a big turnover affair so I can frig it if I need to - I a
  2. Change of Ownership I have written a database which manages my dog breeding activities, I am not great with databases - it was never my day job - and I have have hit a snag with which I would be grateful for some help. I have a three tables; One contains all the dog's (puppy's) details that I need (Dog's Unique ID No., DoB, Sex, `Sire, Dam, etc...). One contains all the Owner's details ( Owner's Unique ID No., Name, Address, Phone Nos, Emails address, etc... One Join Table which uses the Dog's Unique ID No. and the Owner Unique ID No. as foreign keys
  3. Thank you so much both of you - very much appreciated. I had used TOs to solve constructing a 5 gen pedigree but I that was by rote - I really didn't understand TOs at all, now I have some idea and I can build on that - a bit like - "give someone a fish - they are fed for a day - teach them to fish and they are fed for life." Problem solved - thanks again. Reason the table is Dogs_Details not just Dogs is historic - it was called that in the ghastly old non relational widows database I have used since 2005 so the table was imported with that name and I really don't have the confidence
  4. Thank you for the help. I am still struggling to get my mind round this - how does a an additional TO work? I used multiple TOs to create the Pedigree Layout and that seemed to make sense to me but I can't grasp the logic with the whelps becoming dogs scenario. I have created a new TO of "Dogs_Detais" but with the Pedigree relationships I already had a Sire and a Dam field in the table. Would I create a new field "UIN_WhelpFK" in the "Dogs_Details" table and this would then be the field that I would use as a match for "UIN_Whelp" ? As you can tell, I am a novice!
  5. I am not an experienced user so I may be way off track with this but any help appreciated.  I am building a database to manage Dog Breeding data and I have hit a problem that I am struggling to resolve.  The Database has a “Dogs_Details” table that holds the relevant details specific to each animal (appox. 4000 records spanning 150 years, many historic records are incomplete but that is not a problem). There are various tables linked to the “Dogs_Details” table that hold other relevant data about health, parentage, (i.e Pedigree), registrations, identification etc. The “Dogs_D
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