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  1. FMS Service is not running. When I try to start FMS Win Service via console it gives me an 1003 error, i get no result when I search for this error. The same is reported in in Win event log.
  2. From one day to another the FMS service is not starting anymore. I had this several time in the past years and i allways reinstalled. Now i have to many schedules which i cant fully recreate, so i dont want to reinstall without trying everthing possible.
  3. I asked to start this subforum because I am actually was looking for a place to submit and exchange custom function base on the MBS Plug-in, FM Scrips or whole solution files. For me the MBS Plug-in is what is making FM rel usfeull because i mainly use it to get Data from all kind of sources, like Web APIs, DBs and so on. So why should we all programm basics like the Google APIs, Paypal, Magento APIs and so. The question where could we share all this kind of code to build up a library that everony can use to avaid that every single person has to invent the wheel by himself. I know that the
  4. Sorry OS is 64 Bit and FM14 is 32 bit.
  5. In the crahs massage I just found out its Plug-in related 2empowerFM.fmx
  6. I am working on Win 8.1 It was crashing on the starter page. Loading a regular file worked.
  7. Yes, same here. But I installed the 14 Pro Demo 32 Bit version, it crashes right away I double click the Icon and the starter solutions button apear. As soon I open it with an old filem it starts normal, but I had a few otehr crashes plus i have lines moving to other, like I reported before. This version is not stable at all. So i moved back to 13 and I am lucky I did not order the update so far.
  8. I went back to 13 because I found out that every few minutes when I work on a project in the scripting workspace I have lines jumping to other positions. Its a script (but same in others) with about 500 lines and every few minutes (like 5 or so so) when I edit inside the line and go out of its scope it sits somewhere else, lets say from line 315 to 330. Its not just sometimes its all the time every few edits I do.
  9. Long story made short: I just mentioned those 3 points probably out of 50 I could imagine. But there is this one single point that makes me so angry and that is: There is still no search field How stupid is that please??? So we where waiting about 18 month and now we pray another 18 month??? No way!!!
  10. You are right, but it went up from 0 to lets say 50 points. Currently I am working on a 600 lines script. Maybe I should splitt it up, but there is no way to organize this better, I tried alot. The point is that it contains allot of Variables, Loops and IFs, from the beginning to these end and they all somehow refere to each other, very complicated. I just came back home to solve another bug and again it took allmost one hour to track down 3 variables trough all these lines. I am sorry but its still impossible to work with! Agreed its 300% better than before but I am very sorry I cant work
  11. I am using the testversion and had alone yerstday 3 crashes plus i could not select the layouts anmore, by selecting one it stayed on the one i was.
  12. I am with James. I can download any open source code editor which has endless more features since ages. Sure we are very happy that we finally can work somehow like on editors that are free (open source) but there is so much more missing to make it palin good (not speaking about very good). To be onest I was allmost ready to leave FM because it was nearly unprogrammable before. My top 3 wishlist: 1. autocolor variables when you select one, so you can see where the rest hangs, same for code etc. 2. search function (hello? how could they forget this, its a joke to work on serious programmin
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