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  1. Hello! Does anyone have a list of upper level managers' contact information at FileMaker Inc? Specifically, a list of names and numbers of managerial folks who can make things happen? Thanks in advance!
  2. Position Title: One hour of chart help. Description of Duties: I'll send you a very simple file (one table, a dozen fields) that I'll need you to build a chart in. Location: Remote. Deadline: Soon. Position: One hour of work only. Employment: Remote. Skills Required: FileMaker 13 Advanced Charts Compensation: $50 for one hour of work, via paypal. Contact Details: Confidential. Send me a private message here. Disclaimer: FM Forums does not endorse or warrantee these positions please contact the poster for further information regarding the position particulars.
  3. Thanks for your comment, Comment, You had a great idea. I've implemented that and works like a charm. Thank you! # Set Variable [$fields; Value:FieldNames ( Get ( FileName ) ; "Comparison Layout" )] Set Variable [$fieldCount; Value:ValueCount ( FieldNames ( Get ( FileName ) ; "Comparison Layout" ) )] Loop Set Variable [$currentField; Value:GetValue ( $fields ; $fieldCount )] Go to Records/request/Page [First] Set Variable [$value1; Value:GetField ($currentField)] Go to Records/request/Page [Next] Set Variable [$value2; Value:GetField ($currentField)] If [$value1 ≠ $value2
  4. I have a situation where I have a table with 10 fields and only two records, and I want to compare them and spot any differences. I have written a script that compares the two records by: a) Set ten variables with the contents of the ten fields of record 1. Go to next record. c) Set ten more variables with the contents of the ten fields of record 2. d) Compare the twenty variables, a pair at a time (one from record 1, one from record 2) to be alerted when a pair doesn't match. But now I have to do the same thing to a table with 75 fields (and still just two records). I feel as if t
  5. Comment, you're a genius! That works perfectly and is far more elegant than I had envisioned the answer being. And you're right about #5 - which is exactly why it's better to let computers do the math. [= Thank you very much for your assistance. Need to buy you a beer!
  6. The two fields in a Punch record are timestamps, yes. My bad for over-simplifying the scenarios using plain English whole numbers for times. Here are the example scenarios again, this time using actual timestamps: 1) ClockIn = 01/01/2014 10:00:00. ClockOut = 01/01/2014 17:00:00. Calc should return "0", as none of those hours qualified for "night time" hours. 2) ClockIn = 01/01/2014 03:00:00. ClockOut = 01/01/2014 11:00:00. Calc should return "2", because two of those hours were during "night time" hours. 3) ClockIn = 01/01/2014 18:00:00. ClockOut = 01/02/2014 01:00:00 (the next day).
  7. I've googled far and wide and have not been able to find anything that gives clues to solving this issue. I'm trying to write a calculation which returns the number of "night time hours" for a given Punch record, which can start and/or end inside of or outside of pre-determined "night time" hours. Our data: A) A Punch record has two timestamp fields: ClockIn, and ClockOut. Any valid timestamps can be entered. Typically, the time stamps will be on the same day, different times, but, can also span from one day until the next day, bridging the midnight hour. We know the time that we want to
  8. I've gone ahead and used ScriptMaster to create an example file that allows the user to select the folder of images to import. I'd still prefer to use AppleScript, but this can work for now. I've attached this example file for now in case anyone is curious. Thanks again! GroovyImport.fp7.zip
  9. Thanks for replying, Lee and Ocean. Lee, that's the very first thing I thought to try. It seems like it should work, but it doesn't. At least for me. What happens is I get an error #100 on that script step, it never gives a prompt to locate the folder again. I've tried this with the [X] No Dialog both check and unchecked, to the same exact result either way. Ocean, I was afraid it would go pretty much exactly how you describe. Please by all means do share if you can, any applescript etc to make it happen, would be grateful. Thanks!
  10. Looks great except it also fails #2 and #3. I am wondering if it's not possible without, say, applescript.
  11. Hello Newbie here. I am trying to create a remotely hosted FileMaker 11 script that has the following attributes: 1. Imports a folder full of image files. 2. The folder is never the same, it can be a different folder, on a different drive, etc. 3. Need to allow the user to select the folder they want. 4. Do NOT want the user to be presented with any other dialogue boxes, especially Import Field Order, or "Auto enter?" and so on. I've tried and tried, but every combination of options on the Import script step, in one way or another, does not meet all four criteria listed above at th
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