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  1. Never mind, it seems I have found the problem although I do not understand why Filemaker does what it does in this case. Problem: Background suddenly resizing to fit the windowborder Solution: I had some Editboxes and Popups in a portal for wich I unlocked all the resize borders. this seems to have had the result that the backgroundwidth would maximise to the windowwidth. Reason: Unknown yet Edit: Spelling. My english is terrible.
  2. Loving the learning curve

  3. Hello all, Â This is my first time posting on this forum so go easy with me. I have started using Filemake Pro 13 on Windows 8.1 for almost two week. Â I have recently hit a snag in the form of my background resizing to the width of the windowborder. Â This probably is just a setting i missed but after some frustrated hours of trying to find a solution i have decided to ask teh people who will probably know. Â So in short this is my problem: Â Layout background with fixed width keeps resizing to the windowborder. Â Thanks in advance. Â Harm
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