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  1. Hi, i am trying to find a position of new window so that new window opens on each record's line. is there a formular that can give pixel position of an object ?
  2. Hi, i am having a problem when i try to set a transparent color for the portal. previous version - fmp 11 , i never had this problem. is it disabled in fmp 17 ?
  3. Hi, Bcooney. yes , i have a access to the database. i log in and use the system. for now i save a invoice as a excel file - but since there too many invoices that i need to save as an excel, it takes too much of my time. so i like to know about other options , as you suggested. 1. csv file - if i get a csv file , can it export multiple invoices at one time ? invoice & invoice lineitems as well ? 2. what is API ? if there is a API , would it easy for me to import that data to FMP ? 3. i don't think developer would le tme connec
  4. Hi, i am trying to bring multiple Invoices from a database made by SQL as a Excel files. first when i save a invoice as a excel file and try to import it to filemaker , filemaker imported a blank. so i went to excel file and saved it and imported to filemaker , then filemaker imported the data. i feel like i am wasting a time. is this process absolutely necessary ? or is there a way to avoid this ? also for now i have to save every single invoices as a excel file and i am wasting a lot of time by doing this. i like to know whether it is possible that sql
  5. Hi, can i email to Kakao Talk or WeChat from fimlemaker ? i know i can text to cell phone from filemaker but since i never used WeChat , i have no idea. if i can , can somebody tell me how ? Thanks ,
  6. Hi, Wim. So if the file resides on a remote computer that user has no access to it , there is no way - whichever way it might be - user can copy the actual file ? Thanks, Kevin
  7. hi, i have a question regarding file security over the networking. when user prompt the open remote dialog box , file name shows on the dialog box and can user copy that file from the dialog box ? the file resides on a remote computer which user has no access to - only available through open remote dialog box. kevin
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