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  1. I'm sure this is covered somewhere but my search didn't turn anything up. Is there a flag in MirrorSync that I can use to trigger a script if there is a successful sync? I believe I saw this somewhere but can't locate it. In particular I'm looking to trigger a script on FM Go. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the offer but I did find the problem. I had recreated a sync_layout and forgot to update the customization script - not sure why I had trouble seeing it - I guess I was looking for something more complicated!
  3. I'm getting the following error when some users sync but have been unable to locate the problem: "The MirrorSync customization script was called from layout Sync_Events, but it exited on layout Sync_Cases. It must start and exist on the same layout." I've looked at the script and don't see where the issue may be - any guidance is appreciated. I'm using version 2.206.
  4. I think I know the answer but will ask anyway.... Is there a way to use MirrorSync to sync user accounts synchronized the server and the various clients (hub and spoke)? Here are two scenarios I'm not sure how to handle: 1. User changes a password locally. That never gets back to the server and if a new version of the solution comes out, the password is overwritten. I realize I could prohibit password changes and may do so. 2. User access rights are modified by the admin on the server. How can that get back to the user without having to download a new version?
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