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  1. Hello again! my databases have been operating very well for the past two months! I do have a question now, is it possible to only sync down data that matches a certain criterion? The situation is this, I have 10 stores testing out this database and I want my master server to accept data from all of them but only sync back down their data (in the event that I send them a new file, or they get a new ipad), i've attached a diagram of sorts. I have three ipads at one location that i have setup doing a full sync to a server, and i have the other locations that dont sync at all, but now when i am wanting to update their database, I have no way of getting their data, Is it possible to have different sync settings based on the value in a cell? photo of cell is also attached Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. holy crap! i found the reason why! There was no table associated with the easysync_payloads layout it seems to be working now! I'm super excited and overjoyed.. I wish I was joking. I do have an additional question now, and I promise it's my last Is it possible to have a setup where I have two buttons: one to do a full sync with a certain database, and then another to do only a push with a different database? I have a store that has 3 specialists that need to have an in-sync database, and then 10 other stores that have only one. -- those never need to do a full sync. however I want to have data from all the stores in my master database. I added a second external datasourse and I duplicated the scripts, would I just remove any references to the pull portions in the push-only functionality?
  3. the ping script works it's the push script that fails. I have a screen capture of the sync attempt here and a map of my tables here and the remote database I can connect to just fine, from both the go app, and my desktop app. I think the error is in either this part of the script or part of the hosted script.
  4. yes I have connected via the iPad using the GO app and it connects just fine. So its definitely an issue in my setup, I'd assume. i'm no longer allowed to make another post until the 14th after this one, My email is trentmw(at)me(DotCom) Additionally, I notice that when the sync is occurring, it shows a found set of records with 0/0 records. do you think the find script is messed up?
  5. hmm they do have the same exact accounts, as i duplicated the database after step four in your instructions.. hmm and i do like that, I will probably implement the ES_PUSH_
  6. Thanks for your quick response Tim, and also thank you for developing this, it's really fantastic! anyhow, The data source is set properly, and followed each of the script-on-server changes to a T... i believe and I can access the mother database via filemaker go and pro, so I assume the scripts can as well (do I need to remove any security from the mother database that may be set, e.g. logins?) The mother database is being hosted on an AWS virtual windows server running FMS13 if you need any screenshots of my table structure or anything, I will be glad to oblige, it's only three tables at this point. Once again, you are truly awesome for providing support for this. You're my savior! As a side note, I'd actually like to make this a one way sync, as in simply sync-up. to do so do I just use ES_PUSH_ in lieu of ES_?
  7. I'm receiving the same error, my setup was done exactly to the documentation, and I've tried the above settings. and started with completely fresh clones on both sides. I can't seem to solve the issue, any help would be fantastic!
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